June 25th- Australian Rally

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Incompleted., Mar 14, 2013.

  1. I live in Brisbane, I'm willing to help. I posted the chalk idea btw ;)
    I'm wanting to make a youtube video but i need some contacts for more ideas/info about this OP. contact me on twitter?
  2. I was thinking about it and it sounds like a massive fucking OP.
    should we point the rally to ONE main city at a time? to many city's to be organize. how would you organize another city's meeting place if you don't know the area? should make the op for brisbane right now.
  3. thinking of making a youtube video how does this sound?

    Greetings citizens of Australia. We are anonymous.
    On the 25th of June 2013, anonymous will raise general awareness around Australia by holding rallies around main cities. These will include *Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Darwin. With so much time to plan the event(S) details could change at any time so keep updated with the links in the description. Maps of locations and meetings will be provided prior to the rallies. If you would like to help plan this event you can post anonymously on the forums in the description.

    “The Years go on but the message is the same”
    We are anonymous
    We are legion
    We do not forgive
    We do not forget
    Expect us

    twitter: @OpAlarmClock
  4. Incompleted. Member

    I'm pretty sure I've already got you on my Twitter, I just have been on in a while due to somethings going pear shaped IRL.

    The idea was that every person from their own city would put in their own ideas, and I'd update the OP as more suggestions came in from people who lived in those areas, thought I'm having a hard time getting people to check out this forum/raise awarness.

    That's good for an opening video. However, where it says 'will include', it might bring more people in (who can't get to their main cities) if it says : 'includes, but is not limited to'. Do you happen to be able to make any kind of videos, man? I'm incredibly untalented when it comes to technology.
  5. i have never made a youtube video in my life.
    i want this op to kick off but it's slow. i think we should stick to brisbane for now.
  6. The main issue that should be protested in my opinion is the growing gap between rich and poor. We are quickly approaching a two class system with no middle class. The global elite want a return to aristocracy or more accurately plutocracy. The wealthy rule and the rest of us are little more then servants with an illusion of freedom. Water, travel by road and even the air we breath via the carbon tax, costs money now. Multinational companies own the intellectual rights to GMO food strains they have muscled onto farmers and our food prices are now out of control. If I could burn the current socioeconomic system to the ground I would, even if it meant the end of civilization. I have a burning hatred for those in power and would honestly love to see another french revolution type scenario unfold with banking executives being dragged out into the street in order to be put through a guillotine. You people talk about posters and graffiti, you really think the owners of the US Federal Reserve are going to give a shit about a poster in Queen Street mall? It's well beyond the time for protest, it's time for war.
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  7. White Tara Global Moderator

    Yeah thats the spirit! Give up hope and flame everything.

    Seriously, suggestions of war and revolutions and dragging people out on the street are not cool. Just legal, peaceful protest suggestions here at wwp plz. TYVM
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  8. Your a slave with a piece of cardboard, congrats.
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  9. Not cool man....pfft your pathetic, this thread started with some lame ass wanting to protest and take down websites because it would be cool. They didn't even have a reason for protest they just wanted to start one. You people are sheep and always will be until they start feeding you into the death camps. Trouble is by then it will be to late. You are worse then the people your protesting against.
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  10. White Tara Global Moderator

    Yep and the op read and understood the advice that illegal suggestion and planning are not welcomed on this site. How about you?

    What rock have you been hiding under? The general mood of the average man in the street in australia is one of palpable anger, a wish to be heard, and finally a wish for change. If you cannot see that in an election year that the time is right to encourage people out into the street to be heard then for you I'm afraid there is no point joining. So off with you then.
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  11. if someone can make youtube videos just contact me. i got the talking script and the video done. then we can kick the OP off and it can be passed around.
  12. What would you know about anger living in the unit your mummy and daddy rent for so you can finish your humanities degree. Have you even been out into the outer suburbs where the impoverished are forced to live? You little university educated soft handed PC fags don't have a clue what it is to struggle. The anger is palpable you say, I almost laughed when I read that. You have no idea how angry me and mine are. But come rally day, or as we are calling it riot day, you are going to find out. Last post,so you can relax now and go back to planing your safe little, cardboard cutout rally, but a few years from now when the food starts to run out and you are eating the cardboard placards you are making today, will you wonder if you should have done more?
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  13. okay gunja. i agree with the things you say about with food and the poor. but i have to say if we said this would be a full on riot/rally police would be sent on the date to break down the idea and silence the idea. i hope you stay updated with the event.
  14. White Tara Global Moderator

