[Jun 24, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Oslo, Norway)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by John Steed, May 30, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    [insert joke about jugs]
  2. Ast Rickley Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    Nice jug. Now let me see the other one.
  4. JessieX Member

  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Ast Rickley Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    One is bigger than the other?
  8. Ast Rickley Member

  9. yax Member

    A scientologist got arrested :D
  10. Anonymous Member

    Looking forward to the post game report!
  11. yax Member


    Pixx or it didn't happen ;)
  12. Ast Rickley Member


  13. robotrock Member

    Report: The most EPIC demo so far! So much newfaggotry I came. Great turnout, spirits were high despite shitty weather. Lots of flags and posters. The "Honk against Scientology" poster gave awesome response. We even got a truck to sound its blaring horn. Buses and cars with people honking, smiling and waving. There was poledancing on the subway to music, plenty of anons woohooing to honking cars, delicious caek, good times.
    Scilons showed some world class communication skills with curtain tech. Not impressed guise.. not impressed.

    ALSO - Scientologist came out and jumped into an all caps RAEG, just as the cops came around. He was pushy-shovy and tried to rip a couple of posters + Did a bit of trash talk before they showed up. The cops spoke to him for a few minutes and he was arrested on the spot! Lots of cheering when he was put in the partyvan and they drove off with him a little later. Its all been documented and coming in the most EPIC video EVAR. Stay tuned!

    Alsoz, some pics:

    Waiting for subway :)

    Lots of honking cars..

    So many newfags, it was beautiful

    Shitty weather, anonymous still standing tall

    Then there was caek..
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Cool, but wait for the post game thread, guys. Or make one now.
  15. John Steed Member

  16. yax Member

  17. yax Member

    Fail 2
  18. moarxenu Member

    Hawt newfag femanons are hawt!

  19. Anonymous Member

    Only thing that matters: Was Steed in a suit?
  20. Demonon Member

    steed ditched us :'(
  21. Anonymous Member


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