Julian Assange What's next?

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Anonymous, Jun 8, 2012.

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    And a PhD in economics, to boot.
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    Just because the countries you guys live in or where born in are subjugated by the inane bullying of the USA don't take it out on the countries that actually have the balls to stand up the the big brother of the world stage,
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    There's nothing wrong with Venezuela, LOS. Hugo would probably welcome him, if Rafael does not.
  4. Anonymous Member

    It's pretty narrow-minded to blame everything all on the USA.
    seriously. It's a complex world out there.
  5. BTW that was me... fucking mouse.
    Si Si senor!
    He might be a tyrannical asshat regarding his free press/ free speech policies but damn, his attitude towards the tyrannical behavior of the USA is amazing. Just wish more countries had the balls to stand up to the USA.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Can we change the subject?
    Professors can be pretty amazing in the sack.
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  7. Yeah I know, but if you must know I have a bias since I was born in Ecuador.
  8. Anonymous Member

    I only blame the content of the Wikileaks cables and their repercussions on the US.
    Oh, yeah, and the drone murders in AfPak and Yemen
    The destruction of Iraq
    The destabilisation of Libya
    Learn to read something other than FauxNews
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  9. yeah but most attacks on our freedoms by most other countries can be traced back to pressure from the USA.
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  10. Tourniquet Member

    I knew that was you :) I tried to PM you, but I guess you have PMing disabled...

  11. Anonymous Member

    So, all the multitude of countries should not be held to considering taking responsibility as to how they conduct themselves, as far as the treatment of their own citizens and neighboring countries in the world? WHAT?
    You're very simple minded. Perhaps Venus Project would be appealing to you. You know, don't worry about your earthly problems, just plan a trip to Venus (which has never been travelled to) where we will make a perfect cartoon like community, and even though we haven't worked out how to get along with each other on earth, we will be perfect egoless, giving saints on planet Venus, and drink strawberry milkshakes flowing out of intergalactic waterfalls...
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  13. Anonymous Member

    White Man's Burden, eh?
    LOL 19th century retrograde asshole
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  14. Yes they should.
    Iwas just pointing out that the one to open the Pandora's box so to speak in situations like this is almost always the USA.

    Dont worry, I know that saying "you can take a horse to water but you cant make him drink it"pretty well.
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  15. See, that's a Pandora's Box O' shit if I've ever seen one.
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  16. Dawww.... Did I hit a nerve?
    You so cute when you're angry. Make up sex with you must be incredible.
    And unless you have lived in a "3rd world" country for a big chucnk of your life and have lived under the shadow of the USA's bullying
    you can go to fuck, SIR!
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  17. hey girly!
    Ive missed you! How you been sweetbuns?
  18. Oh and butthurt redneck hick Anon Poster.
    I was in Ecuador when the police tried to take over the government and tried to assasinate Correa and was there the subsequent 8 months.
    And I can tell you, you can learn alot about a person when they are backed into a corner.
    And well, ever since cablegate, the entire world stage has come to know what the past 10/20 years of American Government has been about and has seen what they are capable or doing when THEY are backed into a very embarrasing corner.
    Now you can kindly go back to your meth lab, having sex with your cousins or knocking up the local 12 y/o's.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    This is the cold truth of it.
  20. Anonymous Member

    The US is planning on extraditing him. They are already working on it. Besides, the CIA can waste him anywhere in the world.
  21. Rockyj Member

    First sorry, but I'm not really derailing & will get back to topic but just need to say to:
    LastOneStanding...WhazZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Up?
    Hey your still around too & I've missed so many of you!
    I've been busy concentrating my efforts on saving our country from becoming an Oligarchy & Plutocracy!
    But we lost so I'm back here ;-0

    I have missed WWP's dark/sarcastic humor BUT have to confess that I've made the mistake of applying this kind of humor (@times) in my own life & lost several friends & almost my life as a result!
    Fuck the friends...if they don't get it!

    RE: My life (just kidding about that) BUT...I did recently purchase a bumper sticker that says,
    "This is NOT Facebook I am NOT your Friend" and I almost got run off the road by a crazy lady in a white T-Bird. It was just like the T-Bird in the movie "American Graffiti".

