[Jun 17, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Pasadena, CA)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by sgv1234, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. sgv1234 Member

    To all Anon members in the San Gabriel Valley:

    I want to conduct an event in Pasadena in old town. Scientology has a large presence in the downtown area of Pasadena. Based off the interest level and motivation of the Anon members in the area i want to conduct this event in 2 weeks on June 17 which is a Friday - at 3pm. Workers will be leaving work shortly after this time and fortunately the Scientology location is directly adjacent to Colorado Blvd so there will be high exposure. Please message me for more details. Thanks

    Hey! It's imperative that we make a presence downtown for a couple of reasons:

    1. I don't foresee any need for an alibi or anything. Only if we were militant would we need to have any sort of excuse for being there. However, this is not nor will ever be the case in regard to "Anonymous" behavior. As long as we show up separately and leave separately in different directions than its really only a matter of being professional while conducting the protest.
    2. Given the location and traffic volume it's important that we remain mature about what we are doing while getting our point across.
    3. Given that Anonymous operations have to my knowledge never been conducted downtown in regard to Scientology its crucial that we make a strong first impression of sophistication and intelligence rather than disorganized, uneducated and unprepared.
    4. Let's show up, have signs prepared - bring your own - and look professional - no slogan t shirts, no markings of any kind - better to have polo shirt, nice jeans or khaki pants with dress shirt then rebellious teen angst driven clothing, even if you are a teenager. What you wear will decide if you are taken seriously or not. Especially in regard to this sort of protest.
  2. RiseAndFight Member

    I'll confirm with you if I can make it. I work out there from time to time at three of the restaurants. I know all the mangers of all three and my Father is one of them just around the corner so we have a place to duck into if he have to. I'm tired of those assholes always handing me crap and trying to strike up a conversation about how "I can be better than myself"
  3. the anti Member

    alright then, lets see what comes
  4. RiseAndFight Member

    I just got In contact with one of the employees I'm friends with at the restaurant my dad works at, and he agreed to claim to be our waiter for a max party of 5 if we need an alibi or anything.
  5. sgv1234 Member

    No need for an alibi! Read my main post above and you will see more about what sort of operation I'm trying to conduct here. Thanks
  6. Smurf Member

    If all you want is public attention, you'll get it, but the Pasadena Borg will be dead on Friday afternoon. Their events occur after 7:00pm.
  7. sgv1234 Member

  8. Smurf Member

    I take it you aren't a fan of Star Trek..

  9. sgv1234 Member

    hmmm ok
  10. sgv1234 Member

    I don't foresee any problems with the times allotted for this. If you cannot be there at the time specified then you don't need to be there. That's my logic. Some command and control needs to be adhered too within local Anon protests and there needs to be a beginning of a steady and strong division between those who can attend and those who simply wish they could but never will. Either do it or don't its that easy!

    Unfortunately, I see a strong reduction in the ranks of Anon protesters when such an implementation of control takes place however for the longest time I've felt that Anon is essentially existing as a mutant dog with 2 heads. 2 heads maybe better then one however the lack of one focused direction and cohesion leads to ultimate failure and lack of power. There has to be leadership, even if informal to adhere to the core belief that Anon upholds. Without it, we will fail.

    For leadership at the hacking level i cant comment however for local field leadership in regards to rally's and protests etc its essential that we have some cohesion.

    Also I've noticed a recent surge to protest at locations that appease the protester rather then adhering to any sort of planning and meaning. For instance to protest near Disney provides no benefit to broadcasting our message. Or to drive up to a local COS and distribute leaflets via throwing them out of your car window is not conducive to any sort of mature and progressive protest method.

    We as Anon have so much potential on a ground level in regards to what can be accomplished however to exhibit immature behavior and aggression will only lead to us being disregarded as potent force in changing our world.
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  11. I'm probably not available right now, but I will lurk, (here and some other thread). Please post a link to another raid if you plan one Thanks!
  12. sgv1234 Member

    Sadly no I'm not! Not really my thing.
  13. Anonymous Member

    To OP...have you protested before?
    There have been many protests at the Ideal Org, in case you wanted to lurk moar and see what was done in the past 3 years.
  14. RiseAndFight Member

    What are the restrictions in Pasadena? can we wear masks and gather in public? and also do we need to get a permit or anything?
  15. sgv1234 Member

    I'm researching your questions as we speak. Under other circumstances i wouldn't worry about a permit however this is Pasadena and extremely visible so I don't want to push it. Ill get back to you asap and post here.
  16. the anti Member

    masks are fine, and don't think we need a permit, we've been there before
  17. RiseAndFight Member

    looks like I'll be ableto get some flyers printed at work, but i need to choose some designs by Monday and Tuesday because those are my windows of opportunity. . I can only get Black and white ones printed, so any specific ones in mind?
  18. the anti Member

    if possible think any of you can help in crashing an event today in downtown?

    at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel, 404 South Figueroa, but we will likely be on 4th and flower. starts at 4
  19. Anonymous Member

    All the research you have to do is look over pics and vids of all the protests anons have already done in Pasadena. There are tons.
    We were there for the Ideal Org grand opening as well.
    With masks.[node]=257
  20. RiseAndFight Member

    countdown, 12hours
  21. xenubarb Member

    Been there, done that, nobody bawww. And that was the Grand Opening of the Ideal Org, so if they WERE going to baww, that'd be the time to do We can raid with masks in Cali. And do.

