Julian Assange given bail!!!

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by NextGenPirate, Dec 14, 2010.

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    Re: Julian Assange given bail!!!

    In the UK he isnt facing any charges, its all about the swedish extradition case, if a foreign nation claims someone in the UK is a criminal and requests their incarceration until an extradition hearing then thats exactly what happens.

    The day he was arrested his lawyer was on the Richard "Where has my septum gone?" Bacon show on BBC 5Live, in fact the lawyer had to leave early because Bacon told him the police were looking to inverview Assange, so he had to leave to go witness Assange handing himself in.

    Lawyerguy had to refute the Rape claims 15-20 times in the 35 minutes he was on the show, which has since been downgraded to "unspecified sex offences" on the BBC but FauxLite and Idiot's Television are still pushing the Rape angle.

    Bacon even said it himself, if the Daily Mail is the source the police are working from then the alleged crime will be a lot less than they claim.

    In my uneducated opinion the swedish case is a wash, the real power behind this push for his extradition is the United States, they need him locked up until the US law can be changed to allow for his extradition, the espionage law as it stands if enacted the way Mrs Cuckold-Clinton wants it to be will make everyone a criminal, so much for the First Amendment.

    (i was going to add a link to the podcast of the show of 7th december, but the interview with Mr Assange's lawyer seems to have been edited out)
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    Re: Julian Assange given bail!!!

    Im swedish so I might shed some light on this...
    We have had a history of failed rape charges and there HAS been patriarcal abuse and perspective on female rape victims. This has risen an awareness and that awareness might right now be taken advantage of in order to limit the freedom and mobility of JA. Or he is a sexist bastard who deserves punishment. I dunno. Neither do you, Wikileaks is bigger than one person. So is Anonymous. JA is not my personal army.
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    Re: Julian Assange given bail!!!

    Yes he is actually a leaderfag who behaves like a 4channer sexwise

    Huhhuhuh I am gonna stick my boner into a sleeping Vagoo without a rubber cause she can't say no like yesterday hurr durr derp
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    Re: Julian Assange given bail!!!

    They sure have a way with words don't they.
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