Kansas City 3/12/11: Scientology calls the cops on Anonymous for using a megaphone with no batteries

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by over9000OT, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. over9000OT Member

    My camera tech sucks but I know much better pictures were taken. Still, to get things started...

    It was really nice weather and there were major quantities of win.

    We didn't say anything about this after the last protest but the ACLU was contacted to discuss the legality of our bullhorn. We did some research and couldn't imagine how the Scilons could legitimately call the cops on us, especially when the law seems to be on our side. Thanks to the ACLU, we heard from the City's counsel that there was no reason we should catch any shit for using the bullhorn, as long as it was below 80dBA or less than 5dBA over the ambient traffic noise.

    A decibel meter and tape measure were procured and appropriate measurements were attained. Unfortunately, ambient traffic noise and the bullhorn were about the same so it was worthless to use the bullhorn turned down that low... we can yell louder.

    A small moment of genius was reached and we decided it would be more fun to troll the Scilons. The result:
    That's right, we took the batteries out. Trolling ensued.

    Speaking of getting trolled, after tossing back a pint , the young lady in the picture told us that she supported our right to be out there but... but... actually, I don't know what the fuck she was saying. Maschine might know, but I doubt it. She was seriously drunk. Also, she didn't know what a Jedi Knight is.

    Our good man Cheerios came out for his Saturday excursion to the drugstore and, for some reason, crossed the street and actually stood on our corner with us while he waited to cross the street. We asked him all the standard questions. No response of course. When he came back our way, we asked more questions and I tried to give him a flier. He didn't want it and I was definitely butthurt.

    He wasn't inside more than ten minutes before KC's finest showed up. I have no pictures because I was on the phone with the ACLU lawyer. But, the cops came over and told us that they imagined we had been doing this long enough to know why they we were there. We hazarded a guess that it was the bullhorn. Then we showed them that we took the batteries out and they actually laughed! They gave us a few generic warnings and then went on their way. Audio/video was taken of the event and I know that there were some great pictures taken too.

    A good protest, good horn love, awesome drunks, even awesomer trolling... oh, and a few of us made it out to counter-protest Phelps and his closet-homosexuals at the premiere of "Red State". True to his word, Kevin Smith had free tickets waiting for protesters with signs. I took some picture but they are teh suck.

    Can't wait to see pictures from others...
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  2. Troll... successful!
    Very nice report and photos. Nice job out there.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Great troll, KC!

    HAHAHA you imbecilic culties - you made the cops laugh AT you!
  4. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Go KC Go KC Go KC Go KC Go KC!
  5. AnonLover Member

    bwaahahahahahhahahaah!!! brilliant troll WAS BRILLIANT! (fist pump) WTG KCanon, nicely done indeed!
  6. anonsoulless Member

    We were instructed by the police not to use the megaphone in February. This month we decided that since the actual legality of amplified speech on a public right of way in a commercial zone is still somewhat unclear, but the best and safest interpretation we have of the noise ordinance means the megaphone has to be pointlessly quiet. It was anon's idea to remove the batteries from the megaphone and yell at the top of our lungs while pantomiming the use of the megaphone.

    Sure enough the Scientologists called the police on us. The officers were friendly and we showed them what we did and apologized for having their time wasted.

    A Scientologist came across to our street corner in what I perceived as an attempt to bait us into using the bullhorn at him. Usually on protest day the Scientologists will do their very best to avoid coming close to us. He did, however, stonewall us just as he usually does.

    I would really like to be able to use the bullhorn at it's full volume because it is great for enturbulation and also is something that we have proof that pisses them off, but at the same time I'm flattered that they think me yelling at the top of my lungs is anywhere near the loudness of a bullhorn.

    Also would like to say thanks for coming to a brand new protester. All in all it was a pretty good protest.
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  7. never Member

    You forgot to mention our latest crazy person.