    I am serious...I'm heading home from work driving 70 mph on Interstate 5 & she came up in my rear view mirror more likely to tailgate me to move over when she must have noticed my bumper sticker!
    She sped up to pass me and I noticed her shouting & her hand gesturing THUMB'S DOWN! She was driving right beside like this for some time & I just kept gesturing w/my palm up, like what the fuck is wrong with you? & twirling my finger...are you f-n loco? Because AT first I didn't know what she was so pissed about until I realized she's probably gesturing the "DISLIKE Thumbs Down" like on Facebook!
    She finally passed me and took the next exit (BTW to a CASINO) all the way shouting & then shaking her finger back & forth @ me!
    Geesh some people must be really touchy about their Facebook!

    Anyway, back to topic:

    Look, as a woman who works professionally in the violence against women field I get so pissed when people say Assange must be a rapist! Believe me I've research this story inside & out and what pisses me off the most is that these women who are accusing Assange of RAPE are truly making it HARDER on REAL victims of sexual violence to come forward!
    He was set up big time & YES stupid on his part, sorry but I will say his horny behaviors w/these women are more typical then not! PLUS if I was in his shoes I would be just as scared if the most powerful nation in the world was out to get me!

    I will leave just a few links for the asshats that won't let it go, as this has been spun (here) time & time again!
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  22. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Yes Viva the freedom loving people of Ecuador :)
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  23. Rockyj Member

    Opps after too many Mojitos I think this is where I meant post.

    US's Huffington Post title of article re: Assange is:
    But title of article from Australia is:
  24. hushpuppy Member

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  25. whosit Member

    watch Obama part 1 " "

    then feel free to watch how the nation reacted to that douchebag.
    " "

  26. whosit Member

    thx for letting me embed public domain youtube links. you rock
  27. whosit Member

    https: // www. youtube . com / watch ? v= hpPt7xGx4Xo
  28. Julian Assange must be protected. Ecuador is not bad, but it must never be forgotten, the country does not shy away from possibly hijacking... Wikileaks was a good project...
  29. Anonymous Member

    Explain, in proper English.
  30. Petition to the Ecuadorian President to give Assange asylum.

  31. I think this bitch hole means that if he goes to Ecuador the government there will try to take over maybe or take credit for WL? Perhaps? I dunno? I'm not good a deciphering stupid.
  32. Anonymous Member
  33. Herro Member

    Weird move. Only thing I can think is that Ecuador just sees this as a chance to stick their thumb in the eye of the US and Assange gets a bit more time to grandstand. Other possibility is that Ecuador makes it look like they're ready to offer asylum so they can turn around and try to extract some sort of diplomatic concession from Sweden in exchange for denying asylum. Other than that I don't really see what Ecuador gets out of this.
  34. Anonymous Member

    If you watch the interview Assange did with Correa, you can perhaps gain a little insight into why Correa would want to grant asylum to Assange.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Ecuador/Sweden relations are a hot bed of controversy.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    He grandstands. This does not change the fact that his life is in danger.
  37. Anonymous Member

    His T-shirt will sell more than Che Guevara's. Wait and see.
  38. Anonymous Member

  39. Herro Member

    I saw it. It was hilarious. All the talk about Correa's recent censorship efforts were particularly comedic. Softball questions followed by Assange saying, you know in this situation I think that you aggressively going after the press is ok- but it's bad everywhere else! I was impressed that Assange was willing to bring it up and then disapointed when he just rolled over like a little bitch. But it's not unexpected, if you want to continue to get big guests, it's usually a bad idea to grill them on your show.

    But really, this makes no sense if you look at it strictly from Correa's perspective. Despite enjoying high levels of support he still feels the need to aggressively censor media outlets and seek to replace independent media voices with state run channels. Having a state run media service isn't inherently a bad thing, but when you couple that with very aggressive efforts to push out other media voices, then you have a problem. So, anyways, Correa clearly does not mind throwing around governmental weight when it comes to controlling information and so this idea that he personally endorses what wikileaks does makes absolutely no sense on the face of it. Don't get me wrong, dude seems to have a great job with the country in many many ways- press freedom not so much.

    But it's not just Correa that's making the call here. It's him and his advisors and other government officials. So what do they gain from this? I'm still going with this is just a chance for them to thumb their nose at the US and Western Europe. It lets them look like they're being strong and standing up to the big bad old world powers- the kind of thing that they get elected on. I also honestly wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't receive asylum.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Uh, who owns the press, again?
    Your grade-school education is showing.

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