June 16th, Jan Eastgate Court Date - Live Updates

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by thefatman, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. thefatman Member

    I'll be posting updates throughout the day with updates regarding the situation. Only half an hour left :)
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  2. Anonymous Member

    skeet skeet
  3. Posting in expectation of Epic Thread
  4. Anonymous Member

    fap fap fap fap
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  5. new guy Member

    Bump for epic.
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  6. Sponge Member

    I hope she had time to enjoy the lunar eclipse during the night especially since she wouldn't have been able to sleep without some serious medication. Deep firey red. Apparently caused by ash drifting in the atmosphere from the Chilean volcano. Poetic.
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  7. Tourniquet Member

    You inspired me, Sponge. Please pardon the temporary derail and enjoy...

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  8. thefatman Member

    Who wants epic? Guess who we're sitting next to...


    The ABC reporter, Steve Canane is behind him. Literally, we are right next to our glorious leader himself.

    Also, Jan has, what looks like, a posse of about 10-13 people. She isn't getting put under any bus anytime soon.
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  9. /r/ give Bryan a Brofist on my behalf.

    Also, how many of Jan's posse are clams? Curious, as they might try some faggotry and/or fail...
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  10. Jinkii Member

    INB4 blaming the victim and/or Xenuphon and/or biased Media
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  11. thefatman Member

    We recognize about three or four off hand. As well as Jan herself.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Hope this available in Australia. Just released today hardcopy in U.S. Also available download.
    Some extraordinary reference material for media as well as a real omg page turner
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  13. Sponge Member

    Please do not touch him "in that way", even though I know you so desperately want to. ;)
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  14. Sponge Member

    Hmm. Drinking game, anyone?
    If "psychs" or "big pharma" is mentioned then it's a bucket of scrumpy.
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  15. TinyDancer Member

    Word is that she can travel. $10,000 surety. Next date is 18 August.

    Waiting on live update!!!
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Any bets on her bolting ?
  17. Anoobymous Member

    That would be so very sweet. Compound her godawful error.
    If she did run, she'd wind up in a) the RPF of all RPFs, b) international waters, or c) a shallow unmarked grave per DM's orders.
    The last two are really unlikely.
  18. vaLLarrr Member

    $10,000 dollars so she can run back to L.A. and run round in circles at Gold Base for a month?

    As much as they like to think they are a huge "religion" and can survive child sex scandals like the catholics did, the simple truth is that they cannot.

    Scientology is synonymous with child abuse. As with any cult, children are generally surplus to requirements, and in cults such as scientology where you are forced apart from your own spouses and children, apparently then nobody is really accountable for their welfare, accountability is a crime, and with child services too scared to enter scientology premises to check on the welfare of kids, combined with the false feeling of clams being somehow superior beings compared to mere mortals who make child protection laws, it is inevitable that children in cults become victims to the predatory loose cannons that such cults tend to attract..

    But when such evil is then covered up, when the bravery of a child standing up to despicable people and reporting a crime is stifled by one of the most senior and public figures remaining in the cult - it's game over Jan, whatever happens.

    Scientology isn't even worth even the single breath of a child, and whatever happens in this court case, wherever Jan Eastgate goes she will always and forever be remembered for this, her betrayal of a child's innocence to protect an ugly child abusing cult invented by an ugly child abusing man.

    May her shame one day lead to her salvation, and may she split from the disgraceful "church" of scientology and perhaps make try to up for this vile crime, by saving other children from a similar fate and turning evidence over.
    The world doesn't really care if she's stupid enough to want to spend money on LRH Xenu bullshit and even if she attacks the psychs who zapped most of her brains out decades ago one could argue she has just cause, but unless she's going to stop and report the child abusers within the cult she knows are still out there, she is certainly Fair Game, and the balance of power in that department definitely falls in favor of Anonymous.

    The planet should be proud of Australia for having the guts to do what the countries in the northern hemisphere - particularly the US and UK - should have done with these bastards years ago.
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  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. thefatman Member

    Yes, its a $10,000 sureity so that she doesnt run away indefinately but she can travel. Allegedly, she runs a business that employs several people as well as the CCHR we need an epic info dump on this.

    The reason she got the bail conditions changed was because she is of prior good character and while well intentioned the conditions were unecessary. Allegedly, she attempted to contact the police several times and came here knowing they wanted to speak with her.

    Also, they claimed there was no victim other than the lergal system. So im thinking they will argue it never happened.
  21. thefatman Member

    They also got the sherrif to come up to me and ask if I was taking photos while in the court house. Which I was not.
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  22. Anoobymous Member

    "no victim other than the legal system"? Uh, how about an ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD GIRL?
    "it never happened" - I assume you mean the coaching, no the molestation...
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  23. COREarg Member

    She was told to come to them
    /resists temptation to roll eyes

    So,a small girl that was sexually abused is not a victim. But the legal system (which they use to shit on,actually. Wog laws don't apply to them,remember?) is the victim? What?
    This is just...disgusting.
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  24. TinyDancer Member

    I need Zhent's phone number ASAP. Anyone?

    Apologies for threadspam.
  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Zhent Member

    I might have it, PM me for details.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    It seems that Jan Eastgate, Scientologist, has now become Janice Meyer the Jew -- this in a country where antisemitism was at an all time high in 2009:

    Will Simon Wiesenthal humanitarian award winner Tom Cruise rush to Janice Meyer's aide?
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  28. Anonymous Member

    I hope so. That fucking dwarf is just as guilty as Jan at covering up abuses.

    Hey, who built your fancy Winnebago Tom!??
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  29. Zhent Member

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  30. Anonymous Member

    It woulda been easy money if someone was betting against TT /Bryan Seymour running a report on the crime cult/ists
  31. Just like to add here, after the raid, 3 of us went to Castlereagh Street to look at the status of the building and to review footage. When we were about to leave, we were approached by the Sea Ogre who was giving Bryan a hard time. After blowing me a kiss, he moved on the offering sexual favors on the street. He suggested if I dropped my pants and bent over, he would fuck me in the ass. He didn't want to tell me his name, or where he was from, so apparently gay Sea Ogres are tops that like Anonymous buttsecks. It's only the celebrity Scis that are bottoms. He must have been following us from the courts. What an idiot. Fatman has proof of this...
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  32. Anoobymous Member

    Damn right TT & BS were gonna run this story.
    Pleeeeze someone upload for those of us in Amurricuh? I will stay awake as long as I have to if someone can assure me this will be posted shortly after airing... begging-kitty.jpg
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  33. Anonymous Member

    A high profile reception when she lands in LAX would be ironic - using their own tactics.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Sea Org is full of sexual abuse, it's all they know, clearly.
  35. thefatman Member

    I'll be able to film and upload but it won't be super duper awesome given I'll be recording it on a DSLR.
  36. TinyDancer Member

    TT has been getting the stories up very quickly lately.
  37. thefatman Member

    Camera is set up and awaiting the show to start :)
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  38. Zhent Member

    lol no worries bro I will record.

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  39. thefatman Member

  40. Anonymous Member

    except it says she was surrounded by 'supporters' - should read 'handlers'

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