July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Relyt, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    Can you rephrase this without being in dick-mode?

    You will get better results.
  2. lothar Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    This will bite you (maybe the group at large) in the ass in the longer run. While you may be in the right, you should have been strategic about this and just have said to him, I didn't appreciate how you treated me but out of desire for a working relationship avoided reporting this. You cried wolf over a minor offense and next time something happens your complaints will go ignored and if they are smart they will just trump up some charges, arrest you, and make it much more costly for you to complain. lrn2cop.

    LOL, I can't tell you how many times I've seen you and people you are with jaywalk in your videos or even standing the in the street. Good luck with that from now on, you'd better make sure you follow every single statute.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    It's legal..

    V. C. Section 25276 says "
    "Warning Lights on Vehicles Transporting Mentally Retarded or Disabled Persons"
  4. Smurf Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    I'm not worried. I filed the complaint through a very well-known civil rights attorney (wasn't Graham) and if Turner pulls any shit, he'll be sitting before a Board of Rights fighting for his job.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    Bulb color makes no difference, red is red. I used to keep a cover on my lights bars when not using them as a rescue recovery unit in 4x4 off road, mine were amber.

    Tow trucks are "on duty" 27/7 generally. That truck is illegal unless its a qualified internal fire dept on private property.

    As a 'trophy' vehicle it must be covered when on the streets.
  6. BigBeard Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    Read the code.

    Even if there's no bulb at all in there, it is ILLEGAL to operate a vehicle not covered by Section 21055 on California highways with a red light bar attached, whether turned on or not. Even if not turned on, it would give the appearance of being a vehicle covered by Section 21055. If it's a DISASTER RESPONSE vehicle, the lights MUST be amber, and MUST be covered or removed when not physical at a disastor site.

    Doesn't matter what color bulbs are installed. If the light bar covers/lenses are red it's illegal on the road.

    In which case the lights must be AMBER, and this vehicle and it's operator are in VIOLATION for not having them covered or removed when not at the actual scene of a disaster.

    WRONG! The "D" in VOAD stands for "Disaster". Which would make it a "Disaster Response" vehicle, if used that way, covered by V.C. Section 25259.1 - Disaster Service Workers: Flashing Amber Warning Lights, not an Emergency Response vehicle covered by Section 2105.

    Not at all. Tow trucks are covered by V.C. Section 25253 - Warning Lamps on Tow Trucks

    But that's obviously not a tow truck, so I didn't reference that section.

    Bottom line: That truck is NOT an Emergency Response vehicle covered by Section 2105. If the light bar has red lenses, it cannot be operated legally on Calif roads and highways, period. If the light bar has amber lenses, and it is a legitimate Disaster Response vehicle, the light bar is supposed to be covered or removed if not at an actual disaster scene. It's not, so it's in violation of the code.

  7. CantPickaName Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    he reminds me of this guy

  8. RightOn Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    I knew it didn't look right to me. HA!
    Wonder how many of these trucks they own in the US.
  9. eddieVroom Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    I drove a tow truck for an auto wrecking yard many years ago, and as I recall, red lighting was restricted to law enforcement, fire and medical; amber was for tow trucks and other "heavy equipment", such as payloaders clearing mudslides and the like. I don't recall what the restrictions on blue lights were (kmart?)...

    That said, I seem to recall one notable execption in California: Television and Motion Picture production. Could that truck be a prop from Golden Era?

    edit: And are production companies rquired to cover the light bar when not actually filming?
  10. Dallas T Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    Wow you guys had them all out there freaking out. Thanks for all the pics. Let's play a little namefagging...


    This looks like Tara Kitt, was a Class VIII Auditor at CC Int but then got sent to the RPF around 2003 because she wasn't getting through her GAT Training. She was still on when I left around 2005.


    The older guy in the middle is Jack Kruchko he is in PAC Renos and basically oversees all of the Renovations for church buildings in LA.


    That of course is Kenny talking to the cop, Girl in the red shirt in the background is OSA Int, don't recall the name but I think she works in OT Clearances, basically approves or disapproves peoples eligibility for the OT levels.


    Guy in the back texting is Hans? Keve (Donatella's Husband) also in OSA Int works in their legal department. Not sure of first name but he's German.


