[Jul 9, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (San Francisco, CA)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by PSKL, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. PSKL Member

    The 7th Annual Mood Disorders Education Day, hosted by Stanford University, is July 24, 2011, and I was wondering whether any other members of Anon might be interested in helping organize a rally. Mood disorder education seems like a cause a number of Anon members might want to help advocate, since

    1) it's tangentially related to the Anti-Scientology campaign in that mood disorders typically require psychiatric intervention and

    2) it's my suspicion that a number of Anon members might be afflicted with mood disorders (observation--not a critique...hey, I've got one too).
  2. Anonymous Member

    I am bi-polar, and I approve this message.

    Srsly, I think raiding this event would be an excellent opportunity to educate the public. By July we should have some more excellent info from the panel being headed up by Dr. Steve Wiseman at the APA meeting in Hawaii next month.
  3. PSKL Member

    Turns out, the date hasn't been picked yet. I assumed it was July 24, since they call it the ANNUAL Mood Disorders Education DAY. Let's keep an eye out for when the actual date is.
  4. PSKL Member

  5. PSKL Member

    UPDATE: The Mood Disorders Education Day has been scheduled for Saturday, November 9, and the new location for the Dianetics Foundation is 701 Montgomery Street, SF. The Dianetics seminar on Saturday is 9 a.m.
  6. pip3lin3 Member

    mayhaps i am missing a crucial piece of info...if these guise are on our side, why would we raid them? im interested.
  7. Anonymous Member

    If you read the OP, you'll learn that a rally (raid) in support is being suggested.
  8. pip3lin3 Member

    Aha! I see that now! thank you!
  9. sarel riyahn Member

    I am a tad confused. Raid is July 9th against scifags, yes? If so, will be there with 2 or more.
  10. skeptic2girl Member

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  11. sarel riyahn Member

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  12. skeptic2girl Member

  13. enthaeon Member

    New fag, here. I'm currently expanding my knowledge of $cilons and their opposition to psychiatry, psychology, etc. Just wondering if OP or anyone else have a "must read" article/source on the matter?
  14. skeptic2girl Member

    yes, lawrence wright's new yorker article, "The Apostate"

    also, go to's main page -- it's a treasure trove!
    tons of vids and dox and also free reads online like Bare-Faced Messiah and others...
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  15. enthaeon Member

    kthx I'm on it. any items/resources needed for the party?
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  16. moarxenu Member

    Welcome newfag! One must read article is Scientology's War on Psychiatry by Katharine Miezkowski. Here is her conclusion:

    But you don't have to rely on critics to show that Scientology's attack on psychiatry is part of the church's crusade to rule society.

    In 1995, David Miscavige, the church's current leader, addressed the International Association of Scientologists in Copenhagen. He told the faithful that the church had two goals as the new millennium approached, dutifully noted by International Scientology News:

    "Objective one - place Scientology at the absolute center of society.

    Objective two - eliminate psychiatry in all its forms."

    That is worth memorizing.

    The other thing I strongly recommend is reading William Burke's blog Ask The Scientologist. He is an ex and the sharpest analyst of Scientology around. He wants people to ask lots of questions. He will answer anything. When people stop asking questions he posts a new question thread to encourage moar.

    Some classics:

    Conversation with a Scientologist

    Why doesn't Scientology work?

    Why do Scientologists believe?

    Scientology Control

    Four part series on Thought Control: 1, 2, 3, 4
  17. skeptic2girl Member


    also, go to youtube and look up "The Unfunny Truth About Scientology"
    It's a big gruesome, but it's truthful and DEFINITELY addresses the psych question
    excellent links, Moar!!

    re: raids ---

    I'm not sure what's going on with the one posted here; when I started to go to raids in the Bay Area, I searched out SF Chanology. It's pretty much Bay Area Raid Central.

    Bring a mask and water. We have plenty of signs. It doesn't have to be a Guy Fawkes mask, but that's the most fun one to have! ;) Any mask will do - bandanas work also for covering bottom half of face.

    Again, I'm not sure about the July 9th one here -- check out July 16th in SF under events: we're having a NO HOMO (novis) raid at 6pm
  18. enthaeon Member

    thx troops. getting learnt atm. i will be at July 9th & 16th raids undoubtedly.
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  19. moarxenu Member


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  20. enthaeon Member

    The sauces are strong. Had to throw my logic in the trash can halfway through just wrap my head around all of it.
  21. skeptic2girl Member

    one last time: if you want to help out max attendance, pls. join sf chanology (links are in various places in this thread) and hook up with some fags who know how it's done
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  22. enthaeon Member

    See you fags out there
  23. Robocat Member

    Oh you.
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