June 25th- Australian Rally

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Incompleted., Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Top White House Advisor Caught in Occultic Rituals

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  2. Anonymous Member

    ^^ LOL, Infowars.

  3. Anonymous Member

    I blame the psychiatrists.
  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Incompleted. Member

    If everyone agrees, perhaps ( as to present a somewhat unified message) all of the protests should start at 11 AM. That way it sends a subtle message that we're all linked, and that we are all cohesive as a collective. Just an idea.
    The aim of this protest is to not so much look for corrupts within our government who may or may not be part of the Illuminati, nor theorize on speculations which can be debatable i.e Illuminati/Satanisim within the Australian Government. It's more so to see the harder facts- Scientology in schools, the censorship of Tweets on Twitter- that kind of thing. Something that everyday people can see and notice, and say 'Oh hey, that happened to me. What can I do about it?'. That's the aim of this protest, and that's why it doesn't have a very specfic topic.

  6. theorize on speculations? watch the video. government members have been caught at the events. me and many other anons think the same so you wont change anything about that.
  7. i can understand why people would think it's crazy but i'm right to some degree. i hope you don't judge for that.
  8. I'm a moonbat for saying the truth? does this sound crazy to you? no, your judging me for for the illumanti shit and the government members caught on film at a demonic ritual. and maybe even getting that film from infowars. which i never fucking watch. i filter crap and i start to see truth.

    i fight to stop shit like cispa, acta and sopa. i fight to stop cults like scientology. i fight for the poor. i fight to stop the corrupt inside this government that runs us. call me a moonbat then. geez.
  9. Incompleted. Member

    I'm not trying to change your opinion, nor anyone else's. However, the main aim of the protest was to never unearth government officials at Satanic rituals, it was to unearth government officials ripping off the general public. I'm not calling you a moonbat, either.

    In other news, this happened in my local area today. I lol'd, hard.
  10. i know what this protest is about, it had nothing to do with satanic rituals. and i aimed a post towards people for calling me a moonbat. not you.
  11. Anonymous Member

    We called you a moonbat because you posted moonbat videos. It's a kind of cause and effect thing that might be lost on Alex Jones cultists. (Oh right, you don't watch it, you just post the videos.)
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  12. Incompleted. Member

    Let's just leave the Devil/Satanist videos and discussions out of this please. This thread is not the one to discuss if some government official made the wrong hand symbol at someones funeral.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    I remember, rather nostalgically, when Aussie anons were cool. The methods and tactics they developed for Chanology, as well as their online skills and how they carried themselves at protests (often under difficult conditions), was pretty inspirational and an example for other locations to learn from.

    Fast forward to today and…well…things have gone south rather badly. All that good work, and its lessons, seem to have been lost. This current thread is a joke and an embarrassment.

    He who protests everything idealistically ends up protesting nothing effectively. Deciding that “I’m angry let’s have a protest” before having at least a vague idea of what the protests is attempting to raise awareness of is really fucking stupid, and practically guarantees the protest will be co-opted by moonbats. You already have the Satanist and the fluoride moonbats at the ready – I’m sure that concoction will really deliver a message that public will understand and/or give a shit about.

    In order to (futilely) try staving off the inevitable BAWWWWW that the above comments will garner, here is some useful advice (which I expect will be ignored given the sad state of the thread currently):

    1) Get a protest message. It needs to be narrow, relevant and something that the public can grasp. Without a defining issue upon which to launch a protest against/for all you will have will be a hugbox for moonbats.

    2) The message and focus of the protest will help with the planning of the protest – both in terms of showing a united front as well as helping with message dissemination. Different issues that you want to raise awareness about require different tactics and different trade-offs when it comes to IRL protesting.

    3) An important aspect that many protest groups overlook, and requires 1 & 2 as a prerequisite, is in how you recruit and cultivate expertise. Key questions are how can you recruit people who have the dox and personal experience you need? How can this dox and personal testimony be prepared for public consumption? This may involve IRL consultations, online forums, etc.

    4) Ignore any person who thinks any of the planfag sites are worth something. This is a pretty reliable ‘idiot test’.

    You’re doing it wrong. Decide on an issue, make it as narrow possible and stay on target.


    I disagree – have you read this thread…??
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  14. ^ agree. not coming to the protest.
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  15. Um sorry I may not be able to help with the protest in Adelaide, I have an exam during the protest. I have just found out today.
  16. Is this still going on with the plans? seems like a flop
  17. Anonymous Member

    Me thinks thou dost protest too much.
  18. im from Melbourne if this is happening ah where what time etc...
  19. OK,
    Just going on a march on injustice's I dont think is going to "cut the mustard".....the comment I highlighted had sense in saying......we vote to elect a person, then our job is done........WE should protest against this, we the people should have the final say on any issue this country makes and then "OUR" elected PM presents the peoples decision....THATS WHAT WE SHOULD MARCH FOR..

    We Are Anonymous
    Expect US
  20. AnonADMIN Member

    Your protest will fail...this one is STUPID

  21. Anonymous Member

    I agree. Stoopid OP is stoopid. Unless it was done with irony. Like all carrying banners and placards that say "Down with this sort of thing" or "Bad things should be banned immediately" or (if it would fit on a banner) "It will all be alright in the end. So if it is not alright, it's not the end"
    Just sayin
  22. Anonymous Member

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  23. #OP FAIL. I hope everyone doesn't attend and make the idea of Anonymous stupid and embarrass yourself. You guys are fucking anonymous fan boys and you know nothing about the real problems going on - Another_anon
  24. Im all for protesting against disarmament. Self defense should be a given in any home but sadly for us Australians it is not. I feel that our constitution itself needs to be completely rewritten with the right to bear arms fitting snugly inside of it. Every day there are news reports of shootings in Sydney and its surrounding areas. Obviously disarmament has failed us.

    Also currently the Australian government is spending 22 billion dollars annually on defense. Spending 22 billion on false wars. Cut that budget in half or even take three quarters of it and inject it back into the Australian economy so that it can be used to upgrade our country's disgusting education system or bettering infrastructure for rural areas. Even better equipping our hospitals. So much could be done to better our situation with those billions of dollars that are currently leaking out of our economy. That hole needs to be plugged. Especially when your the owner of a 40+ billion dollar deficit.

    Just some ideas
    let me know what you guys think
  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Im not saying relax it to the degree in which the United states has, just more relaxed than what we are now. The US actually doesn't have that much gun CRIME. Yes they have thousands more deaths a year than us but they also have hundreds of millions of more citizens than us. If you do the math and consider the incredible amount of violent crime that Australia has as compared to the US you'll find that we aren't so different at all.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Anons with guns. Mmmmm.... that gives me an idea!
  28. Anonymous Member

    It is a bad one, whatever it is. Stop it.
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  30. Anonymous Member

  31. How did it go?
  32. It was a fail.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Rather predictable. Lots of talk but little evidence of groundwork being done to back it up.
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