[Jun 11, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Chicago, IL,)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Strong Strength, May 23, 2011.

  1. Chicago-go-go


    Date: Saturday, June 11th, 2011

    Time: To be determined

    Location: To be determined

    This is a placeholder for the event. The details haven't been ironed out yet; they have to be figured out collectively by the people involved. Please use this thread for planning, questions, and comments about the June monthly event. I'll keep this first post updated as things get worked out.

    Have fun!
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  2. Alright folks, when, where, and what do you want to do this time around?

    I'd be surprised if there wasn't a strong contingent who wanted to go back to the Scientology building again.

    Anyone out there on the Millennium Park bandwagon? We could maybe do a double feature again if there's enough interest.

    Share your preferences (if any) and let's figure it out!
  3. Darth Xander Member

    Casual funeral. Anti-drug table. What's next? I'm anxious to find out. I vote for the Org.
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  4. Paladin Member

    I vote for sunshine. I'm tired of wet weather just about everytime we protest. If it rains, I vote we protest from inside a nearby tavern!
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  5. Darth Xander Member

    I hear that.
  6. Dra Member

    I won't be able to make it this time unfortunately... Hope it is a wonderful sunshiny day!

    Would teleport cookies if I could....
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  7. Darth Xander Member

    If there's no Dra, what's the point? Grrrrrrrr.....
  8. Dra Member

    LOL You guys are good for my ego ;)
  9. 9376 Member

    Well, I'm trying to get Body and 3 to come back with me for my grand re-appearance (wherein I appear exactly the same as before and pretend I never missed a single day) and if I can do that then you can mark down three people for a double-header. If not, mark down one person for a double header. More on this after I walk downstairs and ask Body if he's game.

    Breaking news: Body is in. 3 is tbd.
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  10. No-face Member

    I am in if I can get a ride down town and borrow a mask of somesort being im a broke ass half-mexican. This will be my first rally but thats what this is all about right? getting new people to see the stupidity of our enemies!
  11. DiagnosisX Member

    Have we done anything for Freedom of Information? Anyone up for a miniraid?
  12. DiagnosisX Member

    Take the train downtown!
  13. anonymous612 Member


    -has cookies-
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  14. What DX said: the el, a bus, a train, etc.

    You have lots of options: a bandana, scarf, etc. or rock the t-shirt ninja look (search YouTube or Google for lots of tutorials). Whatever you end up trying, I'd test it for breathe-ability first, though.

    /m/ackup? 2ymukab.gif

  15. AnonExecutor Member

    Me and my Bro are definitely down for the protest at the Org again. Hope to see some more of the same just without the bad weather.
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  16. KryptikTyr0 Member

    unfortunately I also will be unable to make it. Had I looked at this sooner I would have totally been there. Chicago is probably going to be the closest place to participate in upcoming events for me from now on though.
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  17. No-face Member

    haha thanks for the tips i can probaly get a ride from one of my brohams and if i do you can count me and him in.
    now i just need to work on my mask... i have a nice fadora that can help!
  18. KryptikTyr0 Member

    I just bought another V mask, they're only like $4 on amazon right now lol.
  19. No-face Member

    like i said im a broke lol. i want one so bad though ima get one soon maybe in time 4 da rally
  20. DiagnosisX Member

    Walk outside, look on the street for 30 will find 4 dollars in quarters. ;D
  21. No-face Member

    i tried your idea... i found 72 cents.... in 1 hour >_<

    well lets see so far so good me my bestfriend my girlfriend and his girlfriend may all be going thats the good news

    the bad news is me n my broham beat mgs2 and it totaly fried our brains to the point of insanity... no one can follow that storyline!
  22. What do you guys think about the starting times? Last month's seemed to work out okay. Org from roughly 11-2 and then the park from 4 'til whenever? That gives a couple hours between events for people who are going to both.

    That sound OK?
  23. AnonExecutor Member

    The times sound fine with me. Count on me being there might show up abit earlier this time cause everyone was all setup when we got there.
  24. No-face Member

    sounds good to me bro ima try my best to be there
  25. I can't seem to edit the OP anymore for some reason. (Has it been too long? They didn't used to have a time limit here on editing posts, hmm...) Anyway, here's a summary of what it seems people wanna do this month. Plans are subject to possible change; check back in before the event to confirm.


    Event One: Scientology building, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Show up, have fun, get photographed by creepy Scientologists, watch them hide behind posters inside their nearly-empty building. Their building is in the Lakeview section of Chicago, at 3011 N. Lincoln Ave.


    Event Two: Millennium Park, 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. Hang out, educate the public, have fun in one of the most beautiful big-city parks in the world, right in the heart of downtown Chicago. Our usual spot is at the intersection of Michigan Ave. &amp; Madison St., at the western edge of the park.