    I spent more time taking pictures of her than I did of us, haha XD


    Moar here.
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  8. mongrel Member

    Bwahaha... you guys are wucking fin!
  9. Anonymous Member

  10. anonsoulless Member

    Yeah, we have so many, they start to become unremarkable. Yet another person entirely too drunk to understand what we were doing yet rather vocal about her dislike of whatever she though it was. At one point she sort of grabbed the megaphone from me and used it to sing happy birthday to what I assume was her friend across the street. I let her do it partly because it was the side of the street as the Org on the day before the 100th birthday of Hubbard's meat body and I figured it was pleasantly patronizing if they interpret it as me letting a random drunk help the Scientologists celebrate. Mostly I did it because I knew it would start a scene if I didn't let her do it. Regardless, she didn't notice that the megaphone didn't work either; tomorrow I will sterilize the mouthpiece with alcohol and a bit of scrubbing. After that she decided to spend about 20 minutes standing ten feet from us and sobbing as someone tried to comfort her.
    This is one of the few Scientologists that we can spot on site; he is usually the only one who ever leaves through the front door while we're there. Here you see him returning to the org while pretending we don't exist.

    We usually refer to him as Cheerios since he once showed up wearing a yellow shirt sporting the Cheerios logo. We don't know his actual name, but since an affinity for plain Cheerios is somewhat remarkable for a grown man to advertise the nickname stuck.

    He wouldn't tell me his opinion of Rex Fowler's murder trial, or give me any explanation for why the church keeps PC folders, much less talk to us at all.

    I cannot remember the last time he came to the same side of the street as us, but I'd bet it was over a year ago.
  11. never Member

    Thanks for explaining, as I was obviously too lazy to do so.
  12. RedShieldwolf Member

    LOL! Brilliantly executed raid! I would also like to use the bullhorn in Kansas City at full volume without fear of getting v&. As for the unique pedestrians, I say it gives Kansas City character.

    It looks like I may be in Kansas City again. Would anybody liek to do a flash raid on Friday at 4:00 AM Saturday at 11:00 AM?
  13. Anonymous Member

    mmm mmm mmm!
  14. maschine Member

    I believe she had said we had a right to be out there.. but "we's on some bullshit". When I told her that her argument was invalid she started crying about being hungry and something about a family member dying in Iraq. I got nothin'.

    Never, you need to post that National Geographic style photo that you took of that lady, pronto.
  15. over9000OT Member

    I just want Cheerios to spray me with his hot hugs.


    Maschine, 1000 internets to you for putting up with her. We's definitely on some bullshit.
  16. Anon998 Member

    Good Job Guys

  17. LocalSP Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    And a big nod to the Anon who decided to take out the batteries. BWA HA HA
    Moar proof of COS wasting KC tax payer's dollars too
    Also moar proof of another FAKE call.

    A seperate vid should be made to show KC residents how COS waste's tax payers dollars, and police time.
    What if something happened around the corner and the police were busy responding to yet another a fake complaint?
    If you make it, remeber to put Kansas City tax payers in the tags for the vid.
    COs has to get fined for all this BS which happens in EVERY state and other countries!
  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. amaX Member

    I love it! Well done, KC Anons! <3
  21. je suis Member


    But, she did make more sense, at her worst, than the scilons do.
  22. never Member

    Do you mean... this one?

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  23. Ann O'Nymous Member

  24. Anonymous Member

  25. over9000OT Member

    You know, if the Tech was so fucking great, wouldn't the Scifags have come out and offered this poor woman some help? I mean, she was completely faced... obviously so.

    Ha ha, disregard that, I suck cocks... Poor alcoholics don't have any money at all! No way they're going to be able to afford the toll to go up a bridge (still fucks me up, don't you cross bridges and go up ladders? I digress...)

  26. "The worst determination you can make, is to be human" -LRH

    At any case Liking what you did there with the Bullhorn... Def gonna try that out in Dallas! Way to go!!!
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  27. Anon998 Member

    Let's do it!!

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