June 13 - Kitchener Ontario - Protest

Discussion in 'Canada' started by LordHuggy, May 10, 2009.


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  1. LordHuggy Member

    June 13 - Kitchener Ontario - Protest

    Next protest is in the title, 11am as per usual, hopefully there are no weather delays this time. I hope to see everyone out there in full force again this month.
    Good luck to us and anyone else who reads this.
  2. kybo Member

    Re: Kitchener ON, June 13th.

    I hope to be there, barring work schedule conflicts.

    Also, I've confirmed that July will be my last raid, as I'm moving at the end of July
  3. LordHuggy Member

    Re: Kitchener ON, June 13th.

    I hope you can come out, and good luck with moving. We'll all miss you!
  4. DuckmanDrake Member

    Re: Kitchener ON, June 13th.

    As per usual (besides last month), I will be attending in usual garb. As per usual. Whether or not I'll be bringing along a new member is up to debate, howevar.
  5. MisterYellow Member

    Re: Kitchener ON, June 13th.

    Yo guys. Sorry I wasn't there last month. I'll be there this time. I'll try to bring friends too.
  6. Re: Kitchener ON, June 13th.


    I would like to join in on the fun considering that I've missed the previous engagements, but there's a problem - King St. is completely torn up between around Queen St to Gaukel with fencing up making both sides of the sidewalk relatively closed off.

    Are there plans to assemble at the nearby City Hall?

    I want to help, after conducting an objective research project to look into them I am appalled at what I found and welcome the chance to meet fellow anons who feel the same and have some fun in the process.
  7. LordHuggy Member

    Re: Kitchener ON, June 13th.

    Welcome to the absurdity. *Bows*
    We meet between 10:30 and 11:00am at the clock tower in Victoria Park. I plan on being there at 10:30ish as usual. We're going to be either where we usually are, or like two months ago we'll be in front of city hall.
    If you're still confused then send me a private message.
    Hope to see you out there.
  8. Re: Kitchener ON, June 13th.

    No worries, being born and lived in this town for many, many years I'm sure I can find my way around :p

    Question, are there going to be pamphlets to hand out to people/law enforcement should they wish? I was thinking about typing up a version that shows various government actions against Co$ over the years (warning pamphlets about them in Germany, taken to criminal trial recently in France, their breach of trust conviction and subsequent successful defamation lawsuit against them in Ontario Criminal Court, etc.)

    ... idea being that it may be an idea to keep the message simpler and appeal to those who understand the difference between wacky beliefs vs their totally unacceptable behaviour.
  9. Raeko Member

    Re: Kitchener ON, June 13th.

    Raeko and papa ARS will be there. ~_^

    kitchener kommando, if you want to make up a pamphlet that would be awesome!! We have already made up a pamphlet describing COS criminal actions in Canada. An international one would be cool. If you don't want to/can't make one up yourself, we could probably dig one up on the interwebs. Alternatively, I could send you our pamphlet and you could print some out for yourself.
  10. Re: Kitchener ON, June 13th.

    Yes I'm interested in what you have and may have a source for cheap/free printing. Can you send the pamphlet file that you already have, I'd like to read it.

    Also, for our college presentation, we did a PowerPoint presentation on both Christian Science and Scientology, interested in seeing it?
  11. Raeko Member

  12. Raeko Member

    Re: Kitchener ON, June 13th.

    I have taken very similar photographs of the KW org. With my reflection in the door and everything B). Nice slide show, the pastafarian picture at the end was an especially nice touch.
  13. AnonRiver Member

    Re: June 13 - Kitchener Ontario - Protest

    Hey HUggy It's been forever, just wanted to stop by and say hey and wish ya all good luck this weekend :)
  14. LordHuggy Member

    Re: June 13 - Kitchener Ontario - Protest

    Thanks, River! =)
  15. Raeko Member

  16. Re: June 13 - Kitchener Ontario - Protest

    I'm not sure about how much I can participate tomorrow but I had some spare paint and large bristol board and made 5 signs to use:

    » XENU.NET
    » LULZ!

    See you in about 12 hours :) If all goes well I'll be in the /k/ommando garb and have the video camera handy.
  17. LordHuggy Member

    Re: June 13 - Kitchener Ontario - Protest

    Yay, protestin's!
  18. kybo Member

    Re: June 13 - Kitchener Ontario - Protest

    I'll see you all in a few hours. :D

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