June xx - Taipei Taywan - Protest Planning

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Zastrous, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. Zastrous Member

    June xx - Taipei Taywan - Protest Planning

    Amazingly enough, there seems to be one in Taipei.

    Church of Scientology Mission of Taipei Capital
    1F No 354, Alley 19, Lane 160
    Section 3, Min-Chyuan East Road
    Teipei, Taiwan
    Tel: 886-2-2747-2200

    Someone a while back tried to start a protest but apparently ran into legal issues due to them being a foreigner?

    I have citizenship here (on account of being born in Taiwan), so if that could change things, could someone let me know? Truth is, I'm clueless when it comes to finding the right tree to bark up when it comes to legal issues.


    To get this thing off the ground would be great (seeing as how I really don't have anything else to do with my time on this corrupt hunk a junk they call a nation).

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  2. sue Administrator

    re: June xx - Taipei Taywan - Protest Planning

    You might want to look into whether you need :

    Protest Permits or not .
    The requirements for a Protest Permit in case you need one.

    Good luck,

    i will also rename the thread to June xx - Taipei Taywan - Protest Planning
    ( the xx being the date "left open" )
  3. Zastrous Member

    Re: June xx - Taipei Taywan - Protest Planning

    HRm. Apparently I do. Don't know how to acquire one though.
  4. tofuman Member

    Re: June xx - Taipei Taywan - Protest Planning

    Looking forward to hearing some win from Taiwan.
  5. ccas Member

    Re: June xx - Taipei Taywan - Protest Planning does not seem to accept English address. If you type 山達基 in the search box, you can find all the scilon centers and more. This Capital Center (mission) is no. 1 in TW and no. 3 in the world they say in the blog. I think it was supposed to be a celebrity center, but they have only big-mouthed starlet. I have a blog that pissed off a few scilons up and down the country. They will be ready for you :)


    ps City govt website has police contact
  6. SeenTheLight Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    I was excited when I saw this thread title, then sadened when I saw the date.
  8. Anonymous Member


    This is one Scientology center that I saw in Taipei. I was staying at a great hostel next door called Taipei-Taipei. For days I thought the center was a coffee place because the interior seemed like a cafe. Then I finally read the sign which I had ignored for about two days, which says Free Stress Testing Center (免费压力测试中心). Then I realized that the Volcano image on the adjacent wall was an image from a Dyanetics book, and it finally dawned on me.

    Edit: I figured I would include a picture I took of the place. When I took out my phone to get pictures, the staff didn't seem too happy about it. I backed up and got this as I walked away. Perhaps because of the culture, they didn't approach me. I get the impression if I did it in the United States, I would definitely be approached by the staff.
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  9. HellRazor Member

    Taiwan needs moar Anon love, raids, etc.
  10. Anonymous Member

    The cafe is next door to the actual mission, one of the small missions in Taipei, the width of 1.5 doors. The cafe owner is a Scientologist, who may or may not own the mission too. The google map picture below shows it. If you trace the 3 words 山達基 at the top front of the mission with your finger in any bilingual Android/iOS apps, it will translate to Scientology.

    One of the main mission Taipei mission, on the 11th floor somewhere, a few days ago officially recruit for the following posts:

    Marketing, Advertising campaign executive
    Purification Rundown In Charge
    Grade 4 auditor

    They didn't claim to be expanding so the search for a Puri I/C says that they are in deep shit. Also, it is well known that being an auditor there will get you into debt because of the low compensation.,173.7,,0,5.32
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