July 23-25 Flash Raids of Flag Sea Org Alley

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Darth Xander, Jul 23, 2011.

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  1. anonsparrow Member

    Awesome job Xander and Six. You exemplify Dauntless, Defiant and Resolute.

    They be hating and jealousing..
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  2. pooks Member

    I agree. Xander and Six doin it rite.
  3. Ann O'Nymous Member

  4. Exponential Member

    Balls out gonzo raiding! well done, way to hold yer ground amongst so many damn scilons.
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  5. thewayup Member

    Xander, you're a brick.

    You're affecting them more which is easy to see. If you keep it up, as things go on I can see some of them opening up more and being less defensive/offensive.
    (Same as like the Hollywood scilon vids over time). As others have said, you might want to think of some piercing questions/discussions to have in the future.

    Great stuff.
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  6. xenubarb Member

    What the hell are you doing with a beer gut at that age?
  7. Anonymous Member

    Over achiever?
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  8. subgenius Member

    Someone give me a clue here.
    These do they do all day?
    And how does the cult get money out of them if they're doing it all day and being bussed around and such.
  9. RightOn Member

    the cult gets all their dirty work done by them. Building maintenace, books, printing, clerical work, food distributing, disseminaton efforts, PR, celebrity center workers and handlers, Ft. Harrison employees and so on
    that in turn makes COS their money by being operable to their members.
    without the Sea Org they would literally fail
  10. SOJOA Member

    Doesnt that describe their Fair Game and disconnection policy?
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  11. SOJOA Member

    .....I am rock fucking hard right now.......

    Im gonna run around and dent cars!
  12. RightOn Member

    yes it does
  13. RightOn Member

    BTW that Sarah Palin pic is a big 'ol shoop I heard
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  14. anonsparrow Member

    It's a good point. I don't know what they do either because technically (heehee) they are supposed to be servicing the paying parishioners. Auditing, training, etc.

    But where are all the paying parishioners? Why don't we see busloads of paying parishioners being unloaded at the front doors of the Ft. Harrison? Why isn't there tremendous traffic coming and going from Oak Cove or the Sandcastle building?

    I suspect the buildings are like ghost-towns on the inside and that the SO are still busily shipped around and led through hoops as though everything is as busy as ever. Doing what? I don't know. They are probably kept in a constant state of emergency and they never take the chance to look around and go "Hey. Wait a minute.."
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  15. Anonymous Member

    3. They are usually chronically physically ill.
    4. They have a deep but carefully masked hatred of anyone who seeks to help them.
    5. The result of their "help" is actually injurious.

    Hubbard to a "T"
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  16. RightOn Member

    well everyone knows that the real purpose of the Sea Org is a slave labor force to take care of their vast real estate
    They would never be able to pay anyone a regular wage to take care of all their properties and handle all of the cult printing that has to be done among other things.

    and hey! BTW! keyring? please????
  17. Darth Xander Member

    I am a moron! I think I dropped my camera in Sea Org Alley today! No!!!!!!!
  18. RightOn Member

    well then don't go back unless someone else is filming you
    not worth it
  19. Anonymous Member

    I'll buy you a new one.
  20. Darth Xander Member

    I lost the footage! No!!! And I recorded a message for geek and gamer girl! Oh I just had to run back to David and ask him why he took a picture of my rental car's license plate. Moron!
  21. subgenius Member

    This still begs the question of how Co$ gets money out of them.
    I imagine they are doing 2 things all day:
    1. Auditing
    2. Labor
    (BTW isn't their printing done in Hemet.....and taking care of the properties in Clamwater can't take that many people, especially since the properties are unoccupied except for them)
    So how are they generating any income to get screwed out of?
    Or, maybe they're a write off for the free labor.
    Paging the blue skinned beast.
  22. subgenius Member

    You mean to say you lost your camera? To OSA?
  23. Darth Xander Member

    I lost it, yes. Probably to OSA, yes.
  24. RightOn Member

    think of all the people it would take just to run the Ft Harrison Hotel alone and how many positions they fill to run just one hotel.
    People come to the Ft Harrison to spend money on courses and auditing. Without the upkeep and all the other hotel positions filled by slave labor, it would fail.
    Then multiply that by all the other buildings they own and have to take care of. AND all the paperwork involved and so on
  25. RightOn Member

    yikes Xander that totally sucks.
    get out of there
  26. subgenius Member

  27. Darth Xander Member

    Had some good footage too. Not as good as past two days, but not bad. Dang it. Oh well.
  28. RightOn Member

    I bet whatever geek found it is prancing aroung like they found the golden egg
  29. Darth Xander Member

    What was creepy is I ran back to check the garage and first David sees me on the inside and asks me if I forgot something. Then as I ran back to my car on the street I saw two of the other guards peaking around the edge of the parking structure at me.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Nice strategy xander, what with that new-fangled tiny GPS unit newly installed in it. You'll be able to track the guilty party. Sweeeet
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  31. Anonymous Member

    VERY tin foily.
    but check the brakes and if any lug nuts are loose and the rest of the car before you drive it
  32. anonymous612 Member

    Xander's not going anywhere in downtown without someone filming him, and that's a promise.

    Also. *has footage*
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  33. RightOn Member

  34. Anonymous Member

    Xander, please consider bringing a recording of OT III and play it in front of the bullbaiters and Sea Orgers.

    Also, to ClearwaterAnons - please follow Xander's example and do flash raids while they are unloading their Sea Org members. Xander and Six were ganged up upon, and they can't cover up all of your signs if you go there in large numbers. If a simple sign like "IT'S OKAY TO DOUBT" is enough to agitate the Scientologists, how about "Scientology separates families"?
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  35. It's like disturbing an ant-hill
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  36. Chipshotz Member

    Maybe the 'most ethical' OSA will return it.
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  37. anonymous612 Member


    o__O where exactly do you think this is, NYC?
  38. Darth Xander Member

    Oh yeah. Haha Welfare Girlfriend. Follow the master (except for the losing your camera part...).
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  39. anonymous612 Member

    Please stop giving Xander the idea that he's the master at ninja raiding. It's going to disappoint him when I break the news to him.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Here's an impinging sign for staff: (speaking as a former)

    DM = The Right WHO + WHY

    You Know It's True!
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