[Jun 1, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Brighton)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by example chanology, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Hi there fellow anons. I have noticed that anonymous isn't as popular as it could be in the UK, so I am starting a protest. I will post leaflets to nearby areas before so that people are aware and I will put up posters around town. If you could join it would be much appreciated and I will bring plenty of water for the amount of people that confirm they will be coming. Join together my anonymous brothers, for we are one.
  2. I suppose i could gather up some local anon from london and head down there, we will need help from the station
  3. also i suggest changing the date to a saturday, anons will more likely show
  4. I plan to get down early and hand out fliers and stuff, so I can't wait at the train station for others to arrive. I'm not very good with directions, the way I see it is from the train station you have to go down Queens Rd and turn when you get to the 'izzy store'. You may not notice the church immediately as it's on a second floor above something else, I suggest checking google street view to see what to look for.
  5. found it

    conquincidence? cultofscientology.png
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  6. Khonsu Member

    Me and a few anons from Tunbridge Wells will be coming down for this, looking forward to it.
  7. Be sure to invite all your friends as I'm hoping for a good turnout. For best results you should bring signs, the bigger the better.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Is 2 hours enough? why not make it from 11:00 am to 3:00pm?
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  9. Liarnetics Member

    Count me in - not to far from Brighton.
  10. Anonymous Member

    day out at the seaside, opportunity to dress as a pirate - can't go wrong
  11. Liarnetics Member

    I agree. 11 till 3 would be better as its ging to take me an hour or so to drive there.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Some of us could make a day of it, chill on the beach before or after it? Im up for that!
  13. The end time is not too important, that's the minimum that I'm going to be there. If others stay after 3 then so will I. It's just that a lot of people turn up in the middle so I put 1-3 so that that's when people are likely to turn up. I do not like the idea of changing the times when they've been up here for this long but I will definitely consider taking on your ideas for the next protest I schedule.

  14. Only recently discovered anon and i'll get involved in this as long as it's not in the middle of my exams.

    Will be commuting so would love to make an event of it, judging from previous activism i think that a social type situation will make it easier for the newbies to get involved and network. Brighton would be a brilliant place to build up support.

    Is there a facebook event? I made a facebook profile unassociated with my details for actions in my area i could use to create this event to gain publicity? Not entirely sure what i'd put in the information to brief people, can anyone help me?

    It a shame, i might not be able to afford a mask though.

    Actually, a social event can be infiltrated by cops though?
  15. Yeah, there is a facebook event, look up June 1st protest and it should come up.
  16. Khonsu Member


    Thats definitely my plan.
  17. anonyme Member

    Brighton Anonymous was active for quite a while against the local Org but things kind of quietened down for various reasons.
    There really is not much activity going on at that Org and many people in Brighton are againts the cult but a protest is always good!
    The police should be notified beforehand.
  18. anonyme Member

  19. Liarnetics Member

  20. Sorry, Can we move the Date to a saturday??? As i am at school. If it gets moved to a saturday, I will bring flyers and flags, and maybe some badges.
  21. i will also bring placards and some friends.
  22. Sorry, I cannot change the date once people have agreed to go, I've done this before and people got confused. I do apologise, but I will be sure to make the next protest I schedule on a Saturday. I hope you can still turn up.
  23. anonyme Member

    I tried posting to the Brighton Anon forum but I don't think it's working..I think I'll contact the administrator..
  24. Fellow Anon, I have put up a protest on May 28, 2011 for the heart of english scientology scum, the london base. check it out on the events page.
  25. anonyme Member

    The Brighton Org now has a new entrance-a side looks pretty shabby.
  26. Please note that the map does not show the destination anymore for some reason, to locate it, type in the address on Google maps.
  27. anonyme Member

    It seems like the Brighton board isn't working at all :(
  28. sooleater Member

    why are ther so many dots on the map?
  29. I know, I have no idea why it's fucked up, I'd suggest copying the address into google maps
  30. It's fuckedup a bit, sorry, I have no idea why. I'd suggest copying the address into google maps
  31. Anonymous Member

    Is there anything suspicious about the IPs of these people?
  32. anonyme Member

  33. What do you mean?
  34. Liarnetics Member

    Any raid pictures?
  35. Btw, CCHR, Scientology sister in brainwashing people into joining the cult are on brighton peer. Talk to sharlaton71 they will fill you in properly.

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