July 9th, Manchester, UK.

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Skinnies, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. KiRiku Member

    Is anyone on time? I'm outside Starbucks now
  2. KiRiku Member

    so only the newfags are on time bros I am dissapoint
    Update: we are now outside the org all three of us
  3. Profanity Member

    Successful raid!
  4. Waffle~ Member

    -Insert awkward conversation about Serbian film again-
  5. EightMachine Member

  6. Waffle~ Member

    Does it matter if the conversation is started by liberal and involves necrophilia and raep?
  7. Profanity Member

  8. KiRiku Member

    i still want a link to that film
  9. cfanon Member

  10. KiRiku Member

    ha ha, i have googled it. All the results are reviews
  11. Waffle~ Member

    I can't post linkies, (illegal contents) But try that place thats named after a bay. You know the one i mean.
  12. KiRiku Member

    merci beaucoup

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