[Jun 2, 2012] Orange County Ideal Org Opening!! (Santa Ana, CA)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Sam Urai, May 5, 2012.

  1. i'mglib Member

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  2. CaringCitizen Member

    Really excited! My niece is going to join me! We are really looking forward to it. Watch out for Xenu!
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  3. Has anyone seen or heard from Shelly Miscavige in the last 6 years?........

    Response from David Miscavige and Scientology:


    Shelly is apparently unavailable for this event as well.........

    Don't let the complete disappearance of Shelly Miscavige with no explanation whatsoever destroy your faith in Scientology.................

    The Pope doesn't have a wife but if he did and she was missing for six years I believe someone, somewhere in the media would at least inquire as to her whereabouts..........


    Mr. David Miscavige:

    Ecclesiastical Leader of Scientology and noted physically abusive tyrant:

    What have you done with your wife?
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Any confirmation on street closure yet?
  5. At the time of this photo she (#4) appears to be second in "rank" to DM. Is she still? Why is she now kept hidden?
  6. RightOn Member

    it still amazes me that this question about Shelly Miscavige's where abouts has not been pushed a lot harder.
    Here DM is the leader of a HUGE cult, which includes big celebrities, but "where has she been for 6 years?" is not questioned publically by the media.
    Simple questions like:
    Why doesn't she attend any COS functions?
    He still wears his wedding ring, so he must still be legally married to her?
    Why was he seen with Stukenbrock out and about instead of his wife when those pictures surfaced at the race track with Tom Cruise? AND she was at org functions instead of Shelly sitting in the front row. Giving COS members possible rumors of an "Out 2D" relationship publically? why?

    You have to wonder why DM just didn't announce long ago that they went their seperate ways and he has no idea where she is. Dumb ass. Instead he would rather have people questioning her where abouts and her safety for 6 years? Talk about PR flap. I just don't get it.
    Yeah I know its all part of the "dog and pony show" that COS members believe. But the general public is different. Even though most of the general public would not know who Shelly is, or even DM for that matter. Which is why it is not probably reproted I guess. But I still think it makes for a very interesting story since they do have celeb members, especailly these days with all that is going wrong with COS in the media.
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  7. Sam Urai Member

    Yes, just spoke with the police, street is scheduled for closure.
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  8. CaringCitizen Member

    What is to be expected from either passerbys or scilons with questions? I want to be prepared to answer any questions from potential cult joiners or existing scilons. I have a loads of info on the cult aso am ready to spew out names like Binder and Rathburn...but how can I help prevent any incoming slaves?

    Sorry for the bad grammar and mistakes. I am in line at the store. SORRY! =(
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  9. Anonymous Member

    just to let you know-

    the WWP message boards are in a whole bunch of flux these last few weeks,
    as the admins try out new features (like the ability to use buttons to criticize eachother's spelling).

    It's nothing personal.
    If your spelling were better, we would find something else to laugh at.
    Not because you're new, but because.... well.... just because.
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  10. Binder and Rathburn is an impuvement on there names:p
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  11. CaringCitizen Member

    It's tough to get going. So nervous I forget my own supposed spelling skills. =) However my question is valid and needs to addressed so THERE lol.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Print up flyers with your favorite stats, messages and links ahead of time if you don't want to answer questions. Hand them a flyer if they have a lot of questions. Direct them to WWP,, or wherever.

    I'm not sure what this question means. Anons don't prevent people from attending religious services - unless they want to get arrested. Anons stand in public places nearby, bearing signs that detail cult excesses and abuses, so that arriving scilons have to see those signs. It is hoped that by doing so, fewer people from off the street might become incoming slaves during such events, and that many more people become informed and thus do not become incoming slaves in the future.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Anon activities vary with time and location, but generally this.

    Actually blocking traffic (pedestrian or vehicular) is illegal and considered rude.
    But standing outside with a sign containing "entheta" (information that Scientology considers harmful and warns their members to avoid) could discourage Scientologists from attending, but that's almost never Anons' intent.

