Julian Assange on 60 Minutes

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by anonforfreedom, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. Did anybody see that Julian assange went on 60 minutes on the 30th? What did you all think of what he said?
  2. Smurf Member

    It hasn't aired yet on the west coast... here's a preview.
  3. Herro Member

    The staff of 60 Minutes should all be arrested and tried for treason for not handing over that terrorist rapist slimeball.
  4. oh im on the east coast
  5. he cant be tried for treason because he isnt american, he isnt a terrorist anymore than some journalist in the new york times, and he isnt a rapist just because the condom he used split open
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  6. Herro Member

    A said the staff should be tried for treason. but then i wasn't being serious anyways.
  7. well thats a relief, that would be an argument nobody likes to get into
  8. Herro Member

    Julian Assange does suck donkey cock though. That's for real. And if he fucked a sleeping chick then he's a rapist too. Fuck knows whether that's true or not though.
  9. thers so much lies and propaganda nowadays who knows what is the truth.
  10. Herro Member

    Shit man, was there ever a time when that wasn't the case?
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  11. hmmm, i wouldn't put money on it, thats for sure.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Like how the British Government wants us to believe they're not secret Nazis using the killing of the disabled as a precursor for the Jews!
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  13. Unanimouse Member

    I feel like I just watched Julian Assange say "no comment" for 85 seconds.
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  14. it was unbelievably short wasn't it? And he really didn't say anything new, all he did was say that wikileaks isn't a terrorist group
  15. Snag Member

    Agreed. Semi colon smiley face
  16. Smurf Member

  17. exOT8Michael Member

    Good interview, he defended his work well, but he appeared leak proof. ;-)

    LOL @ C of S leaks mentioned at the beginning.
  18. AnonLover Member

    he was well prepped and kept the interviewer on target and toeing the line. very suave yet humble too - no signs whatsoever of his tendency to be flaky in longer interviews and no megalomaniac footbullets.

    9/10 - with an extra 2 points awarded cuz he made the seasoned journalist look stupid atleast twice.
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  19. yes, the journalist kept telling him that americans think he's a terrorist, but he didn't let the guy phase him
  20. Anonymous Member

    some parts of the interview seem to be missing though. It's not 60 minutes long and somewhere in part 3 the first part repeats itself.
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  21. thank you Anonyous!
  22. AnonLover Member

    those vids seem to cover all of the main story bits. there was a cable-related sidebar story or two that was trivial crap and took up a few minutes each, as well as opening blah blah and ending Andy Rooney segment + commercials that rounded out the hour.

    altho the overtime segment wasnt broadcast... and thks for posting that. that paints an entirely different picture, i didnt expect the journalist to say his views changed since the sparring match originally painted him as totally against wikileaks imo.
  23. /b/ackups on another account

  24. mojo Member

    no doubt his lawyers have told him to stfu and he decided to follow that advice.
  25. Anonymous Member

    In a Uk interview he said the 2 women he fucked in the same weekend "got into a bit of a tizzy" when they found out and were worried about potentially having contracted sexually transmitted diseases from him.

    An astonishingly, classless, arrogant, patronising remark.
  26. OhSah Member

    Julian Assange - Hero, Journalist, Activist - only known spreader of all three forms of Heptatitis - pull on Julians cock, get a surprise disease!
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  27. Anonymous Member

    From an astonishingly classless, arrogant, patronising prick. Lovely herro to have. Hey Herro see what I did there? :p
  28. Warhawk57 Member

    the journalist that interviewed Assange kinda came off as a prick in the interview. But the overtime episode he made up for it. Maybe he was trying to give Americans a sense of hardball with the man that stirs up stuff. This was a good choice interiew
  29. Anonymous Member

    I didn't get that impression. Seemed to me like he was just asking him to defend against hearsay and certain gossip. In fact, I love the way he challenged him to answer truthfully, which is how journalists should act while doing an interview. And in this case, it lets us know just how ready Assange is to answer any question, or if he's going to dodge certain questions or lie about them. But I think Assange also did a very good job of answering, so all in all I think it worked out quite well.
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  30. I feel like that interview jumped around all the points where Assange said something to the effect of "You fucking simp." When the interviewer asked why an organization that sought to end government secrecy was itself secretive, and implied that that was hypocritical, I felt like I was in a fourth grade debate class again. You're halfway into the interview and you're still treating Wikileaks as if it were some collaboration of /b/tards whose only goal is to be a prick? The point is clearly made in all wikileaks literature that if any intention is made with the posting of leaked material, it is that corruption be exposed. This question was akin to saying "well the US government wears socks, and so do you!!!"

    Fucking sad that this is considered hard journalism.

    Up next, NBC will talk about the Iraq-Afghanistan wars as if they were football games, that is if they don't ignore them altogether.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Does anyone have any idea what angle Sweeney's Wikileaks Panorama docu is taking next week?
  32. mojo Member

  33. Anonymous Member

    did anyone else know that the lead prosecutor for Sweden is a hard core feminist who would (in my own words) "cutoff every dick in the world"
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Lorena Bobbitt is not Swedish, as far as I know.
  35. I'm an American and i don't think he's a terrorist.
  36. Kilia Member

    Same to you, Herro, slimeball.
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  37. Snag Member

    I second that motion and move to elect a new representative for the freethinkers of America.
    Semi colon smiley face.
  38. dude... don't feed the troll fire..... :::rolls eyes:::
  39. wakeupmuman Member

    dudes one question why the fuck is the liberal media all on one side against free speech all of a sudden and hicks like sara palin who have become reality TV puppets are publised in their fanatical views about a man who is trying to enlighten people about the truth tht thier government is hiding from them ...... ordinary folks atleast most of the once i know just wanna mind their own business and not wanna screw around other countires problems ..... and when stupid news about the horrific acts come out the same ppl turn a deaf ear to it Y? seriously Y Da FuK?
  40. wakeupmuman Member

    why do we not wanna hear the truth ...... fuck a girl at night when ur drunk but u wanna leave at the break of dawn without looking at her face,...... its the same thing ..... powerful nations wanna fuck around with third world countries when its to their advantage and by any means necessary but when the time to face the means used .... its a matter of national whore mother fuckin security .... fuck them TV journalists...... sad jew puppets

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