[Jun 25, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Buffalo, NY)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by SOJOA, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. SOJOA Member

    We will be having a Buffalo NY CoS protest on June the 25th from 1pm-3pm.

    Masks are not allowed but funny glasses wigs etc are encouraged. You will be video taped. Feel free to bring Guy Fawkes masks for the top of your head or back.
    We will have pamphlets and cards to hand out along with some protest signage but please bring your own if you make some up.
    We meet kitty corner of the building to maintain the 100ft mark.
    Police will be informed and probably some media.
    Readings will be done and this protest will be mostly recorded.
    Please do not use real names with anyone unless you feel so inclined.
    Also, considering the summer please bring your own drinks and food. We will try to provide some music and some treats. :)

    Any questions please feel free to contact me.

  2. SOJOA Member

  3. SOJOA Member

  4. SOJOA Member

  5. Mora Member

    we talked in messages but throwing my support on this post also
  6. Samuel Hughes Member

    I'll probably be there and have extra signs and literature.
  7. SOJOA Member

    That would be wonderful Sam. Your signs were excellent. Look forward to seeing you again.
  8. SOJOA Member

    P.S. to everyon. We are having several people attend that are not on WWP.

    Looking forward to a nice size group. Please attend! :)
  9. SOJOA Member

  10. WhyNot? Member

    I'll look for it on the local news.
  11. LoobyTuber Member

    Hello SOJOA. Im new to this but im really excited. I would really like to come to this i would not know what to expect. I was hoping maybe give a little rundown on what to expect,what to bring,etc. Please reply, Thank you.:)
  12. SOJOA Member

    Thought you were from Jersey?
  13. SOJOA Member

    Anyway we basically get violently drunk, then partially naked then we wander over to the east side for coke and hookers. Pretty standard fare really.

    We meet kitty corner of the building. I would park somewhere other than near the building. Walk over and meet us on the corner. I know for sure me and my buddy and several others will be there so walk on up and introduce yourself. I would bring water or some drinks for yourself especially if its hot out. Bring sunglasses, hats, really anything you can use to hide your face a bit unless you do not care but you will be taped by them.

    Basically we hang some signs, carry some signs and some even have rope so we just hang the big ones around our necks. We have cards and pamphlets and printouts of the abuses we hand out. People will stop in cars to talk or people on the street will also. We talk to them and give out our stuff. We will do some readings of some new findings and recent leavers. We will record quite a bit of it as well.
  14. DeathHamster Member

    There's a no masks law in Buffalo? You can always wear EFG masks on the back of your head for decoration.
  15. SOJOA Member

    yeah a few of us plan on it. A few bring goofy glasses and some halloween-esque things to wear. I plan on maybe wearing the mask around my ears to cover my mouth down with sunglasses. If the cops complain Ill think of something else.

    also there is actually no law about not wearing masks but theres some city clause that the local police can make a decision on it at their will.......they said no masks. Pretty lame I know.
  16. DeathHamster Member

    Yeah, it's the same thing in Toronto where the police would like us to keep across the street from the org. There's no law for it, and the OG picketed right in front of the org for several years without a problems (on our part). Any "agreement" was a couple years ago with Anons long since gone, but it's not in our interest to challenge that at the moment.

    tl;dr: Stay on target!
  17. SOJOA Member

    We have a good working relationship with the police so we dont make any waves. Would be nice to get to know them better and allow us to wear them. Perhaps with time.
  18. LoobyTuber Member

    Yes. I'am from Jersey. But i knew NY was the closest event to my area. and thank you . Also there is no age limit is there?
  19. SOJOA Member

    If your looking for a close event NYC has a few coming up that would be more in your area.

    As for age limit I would not recommend anyone under 18.
  20. LoobyTuber Member

    O....Well, What if you were to go with somone who is over 18. Say...parent?
  21. SOJOA Member

    Yes if a parent were present I dont see the harm.
  22. LoobyTuber Member

    Ok. Thank you. Also, one more thing. Do you see many "kids" about 12-13 years old protesting with you very often. I dont want to go and stick out like a sore thumb and be looked down upon like some little ignorant child. (As im not)
  23. SOJOA Member

    No we have never had any children protest with us. The only thing I would say is this is a touchy subject, i.e. Chanology, and I would consider it a more "mature" venue.

    Unless of course you, your child or your family were personally involved in CoS and have personally experienced fair gaming or abuses....its probably not wise to bring a child aboard.

    I would not unless it was a personal family issue. Again remember that you will be recorded by them. I would not want my child on film by these manipulative destructive people.
  24. SOJOA Member

    Also, my question to you would be if your under 18 and from Jersey as you say, why come to buffalo when there are other protests closer to you?

    Making me question bud.

    Anyway we are not a stupid bunch so suit yourself. Just please heed my advice above.

  25. LoobyTuber Member

    Well...i mean. Im 12. So if i were to go with my parents would it be an issue. My parents are'n't the smartest. (They dont understand anyhting about these crazy,brainwashing,nazi's) And they dont see the good in anon. Which brings me to my point. I go with a parent...Is that ok?
  26. SOJOA Member

    If your parents want to treck to Buffalo NY with you just to attend this then sure. As long as there is a parent or legal guardian with you.
  27. LoobyTuber Member

    Ok. Thank You for all your help :)
  28. SOJOA Member

    Thanks for being full of shit but I figured I had to answer properly.

    Either way.
  29. LoobyTuber Member

  30. SOJOA Member

  31. LoobyTuber Member

    All i wanted was some info on a rally? Your Douchebaggery is unnesccary
  32. Anonymous Member

    What he said.
  33. SOJOA Member

    And yet hes not 12......
  34. LoobyTuber Member

    I most certainly am. But you dont have to believe me its not like i care
  35. SOJOA Member

    No. I dont. If you show then trufax.

    Anyway the weather here sucks so please keep watch the thread if the date changes.

    Honestly I doubt it. In March we braved through the weather and I assume we will do so again. Dress appropriately and bring your own drinks, any food, weather gear.....etc.

    Gear up for the protest cause we will be out there.

  36. SOJOA Member

  37. skeptic2girl Member

    How'd it go in Upstate NY? I love that part of the U.S. though the weather is a bit STIFLING. I think that the cops there simply have your best interests at heart, re: the no masks rule ;)Those things are hard to breathe in/impossible not to sweat in under the best of circumstances! Good diplomacy call as regards following little demands like that. It's not fair, but there's that whole Pick Your Battles thing. You want to have leverage and credibility in case anything gets really serious.

    re: kids at protests

    Forget about presence with Anons, I wouldn't want my kids anywhere NEAR an org. A "Homo Novis" determined to squash an "SP" can be dangerous business. Plus, I don't know about your raids, but a lot of Eff bombs get dropped around ours...

    not a scene for minors...
  38. LoobyTuber Member

    It's not a problem for me. Im not a little wuss. (as some people are). I live in a....well i guess not the WORST town ever, but not the best. So its not a biggie
  39. skeptic2girl Member

    I get you. What I'm saying is I wouldn't want any minors there (without their parents), though, because if anything happened, we adults would be responsible.
  40. LoobyTuber Member

    I getcha. My dad is somewhat responsible ;-)

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