July 21st Washington D.C. Post Game

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by anonsoldier, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. anonsoldier Member

    Okay, so this will be without pictures or video because there's only so much I can do with just my iPad. I'll get some of those uploaded when I get back home.

    Summary: showed up and Mr. Anonization was already there. Broke out the mask and the first of many stacks of fliers and got right to it. They were starting up a BBQ on the side next to the bus stop so we traded off going over there and harassing Kevin, the BBQ chef extraordinaire. It rained a bit, off and on, the entire time we were there so fliers got a bit wet and I got a lot wet. Fortunately, my suit is awesome and wool dries well, so I had no issues. We were then joined halfway through by another Anon whose handle I don't remember, but she used her experience as an ex and multi-language skills to boost our reach.

    We heckled the Scilons cooking and coming in and out of the Org while simultaneously dealing with all the many many passers-by on the sidewalk. Lots of fliers were given out and my repeated catchphrase of "Hi, I'm protesting the cult of Scientology and would like to give you this flier with a cat on it" got a lot of smiles and encouraged a lot of people to talk to us and take the flier.

    There was no confront, though a few of the public had brief conversations with us in passing. At one point, the smoke from the BBQs was so thick that Anonization was having trouble breathing and people were commenting on it to us and a call to the authorities was made. Sadly the officer who arrived said there was nothing he could do as it was technically on private property and there were no rules on smoke or what have you.

    Things went smoothly, lots of conversing with folks, and everyone left with no issues.

    Sustains: we had plenty of snacks on hand, plenty of fliers (Ceiling Cat flier is particularly effective), and Our conversation skills were good. We had plenty of cameras, too.

    Improves: we need better signage. Some people thought we WERE Scientologists. Seriously, how they still don't know that by now, I dunno. But, signs would help. We should have bagged the bags in garbage bags from the start, we forgot to do it once the rain started and stuff got soaked. Better camera discipline when it comes to side conversations or heckling the cultists. I got a bit cocky and didn't always have a camera rolling. I need to work on that, we all need to work on not being complacent around them.

    That's my assessment. It was awesome, needed more Anons for extra lulz, but was still a ton of fun.
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  2. RightOn Member

    maybe signs concentrating on Scientology child abuse/TomCat divorce which is hot in the media right now?
    People probably only hear the word "Scientology" when you speak to them as they are passing and then they are handed a flyer. Maybe that is where the confusion lies?
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  3. skeptic2girl Member

    re: signs... I've held a Scientology Kills sign and people stand there and scratch their heads and ask, "Are you FOR Scientology or against it?!"

    The GF mask should technically be enough... some people are lovable but dumb.
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  4. RightOn Member

    lol Skep!!!
    wow that IS bad!
    maybe you need a sign that says "Love Nascar? well Scientology sucks" LOL!!!!
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  5. anonsoldier Member

    I weep for my countrymen/women. But a sign like that would help attract attentiona dn for the most part make it clear what we're there for.
  6. sallysock Member

    Been looking forward to this thread all day (blame it on Sparrow, whom I love.) Anyway...
    How fucking wonderful!
    Await pics.
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  7. skeptic2girl Member

    Oooh! Get Radio Paul to bring the infamous Lisa Mcpherson sign!
  8. Anonymous Member

    Show me the Pictures!
  9. Anonymous Member

    Link please?
  10. BLiP Member

    Thanks DC.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    I can't be patient anymore and I keep obsessively hitting f5.
    I need pix and vids.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Hello???????????????????????????????????? I miss the d.c. cult where are the pix????
  13. Anonymous Member

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  14. Anonymous Member

    Do those fuckers BBQ all the damn time or what? I think that they forget to pay the gas/electric bill and now are forced to cook all of their meat with fire.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    ^they are lucky to have meat. Any meat. Do they ever get steak? Get the feeling those hot dogs aren't 100% all-beef kosher?
    Speaking of BBQ'ing raw meat, the cult has done every Last Evil Thing...
    Murder? CHECK
    Slave labor? CHECK
    Sexual assault? CHECK
    Forced abortions? CHECK
    Child abuse? CHECK
    "Cannibalism: the Final Frontier"?
  16. It was nice to meet some of you this past weekend. More like that, please.

    Btw, these forums are enormous. How do you figure out where to read? Is there an email list?
  17. Anonymous Member

    Welcome to the site.

    No, no e-mail list, but I think there may be RSS update feeds. No sure of this.

    Yes, WWP is a vast and somewhat complex International Site. Give yourself time to explore and get to know it. Keep your expectations of yourself realistic.

    Questions you have can go here:
  18. Anonymous Member

    I end up going to the top, right-hand part of the screen and clicking on "Watch This Thread" for the threads I'm interested in.
  19. Anonymous Member

    pics, my kingdom for pics.
  20. MrAnonization Member

    You can also sign up for my new site which will be good if your in the DC area plus I'm trying to make it very user friendly.
  21. MrAnonization Member

    Oh nvm I see you have... By the way I'd suggest NOT listing anything about where you really live
  22. MrAnonization Member

    New fantastical stuff on my site everyone go join it :O (I shall push the site into all of your brains till we have the DC Anons going through it muahahahah)
  23. Anonymous Member

    The raid mentioned earlier in this thread never actually happened.

  24. hunterkll Member

    Ignore his site! </making shit happen on the good one>
  25. Anonymous Member

    I choose both sites.
  26. It's a bad idea to indicate that I live in the DC area? Why's that?

    Is it really so important that I be anonymous if I intend to criticize scientology? What if I've already been doing it publicly under my own name for years?
  27. Anonymous Member

    I don't know what the person was referring to in terms of "where you live" -- state/metro area/etc -- I mean, certainly we give away the general area where we live simply by showing up at an org fairly regularly.
    The prevailing wisdom seems to be that it's good to let OSA earn their rice and beans -- don't make it easy for them.
    Some Anons are super-cautious about their identities and others pull right up in front of the org and park there.

    Up to you.
  28. anonsoldier Member

    I don't like being called a liar.

    Kevin grilling all alone

    Kevin and his minion. Guy was getting ordered around and you can see what looks like a bad bruise on his right arm. I felt really really bad for him, especially when it started raining and he was the only one without a raincoat or umbrella.

    Behold the smoke cloud of entheta! Seriously, they were just wrecking the air like this all afternoon and the cops said there's no ordinances about air pollution and its on private property so nothing could be done. Plan of attack for future raids, gently encourage non-protest people to call the cops and complain? Maybe the activity can become classified as a public nuisance or something?

    More of the smoke.

    I also have a video, but its kinda lousy cause I had the camera dangling from my wrist by a strap. Not exactly the best cinema photography, know what I mean? I'll upload it if there's an honest desire for it, but it's just a 6 minute clip of me hassling Kevin early on and a little discussion between Mr. Anonization and me about calling in PETA for future protests cause of the sheer quantity of meat they're cooking (and truth be told, putting to waste).

    Note: consider calling in PETA for future protests and subtly encourage they do the naked kind of protest....
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  29. RightOn Member

    well looky dar!
    pics! :)
  30. anonsoldier Member

    You're welcome. I accept payment in cash and/or hookers. But only the classy kind.
  31. skeptic2girl Member


    I hope you're wrong about that bruise. Boy, that's a sad pic. Wonder if this older guy fell from grace at some other org? Surely he's not new to staff First Time Ever and Kevin is training him in bbq tech? I would guess he's been in the cult for years. :(.

    PS: post the vid, kay? Terrible quality doesn't stop most of us. ;)

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