    So it should be another double event. You can come for your favorite part, or both! Stuff to bring: drink, disguise (if you roll that way), weather-appropriate gear, a cool head, sense of humor, cameras, goodies, etc. You can borrow a sign if you treat it gently or hand out our fliers, or bring your own. Have fun!
  26. Ethaani Member

    Chicago is probably going to be the closest place to participate in upcoming events for me from now on though.

    chino hills style
  27. No-face Member

    nice ima try my best to show up! i cant w8
  28. anonk6 Member

    Can't be there. You guys can enturbulate just fine without me though. Can't wait for the post-game thread already.
  29. Cool beans. What was the article link about though? Did I miss something?

    You will be missed, along with Dra. Expect disappointment from the postgame thread, though, cuz we're boring. 2ymukab.gif
  30. g_one Member

    Hello all. I recently transplanted into Milwaukee from Savannah, GA and I plan on becoming active in protesting {Scientology, the NWO, gun control laws, etc.}. This will be the first "real" protest/event I have attended, so I'm sorry for what is probably a very simple/stupid question - what is the general protocol for these sorts of things? I have a mask, and I have recently begun research into the corruption of the scientologist "church", and I finally have a willingness to get out of the house and do something for a change; I'm hoping that's all I need to get me started.
    *edit for typo
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  31. Darth Xander Member

    Sounds like you are good to go. Just come on over to the Org around 11 (see map above) on Saturday and join in the merriment. Signage will be available. Whatever you do, though, don't piss off Paladin! He's an ornery sort.
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  32. Paladin Member

    I'm only ornery when it's too cold and/or rainy for me to enjoy Dra's cookies:)
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  33. g_one, this is pretty much a "do-ocracy," and there isn't a really defined structure or anything. People do what they want, and any contribution that is legal is welcome. If you're new to the protests, you can just meld in with the (small) crowd and go with the flow, if you want. You sound good to go, but if you have any more specific questions, feel free to ask 'em. Otherwise, if you want to get a feel for how these demonstrations usually run in Chicago, feel free to look over the postgame thread from last month.
  34. Darth Xander Member

    Is it possible to be addicted to raiding? New records will be set this month. Get ready Flag.
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    As a prequel to tomorrow's main events, the org got miniraided today (Friday) by a couple people. I'm gonna save most of the blab about this for tomorrow's postgame thread, but it included a hostile new Scientologist who went into freakout mode about the &quot;criminals&quot; outside and called the police for no apparent reason, along with a Scientology handler who seemed to suddenly be in a big hurry to get away from the sound of certain L. Ron Hubbard lectures. Weird.
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  36. Darth Xander Member

    I joined in the mini-raid and I'm not waiting to share. As we had hoped, we saw a lot of new faces. One of the weekday staffers now knows the futility of calling the police, who didn't even bother to go inside and talk to the Scilons. (We've come a long way baby!)

    We also saw some of the old faces too, like Marla Flora. She picked up right where she left off last month by hanging out and talking to us for quite some time (relatively speaking, of course). And yes, it seems having to listen to OT3 causes her some discomfort. We also briefly chatted with Jay Mann and there was also a sighting of Arielle (although she's still not talking to us). I think we saw maybe four or five public, with three or four staff coming in as well.

    Let's see, what else? Oh, we ran into "the other Stacy Brooks" who's in town to perform at the Blues Festival. Very sweet girl who, simply because of her name, had some familiarity with the cult. She gave me her card, but her website ain't working. Here's one of her performances.

    As we packed up to leave, I spotted Domenic coming in. We set back up to do a quick greeting and he did a 180 on us (well, actually technically a 90 degree turn). He kind of wandered across the street, stood in front of the door to the restaurant on the corner, then walked further away. Very odd. Apparently he can't get near us now? Did he write up an KR on that chat we had a couple of months ago and now he has to stay away?!?!?!?! Marla can chat with us but he can't be near us?

    Anyway, it was a nice relaxed outing. Looking forward to seeing everybody at the monthly tomorrow (even if Dra isn't going to be there).
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  37. anonk6 Member

    My previously resolute "No" has become a "Maybe". Times are set at this point, yes? Hope I can get up at 11 :X

    Nice raid today! Can't wait to see what they pull next.
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  38. Dra Member

    I will miss you guys! I am already feeling the withdrawal symptoms of not protesting this month.

    :( Feel like I should be baking cookies right now.
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  39. Darth Xander Member

    Grrrrrrrr....I guess you can have a life.
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  40. Dra Member

    I should be making cookies and protesting instead though... I need to get my priorities straightened out ;)
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