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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, May 5, 2013.

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    I don’t want to be presumptuous and assume what I am about to suggest is in any way revolutionary in its conception, but hope that the expressing of them will start dialogue and perhaps some momentum. I'll also probably address a few of the ten ton elephants in the
    As I continue to read all the info and links being brought to our attention, I can’t help but think that Mr. Crude(le) was on to something when he suggested that there be non-Anon liaisons that can work with these different agencies to help further our cause. (Even if he is an asshat looking for glory, a broken clock is right twice a day)
    Of course there is a need for anonymity when we are having our powwows on how to stop these freaks, since we all know they visit our threads to see what we're doing (well, if we’re worth spying on anyway…lol), but not everyone is an "Anon" nor should they be, it would be like trying to run with only one leg, we need to utilize those that are not "Anon"
    It's also why, despite the grumbling I've seen on various threads, there can be no discussions of illegal activity, it's called plausible deniability. It keeps the feds from crawling up the rest of our collective asses, if you get popped. I may not have anything to hide, but that doesn't mean I want you giving them Probable Cause to seize my computer and lay my life bare, because I happened to see you planning a Dox a DDOS/DOS or a hack, on a thread I read.
    Being a liaison will also have to come at a certain expense too. They have to be above board. They have to be able to stand up to scrutiny and protect those that may get us our leads by questionable means. And for those of us that know, we know what that entails. Again, plausible deniability.
    Research: Is the information we’re getting being confirmed via legal means, so that they can be presented by the liaison? It would be ideal if our liaison is presenting material that’s accessible to the public whether it be via google, or sites where you pay to look people up, it has to be able to hold up to scrutiny. Or give law enforcement enough for probable cause, to get a warrant to find the rest.
    Translation and presentation: I don’t remember exactly what thread, but someone was looking for translators. Awesome. In saying, this information, to be adapted, has to be written in a vernacular easily translated, in case it has to be done by software if a translator isn’t available. Too, if the information, being translated, is to be presented to an agency of that language, we don’t want to present our liaison as an idiot.
    Awareness: OpScarecrow had the right idea around Alice Day. PSA memes could really do wonders in spreading awareness, though I would recommend keeping them very generic. Let’s face it there is a stigma, no matter how good the intent, surrounding Anonymous. I don’t think we want people disregarding the message, because of the messenger, if we want to preach to more than just the choir.
    I really can’t think of a better shit storm for pedophiles, than one where all aspects of society, from those that skirt the fringes of the law, concerned citizens and law enforcement, all coalesce to rain misery on their freakish little lives… ;)
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