    Unfortunately for those public Scientologists, whenever our group goes out raiding at the local Org, the Org goes into lockdown (putting up visual and physical barriers, locking the door, hiding, and being real paranoid) so that our Scientologists have a tough time getting in. And THEN they get treated suspiciously when they do finally make it inside for the blessed communion: exchanging money for electric zaps.


    in OC this weekend, the game will be something like
    Informing Santa Anans about their nice new neighbors,
    annoying a certain little man with a big temper,
    reminding visiting Scientologists that- yes, we still care,
    and no, we don't hate them,
    and just maybe a Com Ev or two (if we can figure out how to spell his name).
  14. Anonymous Member

    Smile, wave, and be friendly.
    Dancing helps, too.

    At the Ideal Org opening, there won't be any recruiting of "raw meat",
    so it'll mostly be locals gawking at the spectacle as they wander past, and hardcore Ron-bots.

    You probably won't see any of these lovely offerings:


    but, ours are more fun anyway

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  15. Sam Urai Member

    An Ideal Org protest is a pretty unique situation because of potential level of interaction with both Scientologists and members of the general public. The Scientologists are trained to to try and ignore you, so usually your ability to communicate with them is very limited (ironic, since they supposedly believe Hubbard's statement that communication is the "universal solvent"). Mostly you're going to be able to make the briefest of statements. I try to refer to something timely that would be news to them to make them think about the information they're getting from their "church." Maybe something like "did you know that Lisa Marie Presley is out?" or "did you know that Debbie Cook was beaten?" I may be taking some liberties with statements such as these, but the idea is really to make them think about it and maybe get them to go online to try and verify the info for themselves. Once they get to looking, it's their first step on the way out.

    On talking to the general public, I try to keep my explanations simple and try not to overwhelm people with massive amounts of information (easy to do when you're talking about Scientology). I focus on why we're protesting, which is mainly in favor of free speech and against the abuses of the COS. I usually make it a point to emphasize that we do not protest anyone's religious beliefs. As mentioned here previously, referring people to other sources of information online is a good idea, because they can delve in at a much deeper level.

    Personally I would avoid referring people to Marty Rathbun or Mike Rinder. COS has "dead-agented" these people as "squirrels," so the average Scientologist would be disinclined to accept them as sources of information. Besides that, they peddle the line of "Hubbard good, Miscavige bad," which, though it has some appeal to your average indoctrinated cult member, is not particularly accurate, nor is it especially helpful to the long-term process of people coming to terms with the massive amount of BS they've willingly accepted over the years in Scientology. It's sort of like admitting to your kids that there is no Santa Claus but insisting that the Easter Bunny is still the real deal. And offering Marty or Mike to the general public as sources of information is beyond silly; there are much better sources of information online, WWP being one, being another. A popular sign has been "Google Scientology" and you can't go wrong with that.
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  16. CaringCitizen Member

    I got my mask today. Very excited to be there Saturday. I can't excited I think I just Xenu'd in my pants lol.
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  17. Sam Urai Member

    Usually a little soda water will help get that out.
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  18. Sam Urai Member

    Looks like the Scilons are getting ready for their big day:

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  19. The Mayor of santa ana will be at their 'opening' june 2nd 1pm

    just down the street we are facing another 'church' buyout, in the downtown artists village

    artwalk that same day...

  20. Diablo Member

    Can't wait for tomorrow...MUCH ENTURBULATION COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Someone is looking for the midget...court is in his little future....
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  21. Sam Urai Member

  22. Anonymous Member

  23. CaringCitizen Member

    my signs kick ass. I am ready. See you at ground zero.
  24. failboat Member

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  25. Diablo Member

    Balloon tech?

    Rough security tech?

    Punch tech?

    What will be the method of "handling" anonymous today???

  26. Anonymous Member

    Thanks to Smurf, who posted this on OCMB:

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  27. I'm bumping this old thread to see if anyone wants to get back to /r/aiding the OC org. Any volunteers for a (newish) sock?
  28. Count me in, im all ears. Im in San Clemente.
  29. Teknik Member

    No WAI me 2!!!!!!!!!!
  30. Anonymous Member

    Tips: they don't even bother to restock English DVD's, obviously the local walk ins are their only possible raw meat. So if you protest or march a block away in the very busy main street, the locals will benefit.
  31. Teknik Member

    PM me I'm intersetted.
  32. Diablo Member

    love it...
  33. Swinging-wedding.jpg
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  34. Lets get this shit going already
  35. Anonymous Member

    Post an updated thread with a new date. That would be much more effective than bumping an outdated thread. Try the Planning section of the forum. :)
  36. test 1697 Member

    testing. can't post in planning

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