July 13th 2013 -- Manchester

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Profanity, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Profanity Member

    Welcome to my (super duper late) final edition of the post game thread. This month's protest was my last official one, as real life stuff will be getting in the way for the unforeseeable future. It's been a blast, though (almost three years for me, wow), and I'm going to miss it.

    Now with that out of the way, on with the post raid!

    I was very very late. Like, extremely late. Two hours late, in fact. For this, I blame Strobe, because he only told me on Friday evening while I was out that he had no printer ink, and I couldn't print at night and wake my flatmates. So I spent most of Saturday morning printing out 400 leaflets and getting the occasional "where are you???" text off anons.

    EVENTUALLY, I made it. Anons had had make do in my absence because a newbie had brought some non-Scientology leaflets. Great that you have enthusiasm and initiative, Anon! But it always works better to stick to one subject while protesting, which is Scientology while we're outside their org. Still, you did better than others who brought no leaflets...

    A fight then ensued over the music, because Eight wanted to play his prebuilt playlist (mostly to annoy Strobe), and Strobe wanted to play his custom playlist (and got annoyed at Eight; mission success).

    I left them to squabble about it after a while.

    Much dancing, leafleting, honks, and praise from the public. Oh, and one douchecanoe who came over being an arrogant, obnoxious prick, trying to argue with us about how 'you should be protesting important things, like the catholic church!' to which I replied 'well why don't you then if it's so important?'

    His response was because he didn't care about it, but we obviously did. Which makes me wonder why it's so important if he doesn't care. He also kept going on about how he was right and his argument wasn't opinion but fact (such as 'None of Manchester cares about Scientology!', but had no evidence except his word and his insistence that he was right). Eight seemed to handle him better than me, because I was too tired for such shit, which makes a change.

    Oh, and then a newbie Anon stepped slightly in front of the org by accident and Sam came out and told us he was calling the police. So that went down well. Strobe and I tried to do the talking, but our newbie Anon (sorry, bro, I didn't catch your name), decided he wanted to do it himself. So like true anons in arms...we let him.

    As a side note to any new anons, if you disagree with the way the oldfags want to handle the police, that's fine. But don't then go on an internet tough guy rant on another site under Manchester Anonymous' name and think no one will notice it. If you're annoyed with someone in the group, it's preferable to confront said anon/s either privately face to face or WWP private messaging. It helps to avoid drama.

    Just a tip. ;)

    Anyway, I'll let Strobe cover the rest of that, because he said he wanted to (whoops?), but yeah, the police didn't really care and we carried on undisturbed after they had a brief chat with Sam and then with us.

    We raided for about another hour, and then it was off to the postraid pic...only we found out that some burger joint had set up in our usual spot and cordoned the entire area off (how rude). So we took pics in a slightly different place, and then went to the pub where we ate and drank heartily, and then played a few games of pool where I failed spectacularly.

    All in all, a fun and productive final raid for me. We handed out all the leaflets! Now Strobe just has to find a replacement troll cannon.

    Good luck to you all, Manchester! It's been an awesome two and a half years.

    Prof out~

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  2. getbeckyout Member

    You have been a star, young lady.
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  3. strobe Member

    I just wanted to clarify that I'll not be handling anyone's penis. Sorry and all that.

    Great raid despite it being over nine thousand degrees on the day. Will write more later, but for now here's batch 1 of ??

    Post-raid pic location closed due to burgers

    A suit. It was hotter than the sun. (Nice work.)



    How did I miss this sign on the day? Good call.


    Had no ink, so the number wasn't updated. You get the idea, though.



    Dancing (etc.)

    Found you can't take a photo of these two



    To be continued.
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  4. Admiral Ackbar still makes me laugh after all these years.
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  5. Kitty Amazing Member

    Great pictures Strobe! Can't wait to see more!
  7. jensting Member

    We'll miss you, Prof!

    Nice work everyone
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  8. strobe Member

    Bet you'd forgotten / thought I'd forgotten about these. Batch 2 of 3.
















    To be continued (again).

    Next protest: August 17th
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  9. Fuckeye Member

    /r/ douche-canoe's police talking/Internet Tough Guy rant info.

    Also, Prof, you're not allowed to leave damnit.
  10. moarxenu Member

    I swear, Manchester must have 99% of the gingers in Chanology:

  11. Roach01 Member

    /b/rilliant raid, can't wait to see all you fuckers next time. Hopefully you will be at the Anti-Government protest on the 20th, and It sucks to see you go profanity I'll see you in that internet in the sky :D See y'all on the 17th and maybe the 20th :)

    Note: Must talk to Strobe about speakers for the 20th.
  12. :rolleyes: SOD THE 20TH!!


    :cool: TBM HAS NO STYLE M8!!!!!!!

    Few Words He said about us on his Page.........:mad: I renounce Anonymous. I condemn Anonymous. If you you wish to be part of them, if you share their idea's and so forth, then I suggest you simply unlike this page and go elsewhere, because we are the elite, we are the ones whom are actually deserving of wearing the mask of Guy Fawkes!

    To hell with weakness - TBM

    Were NOT "Anonymous Occupation Alliance", WE are "Manchester Anonymous", Thankyou! :p

    Note:What has strobe put down "Roach" for "Manchester Anonymous": Next protest: August 17th :confused::confused::confused:
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