Julian Assange is in danger!

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Anonymous, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    See. Releasing something like that is just wrong. It's voyeuristic and exploitative. Kids got killed by bombs dropped from planes? Well no shit. It sucks and it's horrible and all that, but we know it happens. Releasing a video of it doesn't tell us anything we don't already know. All you're doing is making a spectacle of their deaths. It's shit like this that makes me want the Pentagon to successfully hunt this douche down.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    'cos what you said was so true wrt the collateral murder video. That was just voyerism, no news value at all, certainly nothing educational which might cause disgust amongst the people in who's names the killing of innocents took place.
  3. moose Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    so i assume you don't read newspapers or watch the news because it is 'voyeuristic and exploitative'?
    (it's only 'voyeuristic and exploitative' if you fap to it, you sick fuck...).
    Everything you just said is wrong. just wrong.
  4. Relyt Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    It isn't to show that "shit happens in war", it's to show that the U.S. military is committing war crimes by deliberately murdering civilians as per commanders' orders. Does that not bother you in the least? This isn't "casualties of war" we're talking about here. It's soldiers killing civilians because they were told to do so.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

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    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    Reading trough Cryptome makes me wonder who this wikileaks inside source might be.

    Possible that Assange doesn't have the time to do his travel expenses. So what? In any case we need many Wikileaks.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    Not who exactly - don't get me wrong. I see cryptome for the first time, and anybody can call himself wikileaks insider. The figure could be dreamt up and that travel expenses are not done correctly is a disease of many start ups. And this one is very special. It could be a matter of security to not document some expenses. In cold war times for example sales men who sold into eastern countries used to hold two passports. And they spent quite some money on bribe. All this used to be legal. And no IRS wanted a receipt. It was enough to testify.

    If this inside source has any real accusation to Assange than the source should express himself. Right now it sounds like gossip to me.

    Wikileaks has to find a secure place from where it can operate. Then it has the possibility to become a bolts and nuts ngo. Still, when they have that, there have to grow many more Wikileaks. One is too vulnerable.

    Wikileaks does a good job. Some organisations who wish to cover their criminal activities do not think so. They work on destroying it. Which side to help?
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    How do we know this is a legitimate insider? To be frank, this looks like so much dead agenting to me.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    Isn't it obvious?
  12. Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    The posts about WikiLeaks on Cryptome amounts to blatant tinfoil speculation.

    Untill that so called insider proves himself some how (try leaking something maybe? :p) then that insiders opinion is worth the same as some OCBM ramblings.

    WikiLeaks IS not transparent.
    A WikiLeaks source has to date NEVER been compromised by WikiLeaks.
    The "Insider" has provided nothing to prove him/her self.
    WikiLeaks HAVE caused international debate and controversy, Cryptome has not.
  13. Relyt Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    What a load of horseshit. Anyone who simply goes to Collateral Murder can see for themselves that there is the edited version as well as the FULL UNEDITED RAW VIDEO from the time the incident began to when it ended. I wonder how much these people are being paid to outright lie like this. Or if they're just doing it to cover their asses.
  14. Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    It's not full of horseshit, WikiLeaks did edit the video to further their stated goal of maximizing the impact of the leak.

    They also released the full video, yes, but the focus was directed at the edited video, and the full video was there as an aside.
  15. One0fMany Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    We have bombs and missiles that are so extremely accurate that the operator can pick which window in the building it goes through, and you're going to chalk something like that up to "shit happens?"

  16. Relyt Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    Yeah, soldiers kill innocent civilians on purpose all the time, shit happens. As long as it's not happening in my neighborhood, that is.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    you're confusing accuracy with precision.

    Current technology gives us very precise targeting, yes.
    We can choose a window on a building.

    But what we never know for sure is- what is on the other side of the window.
    The guesses ultimately come down to fallible human decision-making, and so even the most advanced weaponry eventually hits a wall of maximal accuracy in neutralizing the target [dangerous terrorists].

    Remote operations make things more complex-
    because the operators are relatively safe in their location
    tactical errors in targeting don't have visceral and palpable consequences.

    On the battlefield, if you shoot a non-combatant by mistake, you've just announced your position to all the nearby combatants and wasted a shot that might cost you your life.

    Soldiers on the ground are bound by ethical and moral standards, sure. But in a firefight your chief concern is usually staying alive. In some cases Self Defense may cause errors that result in increased civilian casualties, but in most cases if there hostiles around you want to be DAMN sure you get them. Shooting the wrong people means you didn't get the hostiles and may well mean you're fucked.

