June 23, 2012 - Montreal Anonymous Cult Protest

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Intelligence, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. Intelligence Member

    June 23, 2012 - Montreal Anonymous protest looked pretty bleak at first, with only two of us at the beginning. Then more began appearing and we had a total of ten happy, frisky Anons. Volumes of flyers handed out to public. This was a test protest to see if Montreal Police would hand out $500.00 fines for wearing Masks. A new Montreal City by-law prohibits the wearing of masks at any protest where there are more than three people. A Case was filed by myself recently with the Quebec Human Rights Commission - RE: Namely, the City of Montreal and Montreal Police are in breach of numerous Charter Violations - government is investigating and I expect an amendment soon - - with NO fines in the interim :)

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  2. RightOn Member

    Papineau was rockin'!
    hey Montreal!
    nice turn out
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  3. ZeroC Member

    Lovely jubbly.
  4. another123 Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

  6. It was great, the cops were too busy to apply the anti-mask so we protested like there was no anti-mask law in our city, hehehe. Alot of people don't like scams, so many bystanders were happy to see us. We gave flyers, danced with music, but the lack of cake was disturbing, lol. I finally edited the pictures so here they are :
    This guy told us in french : ''Remove your masks, you should throw a bomb in there''. So I told : ''It's inciting terrorism, it's criminal''. Than turned my camera on, I don't know if he heard what I told, but anyway he leaved fast, making signs to somebody on the other side of the steet, just like crack users often do.
    It's a trap !
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