[Jul 9, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Chicago, USA)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Strong Strength, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Can't stop free speech in Chicago


    This is the place to be for the planning and discussion of Chicago's monthly Scientology protest in July 2011. Feel free to work details out, ask questions, and so forth.

    Bring: a drink, weather-appropriate gear, a mask or disguise if you roll that way, and a cool head. Signs and fliers will be provided, or you can use your own. Other stuff like cameras, yummies, etc. are a bonus.

    Note on the address: the Scientology building is actually located at 3011 N. Lincoln Ave., not 3017. I just had to punch in the latter so that the map would show the correct spot.

    Newcomers welcome. Have fun!
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  2. So what's it gonna be this week, ladies and gents? I'd expect the usual routine of holding the stuff on the 2nd Saturday of the month (July 9th) should be a given.

    I think last month's plan worked out well. Holding the main event at the org from 11-2 gets us good visibility and helps ensure that their lunch crew sees us. Hopefully we should have a decent turnout for that. Then, for anyone who's interested, there's plenty of time to recharge for a small Millennium Park demonstration starting at 4 p.m. I know there's at least 1 other person who's down for that, so hey, that's 2 more than nobody.

    Should we just push the reset button for this month? Same plan?
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  3. Paladin Member

    I hope to see more Anons at the org this month. We would like to have a group at the front entrance on Lincoln Ave. and another group at the back entrance on Southport Ave.. Some of their staff members are using the back entrance to avoid seeing us during their lunch and smoke breaks. We tried this last month but we only had 4 Anons to cover both doors. We need more people for better safety and visibility.
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  4. Darth Xander Member

    Same plan as far as I'm concerned. And I second Paladin's call for more Anons at the Org to allow for coverage of both entrances. In the hour I was in the back at the last raid I engaged almost all the higher ups as the back door opens right into a little office area. Another plus is the fact that, unlike in the front, the sidewalk goes right up to the door. At one point Rebecca kept peaking out the door looking for someone. Because you can stand pretty much right up to the door, I was able to engage her in some conversation in a normal tone. Also, they keep the door locked to keep riff raff like me out. This means staff have to come up and knock on the door to get in, affording any Anon an extra couple of seconds to try and talk to them.

    Drug table in May. Wampa in June. Can't wait to see what's in store for us in July!
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  5. anonymous612 Member

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  6. Darth Xander Member

    I have to admit I would be seriously impressed by that.

    See you soon Six. A darthness is spreading over Clearwater...
  7. Why would they bother going on full lockdown with the doors? Do they actually think one of us would try go to in there?

    If only they could learn to trust, like L. Ron said, then we could have a peaceful world.
  8. BTW, I love how the Scientologists run around for years telling the police and us that masks are illegal, they shouldn't be worn because there are kids around, blah blah. Then after they completely fail at getting people to demask, a guy claiming to be a Scientologist shows up wearing one.

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  9. Darth Xander Member

    I also love that they say the masks scare children when a majority of the kids we encounter seem to get a kick out of them. I can't recall a single kid looking scared. Bewildered maybe, but never scared or afraid. They certainly don't run away from us like the Sea Orgers down at Flag do whenever an Anon shows up.

    Then again, there was that time Paladin flipped up his mask. I think that little kid is still running.
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  10. Paladin Member

    That was no "kid". That was Xenu! You know those space aliens are only about 4 feet tall.
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  11. Hey, we had a new person RSVP ninja-style! Welcome, whoever you are.

    BTW, there should be 1 more person who hasn't RSVP'd but will be at Millennium Park (I think). So count an imaginary +1 person up there.
  12. Darth Xander Member

    Yeah, that's great. But where is THE DRA?
  13. anonymous612 Member

    We can start calling the state Floridra if it gets you here more often.
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  14. Paladin Member

    I think you would have to name your state after Xander. Something like, Floridarth.
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  15. Dra Member

    LOL! It's doubtful that I will be able to make it... but if things get cancelled I will be there! (I am keeping my fingers crossed.)

    I would send cookies in my absence if I could!!

    Maybe if I send you guys cookies he'll show up ;)
  16. anonymous612 Member

    It's a little known fact that Floridra is actually from the spanish term Florixandra, meaning Land Where Xander Should Spend More Time.
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  17. Darth Xander Member

    Very funny Six. I will see you in four short days! Sea Orgers will scatter. Records will be set.

    Missing another month Dra? But the wampa....
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  18. Paladin Member

    Maybe you could put the cookies in a box and mail them to the Chicago org. You could mark the box "PLEASE HOLD FOR ANONYMOUS. THEY ARE COMING JULY 9TH" :)

    Just kidding, of course. We know they would freak out if we mailed anything to them.
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  19. anonymous612 Member

    They won't last. You should make plans to come back and reset them in August. Otherwise I'll just have to have Sparrow come down and challenge them...
  20. Dra Member

    I know! It's killing me being all responsible....

    LOL! They would definitely freak & call the cops...
  21. Darth Xander Member

    The wampa will not be pleased.

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  22. Dra Member

    Be worried if he starts calling you George...
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  23. Glaiveadder Member

    Hey guys. Pretty knowledgeable anon here. Have done lots of reading/research on Scientology and actually went through their little "tour" at their one of their bigger churches in new york while i was on vacation. Was pretty crazy, I ended up getting all the way to a high-profile executive before I blew my cover. Anyway I live in Chicago, and have never been to a protest. Considering going to this as my first one.