    Remote operators don't have this problem. Shooting the wrong guys doesn't put you in danger of anything but (maybe) a reprimand or (unlikely) a court martial. Ethics move from the pragmatic to the theoretical, and this is a very dangerous direction, IMNSHO.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    Some people ITT should really watch the video before posting. Better to be knowledgable about the context in which comments are being made.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    What the hell are you talking about? And even in a situation like that I think it's wrong to release the unedited video. However at the same time, people should be made aware that it happened. I would also want context.

    What do you think happens when a 2000lb bomb goes through a window?
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    It's a factual statement, which would likely be mis-read by anyone not knowing otherwise to indicate the full video was not released alongside the edited version. Whether this was accidental or deliberate and very clever, is unknowable.

    In any event, this comment from another 'insider' post
    Contradicts both evidence (see Salon article) and any reasonable test of credulity.

    I think it is most likely a deliberate EXTERNAL attempt to discredit Wikileaks generally - why would a Wikileaks insider seek to discredit Manning in this way - the (probable) source of their best material to date - even *IF* one accepted the comments about Assange.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    Foreign Correspondent (ABC Australia) is doing a programme tonight about this sort of thing -

    USA/Iceland - Truth or Dare - Foreign Correspondent - ABC

    I am looking forward to watching it
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    Amazing you can judge a video via psychic ability. Have a feeling the families of those kids might take exception to your myopic view.
  23. Goosh Goosh Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    like that has ever stopped the government before

  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    Has anyone bothered to ask those families? That's the point.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    WikiLeaks and Julian Paul Assange : The New Yorker
  26. Anonymous Member

  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    If the government had released these videos like they said they would, they wouldn't have to worry about wikileaks. They are their own worst enemy.

    If you don't want to watch these videos because you think they are exploitative or you have other reasons, then don't. (its really that simple)
  29. Random guy Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

  30. moose Member

  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    propaganda works and helps cia
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    Cryptome was leaking while AssHATange was still in short pants.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    Its like the rivalry between Anon and OG.

    Most from the Cryptome era are supportive and grateful for the efforts of WL.
    Some are jellis and butthurt. And vice-versa. WL kids don't always show proper respect for their elders.

    pic related:

  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange denies rape allegations | Media |

    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange denies rape allegations

    Swedish prosecutors withdraw arrest warrant, saying accusations against 39-year-old lacked substance

    * Reddit
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    * Tweet this (39)

    * Caroline Davies and agencies
    *, Sunday 22 August 2010 13.22 BST
    * Article history

    Julian Assange Julian Assange has denied allegations of rape. Photograph: Linda Nylind/Guardian

    Julian Assange, the secretive founder of the whistle-blowing WikiLeaks website, has today denied allegations of rape and sexual molestation and insisted he has never had non-consensual sex.

    The 39-year-old Australian – whose website was behind the biggest leak of US military documents in history – was the subject of a Swedish arrest warrant on Friday after separate complaints made by two women.

    But prosecutors withdrew the warrant to arrest him on suspicion of rape within 24 hours, saying the accusations against him lacked substance.

    In a brief statement, the chief prosecutor, Eva Finne, said: "I don't think there is reason to suspect that he has committed rape".

    Karin Rosander, from the Swedish Prosecution Authority, said Assange, believed to be in Sweden, remained suspected of molestation – a less serious charge that would not lead to an arrest warrant.

    "The prosecutor hasn't made a decision [on that count]. The investigation continues," she said.

    Assange responded to news of the warrant through WikiLeaks' Twitter page, saying: "The charges are without basis and their issue at this moment is deeply disturbing."

    The claims come as WikiLeaks prepares to release a new batch of 15,000 classified US documents related to the Adghanistan war. The Pentagon has claimed the documents could endanger US soldiers and their Afghan helpers.

    Assange has been in Sweden seeking international legal protection for his website under Swedish law after WikiLeaks previously published 90,000 leaked documents about US military activities in Afghanistan covering from 2004-2010.

    The Pentagon has demanded that WikiLeaks returns all the leaked documents and removes them from the internet.

    Assange's supporters claim he is the victim of a smear campaign.

    The Swedish Aftonbladet newspaper quoted him as saying he had not had sex with anyone in a way that wasn't consensual.

    The allegations had damaged the site because "WikiLeaks' enemies will keep trumpeting things even after they have been denied", he was quoted as saying.

    He said he did not know the reasons behind the allegations but added that he had "been warned that, for example, the Pentagon plans to use dirty tricks to spoil things for [WikiLeaks]".

    At the time of the warrant, police said Assange was wanted for raping a woman in Stockholm last weekend and sexually assaulting another woman in the town of Enkoping, 40 miles from the capital, three days later.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

  36. Kilia Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    They tried to discredit him to get rid of it working for you?

    ....not for me.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Julian Assange is in danger!

    Has someone started a hooker fund for Assange yet? That man deserves something for all this trouble.

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