[Jul 9, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Washington D.C., DC)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by 3rdMan, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. 3rdMan Member

    July 9th Thread.

    Weather hasn't been too bad so far. So I'm recommending 4pm to 8pm as a suggestion. Any DC fags have a better idea, feel free to chime in and I can change the date and time.

    Note, there is no DC-site thread on this on the account that the Washington DC forum has been dead for over a month now. So I'm starting DC faggotry threads here from now on.
  2. MrAnonization Member

    Can we do 1pm-5pm cause i doubt i can pull a raid at that late timing
    Date is PERFECT though but i hopping to change time so i can make it, and bring all my gear
  3. 3rdMan Member

    I am greatly concerned about the heat, which is because I recommended later afternoon. It ain't fun sweat-soaking my shirt and showing my man titties to the public. But if Anons are willing to brave the heat, then can do. Will check weather conditions but okay, gonna change the time.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Yeah man but it's a dry heat!
  5. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Maybe, 2 shifts? Do folks want to sign up for a 1 to 5 and a 5 to 8 PM?

    It would be nice to let the cult know they are loved :)

    Maybe an overlap?
  6. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Just want to be helpful for you guys and keep the peace :)
  7. 3rdMan Member

    Neva protest alone in front of that org. Always have a wingman. ;)
  8. MrAnonization Member

    What if we have people come at there chosen time, like we go 1pm-8pm, and if needed if it seems like it would be dead that day we would know earlier
  9. 3rdMan Member

    Might work. Depends on what other Anons RSVP.
  10. MrAnonization Member

    Can someone tell me if they are coming at 1pm so i know i wont be alone. Cause obviously going alone = BAD IDEA so someone coming at 1pm too?
  11. 3rdMan Member

    I changed the time to 1pm. So I will be there as well. I'll PM Sparrow to find out if he and/or RP will be joining us.
  12. MrAnonization Member

    Okay good, normal place right? In front of the Scilons building??
  13. 3rdMan Member

    Yep, at the Idle Morgue.
  14. Mahluhu Member

    the address given is the scientology building, right?
  15. 3rdMan Member

    Yes, its their "Ideal Org." The one Kim Bellote claims she has over 90 staff working there, which is odd considering everytime we show up there is no more than 4-6. Wierd. Welcome!
  16. Mahluhu Member

    k thanks. I'm new to this, so bear with me if i say something stupid.
  17. 3rdMan Member

    Basic Introduction from my experience:
    1) Anonymous is a wide and diverse cultural phenomenon that includes a lot of satire and profanity, as well as general jeering and jiving towards each other. So make sure you skin is thick (metaphorically) to deal with the social dynamics on WWP. Its kinda commonplace here.

    2) The protests at the DC Org are generally what is expected of a legal and civil demonstration. Signs, chants, and music are included. We tend to have a lighthearted party-like approach that helps maintain a our enjoyment of these protests, and also to dispel any claims that we are "dangerous cyber terrorists," like Scientology and the sensationalist media have been going on about.

    3) Regarding protests: Scientology as an organization and religion hates anyone who reveals, questions, or criticizes their policies and belief system. So while we might be civil and legal, Scientology does not let that stop them from pulling nasty shit on protesters. Many times this involves lying to the police to get Anons dox'd or in trouble, confronting Anons directly in an "in-your-face" manner, and very rarely, physically attack Anons. We have had three physical assaults against members of our cell over the course of 3 years, FYI.

    4) Filming protests is essential. One Anon should always be present with a video camera, no exceptions. This is necessary to film possibly bizarre and illegal conduct by Scientology "handlers" or OSA, but also to have video taped evidence of our conduct in case Scientology's legal team goes after one or more protesters; or even if a protester breaks the law and thus the police can differentiate between the civil protesters and not-so-civil. Read about AnonSparrow on this forum. His videos saved his ass in the legal arena.

    5) Bring a mask and a backup mask as well. Dust-masks and surgical-masks are great as backup in case you loose yours or if it breaks. Its generally not a good idea to remove your mask in front of the org. If you can, modify your mask so you can drink from a straw in case your thirsty. It also gets hot during the summer so consider wearing cloth-masks so your face isn't swimming in sweat. :p

    6) Regarding masks, we wear them because OSA is filming us at all times to try and get our identity. Research what OSA has done to their critics if you want a good idea of how bigoted they can get.

    7) Individual responsibility is a key feature in this part of the Anonymous culture. Your conduct is your conduct alone. There are no official rules in Anonymous. There are no leaders. What one Anon would do is not necessarily the responsibility of other Anons. So if you do something illegal, your most likely on your own. Then again its not hard to obey the law so nothing to agonize about. ;) Though from recent events, if your being victimized unjustly by Scientologists or the legal system, its a fair bet Anons will come to your aid by principle. We did so for Sparrow.

    Hope this serves as a thorough introduction.

