Josh Duggar admits to child molestation

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by RightOn, May 22, 2015.

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    Shockingly stupid. Her handlers are not on top of her anymore because if she investigated this at all she would see they are stupid perverts. She must look at what's trending on Twitter and jump on whatever bandwagon goes by.
    "Duggar" and "pedophile", search " pedophile" until she finds something from the liberals and post about it.
    Today is Natioal Donut Day, let's see what she comes up with.

    Today's news
    They put locks on the girls bedroom doors ( inside or out?) instead of his.
    They accuse the press of exploiting women.
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    What Sarah Palin gets wrong when comparing Lena Dunham and Josh Duggar | Vox

    In recent weeks, it's become clear that Josh Duggar — a star on the TLC reality series 19 Kids and Counting, as well as, until recently, a Washington lobbyist for the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family — molested underage girls when he was a teenager. But the story of Duggar's acts has also become a meta-story of how the media and political worlds are reacting to it.

    The latest person to come out in favor of Josh and the Duggars is Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska and one-time Republican vice presidential nominee. Palin came out swinging on Thursday, throwing around words like "pedophile" and "sexual predator," but those words weren't for Josh Duggar — they were for Girls creator and star Lena Dunham.

    In a searing Facebook post, Palin connected Duggar and Dunham, asserting a double standard between the two. That post went viral. But it's also irresponsible. Here's why:

    Continued here:

    Sarah Silverman ‏@SarahKSilverman 4 minutes ago
    I don't like people who ignore the spirit of the truth to make shitty non-points.

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    Do I smell Op19 coming on?..
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    Just saw a teaser commercial on the interview of the Duggar sisters and they were crying. Didn't really say much
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    I think the statute of limitations should not be decided state by state.
    If Josh Duggar did this in NJ for instance, there is no statute of limitations for rape there.
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    It's a problem and has protected predators forever.
    Fox News must love the Duggars
  9. I am so proud to report that I do not know anything about the Duggars, or the Jenners, or that little fat kid with the trailerpark family, or the Kardashians.

    Apart from the old olympic dude turning into a MILF, I guess I couldn't avoit that.

    So... were the Jenners $cientologists?

    Chuck me a frickin bone here, I've been away a while..
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    He starts off by saying he has no problem with home-schooling, but home-schooling is exactly the problem that enables shit like this on multiple levels. The UN has rules demanding that all societies allow parents to school their children as they see fit, but the paedophilia and all kind of dogmatic religious shit follows in it's wake wherever it goes.

    Balancing the rights sat down in international law and needs for quality control and social cohesion in a society is a tough act.
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    So two benefits of high profile cases like the Duggars. This helps other victims come foreward because they will have shared support and serial crimes are exposed and those criminals removed from positions of power. Just one case against someone powerful can get ignored.

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    Now this is interesting. Palin breaking with Fox News?
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    Josh's parents, the person who helped him to see the errors of his ways, *cough* and anyone else who covered up these heinous crimes all need to be brought to justice. All victims need to come forward and spill.
    Now they are saying a babysitter was also a victim of Josh's?
    The state needs to lift the statute of limitations.

    For Josh to molest so many young victims over a period of time at such a young age himself and for some of the victims to be his own sisters, totally screams that he was also once a victim at one point in his younger life. IMO
    Also his insane upbringing contributed to him molesting people. IMO

    When will HIS story come out? Does it involve that "family friend" who was supposedly also a molester? Only time will tell.
    We may never hear what he endured himself as a child.
    He needs to come clean and get help. If he does neither, he will remain a scum bag in the eyes of the world.

    I am torn about this story.
    Until I hear the whole truth of everything that happened to him as a young boy and if he in fact was a victim himself, then it's tough to blame a victim. Isn't it? *ducks while people throw punches*
    His own parents who were his guardians at the time had the final say and covered it up and told him he was totally forgiven. The guy who "rehabilitated " him also said he was forgiven obviously.

    I know he is guilty of covering it up for many years, but is it his OWN fault for doing so?
    Think about it, if someone did something really wrong out of being abused as a child themselves and they were convinced by their parents and others that they have repented and they were totally forgiven at a very young age, and was told to never speak of it, would most victims come forward on their own and talk about what they did? Unfortunately not.
    Especially if you were convinced that all was forgiven and to sweep it under the rug.
    I blame the parents and all others who were involved. They need to be brought to justice.
    The old saying of "the truth shall set you free" couldn't be more appropriate. And that goes for ALL of them.
    my 2 cents
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    Is UP TV the same as TLC? I don't think so.
    They are carrying the new Quiverful family, the Bates who also have 19 kids. PUKE
    I just saw the promo last night. The promo said "more babies" DOUBLE PUKE!!!!!!

    The name of the show that TLC had with the Bates was "United Bates of America" or something like that.
    This show on UP TV has a different title, which I can't remember right now.
    Did TLC dump the Bates? And why does UP TV think this is a good choice with more attention being brought to the Quiverful cluster fuck?
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    Look what I missed! Notstop alarms and fandangos.
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    This little detail might prove useful to remember when dealing with our favourite abusive cult too.
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