    From Right to Left: Ken Moxon calling Dave.
    Lissa Uvitzl complaining to Kirsten Caetano that AGP was exteriorly in her space.
    Tent groupies, no clue.
    Up close and personal is Ken from CC Int's Events Unit, been there for years.
    People walking to get out of the shot is lead by Monica Sansapaulo? Was LRH PPRO CMO IXU she runs the Life Exhibition, but I think she got busted to the PAC Finance Office.
    Girl is Natasha (previously married to Alex Faust) she was in CMO PAC, got busted to PBC for a while and then got promoted into the PAC Landlord office with all the new ideal orgs. She was a cool gal especially after she got out of CMO and then dumped the Faust tool.
    Guy is in Landlord Office too but use to be in PAC Finance.


    Mr. Suavé is James Richardson CC Int Security Chf, son of the P.I. the church uses Jim Richardson. James is a tool and thinks he's the coolest thing on earth but can be a pretty funny and nice guy at times, he even let mme bring my dog from my parent's house to live with me and he watched him all day in Castle (where the cameras feed). Right is Otto Hüber PAC Guard nice kid. Girl, no clue.


    Ken Moxon talking to Wayne the CO OSA WUS with Kirsten eavesdropping.
    James Richardson is talking to Ryan Boswell the PAC Security Chf saying, "My force is cooler than your force! You want to drill later with water guns attacking each other's base at night pretending we are crazy WOGS? it does happen look at Mario" I was over James for a while, this is an actual drill they do ordered by RTC :)
    Guy in glasses balding looking at them is Lynn Farney veteran OSA Int, he does play the stand up bass though. guy in blue shirt with back to us is also OSA Int don't recall the name though


    Ken, OSA Int Blue shirt guy, Donatella Keve (wearing the same outfit she wore last week) email her donations for Civies (civilian clothes) [COLOR="Red"]Mod Edit: Email Redacted[/COLOR] Guy in hat is Ryan Boswell can you tell him that Dallas' parents haven't disconnected yet what about his promise to me :)


    Tom Burpee and Smurf is right his daughter is Jenny but she is not Lorie's daughter. nice girl was in SO for a while at AOLA during her teens. She has a brother Kris who joined SO when he was 14 and he was at CC Int for a while both were MAAs and had to confront old men for spankin' da monkey. Ask Tom why his kids couldn't take it in the SO and had to route out because of the thoughts they were having, it must be bad, because both are good kids. Lorie had a daughter who joined the SO at 16-17 but she didn't make it through the EPF as she couldn't hang with that Scn Education.


    Big Red Head is in OSA WUS you guys would know her name better than I. She is talking to Mr. Schulman who is from OSA Int, nice guy his kid is Ben Schulman used to be married to Juliette Lewis's sister they have a few kids together but then he leaves her for someone hotter. If you have seen Punk'd for Danny Masterson he is his friend in the short-shorts and faux-hawk with him.

    Okay that is all for now I will come back later to finish up. But basically OSA is filled with different people you have the evil-doers like Kirsten Caetano, the old veterans with no emotions like the blue shirt guy and Donatella and then you have some really nice people who just think they are helping the world because they are brainwashed by the other two.
  11. BigBeard Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    Your correct, red is restricted to law enforcement, fire, and medical. Blue is a little, but not much, broader and covered in another section. Still not allowed for Disaster Response vehicles, which must use amber and have them covered or removed when not at a disaster site.

    Also correct. TV and Motion Picture production is allowed to use red lights during filming on the streets, if they have the correct permits. And yes, they are supposed to be covered or removed when in transit to or from a filming location, or not actually in use for a scene at the filming location.

    If it's a Golden Era prop, and the lights are red, the lights should either be covered or removed while at Big Blue, or moving to and from, Golden Era.

    Big Beard
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    So do the scilons have any kind of way of ranking "truths"? Like if people in the scientology group believe that "Hubbard was a Marcab racing driver" then it's a 3rd dynamic truth, but if people in general believe that "Hubbard wasn't a Marcab racing driver" then this 4th dynamic truth trumps the scilons' truth?

    It would be interesting to talk with active scilons about such matters - but for all their talk about "the analytical mind" it seems that discussion and analysis is verboten and actively suppressed.

    (Conversely, enshrining their "bank" of past experiences in PC-folders might actually confer greater reality to "the reactive mind".. which is pretty fucking ironic, given the stated aims of dianetics).
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    Come to think of it...maybe "Dianetics Works and Helps People™" is a 4th dynamic truth and Scientology is basically just "black" dianetics?