    Oh btw, guy in my avatar is the scientologist who was telling me I would be suicidal according to my oxford personality test if I didn't become a scientologist. Good selling point huh? His name is Hugo Salazar.
  24. Darth Xander Member

    Welcome Glaiveadder! Come on down to the Org. We'd love to have you. Never been a better time to start raiding as things are heating up. A real life handler showed up for the first time at last month's raid. So cool.
  25. For the first time? Snap, I think you just dissed the efforts of Domenic, Jay, and Marla over the past few years. They don't even qualify for handler status in your book. ogeyoj.gif

    It's true, bro, turning away from Scientology would be stupid. Really stupid.
    (Listen through 20 seconds of this video.)

  26. Darth Xander Member

    Yeah, I know. I guess it all depends on how you define a handler. I said that cuz he showed up in a mask and stalked us the whole time we were out there (well, I think most of the time). Those others stalked us in little bursts of stalking.
  27. I'm a YouTube blogger covering the connection between Co$ and Nation of Islam here in Chicago. Follow the money, they tell me. Some of Farrakhan's dough leads all the way back to Col. Gaddafi. All things being connected in a closed loop, how is NOI paying to train up over 800 new Dianetics "auditors" by it's own count? Do you see that kind of disposable income on 75th & Cottage Grove? Interested in hearing how Flag members explain that way. Also interested in learning if there are any RDF residents at the Chicago base. Will see you guys on the 9th for sure. Let me know when you'll be at Millennium Park next, also.
  28. Ooops, forgot to follow this thread. Here we go.
  29. Hey, SideburnDude. Refresh my memory on what the RDF is again?

    And sorry if I didn't make it clear - a couple of us are gonna be at Millennium Park on the 9th as a follow-up to the main event at the org. It's a double feature again this month, at least for 2 people. Let me copy and paste what look to be the plans this time around:


    Event One: Scientology building, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Show up, have fun, get photographed by creepy Scientologists, watch them fail at calling the cops on us while hiding behind their posters. Their building is in the Lakeview section of Chicago, at 3011 N. Lincoln Ave., near a 6-way intersection.


    Event Two: Millennium Park, 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. Hang out, educate the public, have fun in one of the most beautiful big-city parks in the world, right in the heart of downtown Chicago. Our usual spot is at the intersection of Michigan Ave. & Madison St., at the western edge of the park.


    You aren't expected to go to both events, but you certainly can if you wish.
  30. That was a typo. Meant to say RPF - Rehabilitation Project Force. Thanks for clarifying. Will have more information on my YouTube channel when we talk, but I've posted videos from about a year ago on the Lisa McPherson anniversary (and we've seen each other at other demos and marches). Thanks again.
  31. Darth Xander Member

    Forgive my intransigence. Would you mind linking to some of your vids?

    As for any RPFers at the Chicago Org, I always understood the RPF as being limited to Sea Orgers. Given that we've only seen one Sea Orger at the Org at a time (maybe two), I would think there just isn't enough of them to have an RPF here. We've certainly never seen anyone in an RPF outfit running around.
  32. It might be imprudent of me to post links here. Some of the Anon people who I've talked to in the last year have noticed me covering other events around town. Thanks for your take on RPF. I may be a bit confused on the nomenclature, but I have been told that there is also "voluntary internment" for those in need of long term care. I believe it is called "babysitting" once someone has had a psychotic break (not surprising).
  33. Glaiveadder Member

    From what I've read, the RPF sounds like a hardcore branch of Sea Org. Meaning your going to get the worst of the work and treatment. As if Sea Org could get any worse.

    As for the voluntary part, Scientology says it's composed of all volunteers. This is of course isn't true at all. My guess is its about 5% volunteers, and the rest are people that are trying to get out of the cult, but get sent their for "rehabilitation".
  34. anonymous612 Member

    Basically it, if you add in the fact that it's punitive.

    Good boy. Not too often you see someone actually paying attention to anonymity these days.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Any volunteers to deejay this month? We could use a little variety in the sound department. If you have a portable music player with a standard-sized jack (the size you'd plug a standard set of headphones into), we're in business.
  36. anonsono Member

    Well it has been a while!!
    Strong Strength good to see you're still strengthin! ;) I am gonna try hard to come out to this one. Never went to the org.
    This may difficult because the 9th is my B-day and i'll have all that family stuff going on. If i come i'll try and bring friends for sure.
    So 11 A.m. then?

    I'll just leave this here

  37. Anonymous Member

    Hey sono! Good to see you again. Yeah, the org part starts at 11. There's also a little thing going on at Millennium at 4, but that may only be a couple people. If you wanna make it out, that'd be cool, but you can always catch us another month since it's your birthday and all.
  38. ^ Sorry, must've made an anonymous post by mistake, that was me up there. ^
  39. anonsono Member

    Cool cool, I hope to make it to the org part but if not i should be at the later Millenium Park event.
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  40. g_one Member

    Going to try to make it to a second one, I don't think there's anything pressing that would keep me from showing up.
    I do still have my pictures from the last one, I always remember to get them when I'm at work, once I get home I forget all about it...
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