    If you have any further questions, learn quickly to lurk moar (also know as, do research, do research, do more research :) )
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  18. MaidOfWin Member

    I will be there, will try to do 1-5. Just, everyone, bring at least 3 times the amount of water/juice/whatever that you think you will possibly need. Afternoons in July in DC are not a walk in the park, and no, it's not a dry heat. I'll contribute a 12-pack of lukewarm Coke or something but that might not be enough.

    (There is also a CVS a block away where you can buy many delicious cold beverages, but I once walked out of there unmasked right into Vicki the Scilon, who may or may not have gotten my face on her cameraphone, so you have been warned.)

    I believe that some embassies still classify DC assignments as "tropical" due to the ridiculous humidity.
  19. Anonymous Member

    just a note. soda will dehyrdate you, and any caffeine. Sugar will burn you out quick. Water water water and something salty or with potassium (bananas). The salt is just as important as the water.
  20. MaidOfWin Member

    I know the debate around caffeinated drinks and their diuretic properties. (Coke offer based on what's sitting next to my fridge right now.) I think it's important to get any liquid at all into you when it's DC-in-July hot, but water is still definitely the best. The CVS down the block has a solid wall of refrigerated beverages so it's not the end of the world if you don't bring anything, just don't pass out flat on the sidewalk like HubbardTelescope did that one time.
  21. MrAnonization Member

    Shall the mailman bring his bag of goodies? XD
  22. MaidOfWin Member

  23. MrAnonization Member

    *Walks outside in DC* Meh doesn't seem to bad. Just gotta be prepared. Hey i'm ballzy enough to come there in a full suit. :3
  24. 3rdMan Member

    Wow, 4 RSVPs! Doubling participation, lol.
  25. MrAnonization Member

    Don't get your hopes to high. remember how a couple times there was almost nobody even though we had a few RSVP's
  26. 3rdMan Member

    If faggots fail to show, they won't get to see Sparrow in all his glory. Incentive given. :D
  27. MrAnonization Member

    Indeed XD, Any chance i could get some money back help when i goto get snacks i don't have a lot of money and getting a little back would be nice.
  28. MaidOfWin Member

    Absolutely, just remind us at the raid. We used to pass the hat fairly often when more people showed.
  29. anonsparrow Member

    FYI, the first and most important OT Summit Event takes place on this day (Sat. July 9th) but doesn't start until 5:30 or so. It will last until 9:30 or so.

    If anyone can hang in a bit longer to catch the incoming public that would be great! They will have the most people attending this first event. It's considered the most important and will have to do with all of the IAS "wins" around the world.
  30. 3rdMan Member

    Darnit, this after we changed raid time. Sparrow, if u and RP intend to be raiding the event I will show for 5:30pm so we will have 3 anons out there from early aft noon and throughout the event. Else I don't think there will be Anons for that event.
  31. I was going to come down to DC today just to sight-see and maybe stop by the org to give them the finger for a few minutes, but if that is going on I'll try to come down on the 9th.
  32. 3rdMan Member

    The finger? Just show them a picture of Hubbard during his last years. ;)
  33. Anonymous Member

    or ... something much more suble

  34. anoncaek Member

    NCfag here srsly considering taking the drive up for this.

    Soooo, that means i has questions for DCfags.
    1. I believe masks are allowed, correct?
    2. How aggressive are your scis, will they tail anons leaving the raid?
    3. Any other protests laws I should be aware of regarding music/chalk, etc.?
    4. Meetup is AT the idle org? And are they still using that other building, I might go have a peek at them too.
    5. ???
    6. Profit.
  35. 3rdMan Member

    1. Yes
    2. Most aggressive I have seen is Vicki who likes to get up close, along with intimidating minors by reminding them they know where they live.
    3. "White chalk only" or so says Mr. Policeman. Musics always allowed.
    4. At the Idle Org, of course.
    5. & 6. are right out.
  36. 3rdMan Member

    Okay so last call. Who is doing 1 to 5 and who is doing 5 to 9? Also note, I have a Nikon Coolpix L120 DSLR. So if we need a quality camera for filming, we got it.
  37. anoncaek Member

    I'll be there at about 1-2 (depends on how early I'm willing to get up) providing that other anons say they will be there at 1. I'm also willing to stay past 5 for a few extra hours, no reason to make a long drive for a short protest. I want to bring some form of caek, but i'm still working on how im gonna do that. I might also bring musics, if i can carry it with everything else.
  38. 3rdMan Member

    We usually have an Ipod of some sort and what we call the "troll canon," which is a totally awesome one-way speaker. So bringing a speaker won't be necessary. As for music, think "Lulz - A Corruption of lol" soundtracks and expand on that.
    As for cake, i'd advice getting a cake that fits into a cooler. Nothing too big there is no way we can all finish it (I vote chocolate btw if that matters). Make sure you bring paper plates, plastic forks and knives too.
  39. Mahluhu Member

    Fuck, I can't go anymore. somebody tape it please?
  40. Mahluhu Member

    But as for music, how about Rush's "Freewill?"

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