    If not this, then what exactly are the facts that everyone agrees on with regard to the actual reality of Scientology?
  14. xenubarb Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    Curse those mods!
    Also <3
    Awesome. They really don't "get" the internets, do they?
  15. xenubarb Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    Pfft! Keep yer damn kids of teh internets if u don't like it!
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    So, going up to a Scilon and telling them that you know all about their personal shit is cool? You know, cause that's not acting like them at all?
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    Dallas T....another crapload of images for you (some are people you or others have named)

    Is this Hans? Neve, Husband of Donatella Neve you mentioned earlier?
    I don't know who the gentleman on the left is
    With Elaine Segal

    Donatella Neve

    I heard this was Svetlana

    This person seemed to act as a greeter.

    Ken Moxon and pals...looking a bit too smug

    James Richardson/Buddy? The gentleman with the SECURITY hat is retired LAPD acting as cult security. The law was recently changed. Off-duty law enforcement acting as security can wear their normal uniform. Retired law enforcement has to wear outfits to look different from cops.

    Not sure of this guys name. A handler that is never anything but a dick. Fliers homes, follows people, never smiles or acts like a human. Goes by Bandaid nose guy or similar.

    Don't know this guy's name. Was by Moxon and city reps a lot.

    Don't know the name of the guy in glasses

    The female is a LA handler. Don't know the guy

    Don't know the name

    Long time handler. Don't know the name. never interacts with anons. Either films us or appears to direct other handlers

    In addition to stepping on the feet of Snake, this gentleman claims his grandparents were the first one's in his family to join the cult.

    Unknown person

    Unknown person

    The guys from security.
    If the cult needs money...they could do a calendar?

    Hi Jason! Jason butted in a little bit when filming was going on, but was mainly his old friendly self.

    Here is Tim filming me harassing him. I pointed out that if I were harassing him or others, there many many police officers nearby, and he should avail himself of their services. He wanted to continue filming me instead.

    Aki Heinrich/Thomas Dean made it out again, sans Alex.
    Aki, love your eyes. They are not yet dead. You really ought to quit the cult. Not holding my breath at the moment.
  18. anonymous44 Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    My god, you are so fucking kewt it hurts.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    That's Marie, she's usually the handler down at the Tustin org.
  20. xenubarb Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    When we start killing their pets you can complain. You put shit up online, don't be surprised if somebody will find it and use it. It's not like we illegally track license plates, or hire PIs to gather intel.

    Cool? No.
    Effective psyops? Shit yeah. What do you think this is, a tea party?
  21. Smurf Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    If critics are like assholes, because everyone has one, then your's must be very large.

    Join all the other ninnies & trolls here that do nothing more than bitch & whine.
  22. dt2000 Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    This is Fritz Kavenaar, married to Dontella Kavenaar.

    Guy in the middle with the goatee and glasses is Jim Morrow, OSA Int.
    Guy on the far left is Hank.... something, I can't remember his last name right this second.

    The guy with the security hat isn't retired cop, he has been in PAC Security for probably 20 years. Tim Gavigan. He is/was married to Jeannie Gavigan who was OSA Int last I knew. She worked with Kirsten Caetano.


    Guy in glasses is Wayne Carnahan. Was the CO OSA WUS a long time ago, don't know if he is still that or something else.
  23. Smurf Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    You're absolutely right, Laura. Thanks. I confused Tim Gavigan with the older, retired LAPD motor cop that often worked at these events when LRH Way was closed down.

    My eyes are not as strong as they were 40 years ago.
  24. Smurf Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    Wayne Carnahan is still with OSA and his name appears in all the special permits they apply for to close down LRH Way for church events.

    Wayne is seeking to close down LRH Way again the next 2 weekends. You can review the permits he &amp; Ken Long (OSA WUS) have submitted that have yet to be approved.

    Reference No. 20091037
    Permit No.
    Date Submitted: 07/02/2009
    Applicant Name: WAYNE CARNAHAN
    Address: 1308 L RON HUBBARD WAY

    Reference No. 20091038
    Permit No.
    Date Submitted: 07/02/2009
    Applicant Name: WAYNE CARNAHAN
    Address: 1308 L RON HUBBARD WAY

    Special Event Permit Application
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    I'm just sayin'. If you want to act like a clam IRL for no good reason, that's your thang.
  26. Smurf Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    I always have a good reason for what I do.. and have been doing... you just don't have the good sense to see it.
  27. eddieVroom Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    Potentially worse: You could walk straight into a Stalking charge.