    Also, 'Command and Control' are words that absolutely don't apply to herds of anon. We tend to trot back into the woods when someone gets all leaderfaggy.

    Anonymous is like life. You can't control it or tell it to be somewhere or stand over there or stay away from the salad bar. There are fewer of us on the street because of the 'been there done that' attitude you get after three years. You want to plump up your cell? Spread the word on high school and college campuses, do some PR work to attract more noobs. Don't berate us, we're veterans.

    And on a Friday? Fail. No fucking way I'm taking on rush hour traffic ON A FRIDAY NIGHT. You want to talk logistics, not command.

    A good commander doesn't require his troops to waste hours in traffic to raid. Saturday raids are more successful, because the Pasadena org is in Old Pas, a shopping and tourist area.

    Also, Friday off-work workers aren't gonna bother with you. They wanna go home and put there feet up with a cold one to unwind after a long week.
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  22. RiseAndFight Member

    So....we lost this one didn't we?....
  23. RiseAndFight Member

    Landed in Pasadena only to find no one, so me and two other anons handed out fliers and educated who we would listen. Then got chased around by these two old guys that wouldn't let up. I kinda feel like we didn't win. But we did make one guy's day, He hugged all three of us and proclaimed the death of Scientology was near. And it seemed people in cars had the balls to call us as anonymous, unlike those on foot. And of course we were only compared to V because of the masks. All in all, like my friend said "For what it's worth, we made some people happy today."
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  24. Anonymous Member

  25. moarxenu Member

    I do not understand what "we lost this one didn't we?" could possibly mean. Just being out there is win. Repeatedly exes have posted, "Don't ever stop raiding, anons. You have no idea what a huge impact you making."

    We have had guys raid solo in Santa Cruz, Bloomfield Hills, and elsewhere just standing out there for three hours holding a sign. That is win. Getting chased around by two old guys does not constitute fail.

    You got hugged. A guy proclaimed the death of the evil cult. You got recognized by people in cars as part of the Anon Borg. All this on your first raid, and you only showed up on WWP two weeks ago.

    Pay close attention to what Barbz has to say. I appreciate sgv1234's desire to raid, but setting down a dress code and a bunch of rules is self-defeating. Some anons wouldn't be caught dead in khaki so why set up barriers to raiders who would otherwise be willing to join you? Invite everyone to raid, and after you have a core of raiders let them figure out how to raid most effectively.

    So I have some suggestions to offer. First of all, you have given a post-game report. Next time post in Post Game Reports because that's where we go to find out how raids turned out.

    From Mumble after a Stuttgart raid last year: "We enturbulated and had our lulz." The whole of Chanology is summed up in this statement.

    Did you guise get your lulz and enjoy yourselves? Many of us raid for the shear joy of raiding. I didn't read any mention of boombox or dancing.

    Another thing is don't worry about not doing it right. Anon cells each had to figure everything out from scratch. Some cells have had to figure things out all over again when cells went inactive and then were revitalized. Just raid and keep on learning.

    Learn from other cells. Pick out a couple of cells and follow them. I highly recommend reading Becker's post-game reports from Berlin. They are hilarious and awesome.

    I didn't read you had a camera or vidcam. Vidcams are essential to document any fairgame by OSA and to prevent them from getting out of line. I don't know whassup at the Pasadena morgue on weekends, but flash raids are great because it is always lulzy to catch the scifags off guard.

    Anons lust after post-game reports. Must have pix at least. Vids are always a plus. In my cell we would have video'd the dude that hugged you and ask him to pose with us and our awesome signs.

    Feel free to pm me or post here if you have more questions.

    Also, cocks.
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  26. WIN!!
    Take a bow RiseAndFight and friends.
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  27. RiseAndFight Member

    Thank you very much.
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  28. moarxenu Member

    This one's for you RAF!!!

  29. Anonymous Member

    Er... This link doesn't turn anything up for me.
  30. SeenTheLight Member

    "New OT VIII Success Story! From: Kerensa Whitman, Bridge Control Secretary FSSO"

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