June 11th, Manchester, UK - Sea Arrrgh IV

Discussion in 'Europe' started by strobe, May 14, 2011.

  1. Profanity Member

    Camerafag, ring me when you get the chance. I'm having problems with my phone.

    I'll be there by 10.30am.
  2. cfanon Member

    Meh. Too early in the morning.
  3. Atleast your not stuck in eccles :-P
  4. strobe Member

    I'll be late, there soon as I can. Don't wait up.
  5. Grimlock Member

    Awww man Oro is coming? Why do I have to miss this one?

    Good luck Fags
  6. getbeckyout Member

    Have a great day guys, please send my xxx to the cult.
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Have a good time today bros and I'm glad you guys still run a Sea Arrrgh theme! ARRRGH!
    Stay safe and have fun <3
  9. Waffle~ Member

    Someone tried to rob me on my way back to the station...Honestly, do people really think im not going to scream rape when they start putting their hands in my pockets...
  10. cfanon Member

    WTF? What happened?
  11. Waffle~ Member

    Some black guy came up to me saying; "Oi mate u got 40p i can have for the bus please?"...I said no, i don't have any money - he stuck his hands in my pockets so i screamed RAAAPE like a 6 year old girl ;)
  12. Hide yo kids hide yo money
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  13. Waffle~ Member

    Funny thing was i had a £10 note folded up in my hand...
  14. cfanon Member

    He didn't get anything then?
  15. Waffle~ Member

    No luckily...although i'm surprised liberal didn't hear a distant "Raaape"
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  16. cfanon Member

  17. Anonymous Member

    You would know.
  18. cfanon Member

    lol anon fail.

    You liked that post and replied to another in the same minute that you made that anon reply. Hia white.
  19. Profanity Member

    Inb4 'Not me, faggot.'
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  20. cfanon Member

    Timestamps don't lie.
  21. WhiteNight Member

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  22. Profanity Member

  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. WhiteNight Member

    That's an impressive drag-back from 20 pages and exactly 2 months ago. Most people don't bother. I congratulate you on your attention to detail and apparent inability to competently criticise any of my other posts.
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  25. Profanity Member

    I'm guessing you ran that through spellchecker beforehand?
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  26. WhiteNight Member

    No, just me. I would like to note that I have just arrived back from a 13 hour shift at work, so suck it faggots.
  27. Dragononymous Member

    suck what?
    be more accurate please...
  28. Anonymous Member

  29. Profanity Member


    (Shh, I've been dying to use that gif for ages)
  30. WhiteNight Member

    That's badass, so you're forgiven for the want to use it.
    My impressively delicious and large (in both girth and length) cock.
  31. cfanon Member

    Pix or GTFO.

    inb4 faggot not following through
  32. Profanity Member


    Tried and tested for quality by yourself, naturally.
  33. WhiteNight Member

  34. Profanity Member

    Giving yourself head = classy
  35. WhiteNight Member

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  36. cfanon Member


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