    Something tells me Herro will agree.


    edit - although waving file wrappers (formatted as seen in the video) filled with empty paper -- with no one's name in particular -- would be lulzy as hell. 'Specially so if you've got a partner waving a sign that says

    YOUR PC Folder! -->

    bonus points for doing it like the guys waving signs for condo sales.
  28. Smurf Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    Hardly. A stalking charge requires malice and intent to do harm. Sharing publicly accessible information about someone isn't criminal.
  29. chrisanon Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    You know, I just realized I don't know much about Moxon's story at all. I've never found it anywhere, not even the old-school 90s critics' sites.

    Can someone either direct me to it or just tell me? He's such a central figure that I feel his story should be generally known.

    From what I do know, he's one of the few people I suspect is truly a sociopath.
  30. Dallas T Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    Yeah, Laura has the names right.

    This guy with Fritz is CLO WUS staff. Jenna knows but I forget the name. Nice guy.

    Guy with the eybrows is Daniel Presta, he's italian and nice guy posted in OSA Int. He was married but kept apart from his wife for a long time due to her being in the Gold Office so hopefully they are still together. The other guy is Philippe Pederson also OSA Int, in their Data department. His whole family joined the S.O. from Denmark and his sister was in CMO CW with Jenna when they were 12.

    Looks like Gawhiler's daughter. Mom is D/COI OSA Int and dad does all the Celebrity Magazines. She's not in the S.O. though.

    the rest I don't recognize unless already tagged elsewhere.
  31. Smurf Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    Are you kidding? He's all over the freaking Internet. Google is your friend. Try "Kendrick.Moxon+crime"

    Kendrick Moxon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Moxon & Kobrin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Kendrick Moxon | Scientology Lies
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    Quick question. James Richardson is the same person that has been called "Buddy", correct? The man who tried to claim that Bunker intentionally hit him at CC years ago?

    Also, you said he is the son of Jim Richardson, a PI. I know a scientologist PI named Edwin Richardson, but not a Jim. Different person?

    THANKS BTW to you and Laura. Many of these people are not seen that often, but knowing the players can help. We mainly know the handlers, and we only see them because they are being punished or making amends for the most part.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    But there is a good reason; based on their position, these people are given responsibilities that relate to us. Knowing who the players are gives us information about their attempts to handle us.
  34. CantPickaName Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    To all the comments in this thread referring to some scilon as "a nice guy"

    let me remind you...everytime the news interviews neighbors of a serial killer they say "oh he was such a nice guy....never bothered anybody....."
  35. xenubarb Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    You never know if Scilons are "nice guys" or not. Whoever they're being at the time isn't them, it's just a valence.

    For instance, la Burpee. In SF, she was stalking around like some Gestapo fuck, filming us across the street with a grim expression fixed to her fugly mug.

    Then in LA, we see her capering for Smurf's camera. Not sure which valence I like less...but whatever. Apparently at the Big Event, she was told to be amiable and pleasant. They can turn on a dime and get all nasty and snarly, that's the training. It's not like their inner self is really there at all, nothing on the outside but Hubbard's mental conditioning.
  36. Optimisticate Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    Catching up on my reading, haven't been here much because of personal stuff, but OMFG I LOVE YOU GUYS. SoCal anons, please keep up the brilliant enturbulation as you are the experts on it!

    Excellent catch on the VM truck, the lights were my first concern too. Problem is, who would actually enforce laws if the VM's were to use the truck, with or without lights? From what I understand, it would actually be police or sheriff or anyone supposed to uphold laws in CA. Also, I think the residents of LRH Way are getting braver, and more fed up, and have the potential for massive wins against scientology.

    For a HUGE OMFG EVENT such as the 2nd breaking of the voyage cherry, 3-400 show up? Is that like the total population of scientology now?

    Good job to all involved (except scilons)! You all make me green with envy :)
  37. dt2000 Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    I am pretty sure that his dad is Edwin, I used him a couple of times when I was in the SO to track people down.
  38. Sponge Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    Lol, yeah, that crosses my mind everytime that kind of thing is said.

    "he was a nice guy........worked alongside Moxon and helped ruin peoples lives, encouraging acts of perjury etc.......but besides all that, he was a nice guy".
  39. Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    I cringe for my poor former neighbors. I have to say, living next to that atrocity was beyond agonizing. worst living situation I have ever had the misfortune of experiencing. I can't begin to imagine how vile it must be for non-culties living in clearwater. I'll call Mitch and see wtf happened - kinda sucks because the majority of my neighbors were older and foreign with profuse accents and not able to aptly express what a foul imposition the cult's "street soire's" truly are. I feel bad that the situation has deteriorated back to this.
  40. Anon Char Member

    Re: July 11, Big Blue, Los Angeles

    I LOL'D

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