    OK sweetie, just an clue for you. Membership here, includes people from all walks of life, differing educational backgrounds and in particular a broad range of age groups. So try to not make assumptions.
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  15. Incompleted. Member

    Before we have a war, we must have protest. There is no need for burning people in the streets. Also, please tell me how general citizens, of whom very little have weapons, are meant to sustain a fully fledged war against a Government with 45,000 troops? It would be a massacre. It's not swords and hands we fight with any more, it's bombs and bullets. And, the posters were for awareness. How do you think they've gained support and recognition for World War One and Two? They used propaganda.

    I was not aware if such activities were condoned on the website, and I henceforth corrected my error (the reason it's still in the OP is because it's impossible for me to edit it). I never thought it was 'cool', I just thought that it might perhaps be a form of online protest for people who could attend in real life. You put the basis of your argument on a lot of assumptions. And the reason I did not specify a main goal for the protest like Scientology or Education Reforms is because this is supposed to be nation wide. There is no way on earth I can assume that the same problems plague people in Western Australia are similar to those here in Brisbane. I also wanted people to contribute, so that we could work as a collective, not to mention me being in a bit of a rush when first writing the OP. Please explain your last point, also. Last time I checked I was a fairly decent person.

    I live in one of those 'impoverished' suburbs, so I know first hand what it is like here. I see my father, who has worked for 35 years without fail at the age of 50 with hardly a day off except to recover from cancer, still have the same things he had when he started working. Please, consider that a VARIETY of people do join the internet. And yes, I hope our 'cardboard cut-out' protest goes well, because that is what has been proven as effective in the past.

    Thanks for that, would you mind posting the script here please? That way everyone can discuss it. Good work man!
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  16. i just want to point out that anyone can edit this and make is better.

    Greetings citizens of Australia. We are anonymous.
    On the 25th of June 2013, anonymous will raise general awareness around Australia by holding rallies around main cities. These will include *Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Darwin. With so much time to plan the event(S) details could change at any time so keep updated with the links in the description. Maps of locations and meeting places will be provided prior to the rallies. If you would like to help plan this event you can post anonymously on the forums in the description.

    “The Years go on but the message is the same”
    We are anonymous
    We are legion
    We do not forgive
    We do not forget
    Expect us

    twitter: @OpAlarmClock
  17. we need to start getting this organized and planned or the other cities around Australia might get neglected so far we are doing great so keep it up. if you live in one of these cities please take control of that rally and plan the meeting locations etc.

    i don't want this op to fail. i told people who told other people. etc etc. i will not let this event turn out to have 40 people or so. we want this op to be successful so if you're reading this now as a later post. your anonymous and your ideas count. post any ideas you have.

    i fucking hate CAPITALS. they suck ass.
  18. Incompleted. Member

    I like that as a brief introduction. It's simple, and gives people a place to go.
    How many people do you have lined up? And through how many states? Nor do I want this to fail- I think this Op with the collaboration of all our knowledge and thoughts could be highly succesfull. Also, Duh Guy, if you wouldn't mind, would it be possible for these people whom you told to come onto the forums and post here? That way we can all see their ideas and such. And yes, I'm getting fairly antsy as well about this protest.
    An IRL mate of mine is currently making us a banner as well, anyone have any ideas for that?

    Brisbane Rally (an idea for loctation could be here): It being a promient news network, we could start here and progress to somewhere else within the city. If we go over the Bridge from Southbank to the City, that could raise more awarness as we would have Anons walking on either side of the bridge, which would raise more awarness for our cause, considering it's a high motorvechicle traffic area, and pedesterians are often strolling their as well.
  19. the people i told are from Brisbane, aka my area. they told other people in Brisbane. i will get some more detailed info on how many people got the info about opalarmclock. we are all from Brisbane as far as i know. we are individuals so who knows?
    the banner: what about a slogan like "time goes on but the message is the same" "citizens of Australia your government is corrupt" with some facts and the anonymous logo? IDK lulz.
  20. is for Melbourne. someone from Melbourne could organize that. - that would be good. meeting outside the ABC news broadcasting near the "wheel of brisbane". hop skip and a jump to the train station/bus stop and the citycat.
    Entry to the ABC is via Russell Street. We are a five minute walk from South Brisbane railway station, South Bank CityCat terminal and the Cultural Centre Busway station.

    Further information can be found at Translink Journey Planner or google maps.
    links to the awesome graphic designed maps

    now that we have our location. Brisbane's south bank outside the ABC news near the wheel of brisbane.
    What time and where are we going to walk to? can anyone make a better looking map of the plans.
  21. Anonymous Member

    General awareness of anything specific, or just general awareness in general?

  22. yeah true. should put more detail into it but i was thinking people would get interested and look at the forums for more details.
  23. Incompleted. Member

    Brisbane: ABC Center Southbank, perhaps meet at 11:00, and we can walk from there across the bridge/take the city cats and what not?
    I'd really like to get someone from each of the states to put forward their ideas, considering I don't live there and really won't have a clue what I'm talking about, or will know what's going on there, really.
  24. 11am sounds good. make a full map for the times and places etc. do you know of any government buildings in brisbane? we could walk past them.

    we need to start getting more people involved in the op.
  25. Incompleted. Member

  26. :-o

    1,216 views. people need to start fucking helping.
  27. I'm from the Anon Aus IRC I might be able to help out, I live in Adelaide. I have never protested before and this is stepping out of my comfort zone. But I'll help with Adelaide if you want.
  28. I'll do it, I'll help with Adelaide.
  29. Incompleted. Member

    Thanks man! You know any good places around there to protest at?
  30. Yes I do, I'm thinking people meet up at Light Square in the city and head to Parlement House of South Australia when were ready.
  31. make sure it's near transport! that is a must! also a place that everyone knows
  32. Meeting up at Light Square does have good public transport, there is the city TAFE really close by. The walk to South Australia Parliament House isn't to far.
    Is it better to just go to the place to rally rather than meeting up first then head to place to rally?
  33. Incompleted. Member

    As a suggestion it may be easier to perhaps meet up with Anons you know, or perhaps live nearby with and travel as a group to the location, that way at least you know you won't be the only person showing up to the events, and have morale support. If not, I would just suggest meeting at the rally point.
  34. Anon1313 Member

    Happy to help arrange things for a Brisbane march. I help run the Anonymous Gold Coast page on Facebook, and my partner is a content creator for Anonymous Brisbane, so we can raise some awareness.
    Should we create an event?
  35. Yeah maybe meeting up at the rally point Parliament House South Australia would be better after all. Sadly I don't know any Anons in real life yet even in Adelaide.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Yes please. You may refer to it as "Raising General Awareness". Very important issue these days.
  37. Incompleted. Member

    That would be great. If you could link it on here after completion, as well as advertising it on your page I will give you cookies and milk.
  38. meeting up and heading to a rally sounds better to me but I'm only one person. make it at 11:00 ;) make a map with info and details.
  39. most people know nothing about this government in detail and the things that go on.
  40. i feel that some people don't know the reason why we want to protest. each person has a reason why they are protesting. this is my reason, not yours so don't judge. it may sound crazy but everything is true and backed up with HARD evidence.

    so let me chuck this out in the open. today's government does not care about the smaller person with no money or food. the cap between rich and poor is becoming bigger. billions of dollars spent on crap every year, E.G the government had dept on a tunnel so what did they do? built another one costing billions.
    they built a bridge and did not Finnish it because they ran out of money. aka bridge to nowhere. they spent billions on useless crap including advertising for the voting elections on TV's and signs. they poison us with things like fluoride, food additives, salts/sugars and some chemicals. they let company's stick shit into out food to dumb us down. they ban things that can't be taxed like moonshine and weed yet they let smoking be legal.

    this system is not working because the ones who run it are corrupt. simple. i could think of many more things and I'm sure you could too.

    US government members caught at a devil worshiping event (bohemian grove) in America linked to the Illuminati and maybe other groups.

    do you see what i see?

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