Jonathan Lewis (AKA Johnny Lewis) Death and suspected murder

Discussion in 'Media' started by blownforgood, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. muldrake Member

    How convenient for a cult that causes lots of mysterious deaths that they have a "religious" policy to cremate anyone, at least anyone who dies suspiciously. That started with LRH himself.

    A) It's the cheapest way of disposing of a body legally, always good for a cheapskate cult that views its dead members as garbage to be dumped in the Memory Hole; and

    B) You can't do an autopsy on what doesn't exist!
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Nobody said anything complimentary to the ashes. So they jumped off the railing of the boat to their watery doom.
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  4. From my television education on such matters, I assume the autopsy was already done and we(?) are waiting on the results of the toxicology. A lot of fuss was made in the media about him being on drugs and the toxicology report, but I don't know if the results will actually be made available to the general public or if they are kept private.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Scientology pays for the cremation of it's members who die suspiciously?
  6. RightOn Member

    Scientology pays for nothing.
    Even if they did pay, the money comes from the members of course.
    When Jett died? JT paid
    When LRH died? I think COS paid IMO
    Heber's son? IDK
    Don't know about others who died at Gold.
    But they don't ever pay for anything themselves. Not for the orgs that the RTC owns that the members paid for or anything else.
  7. muldrake Member

    They did for Lisa McPherson and L. Ron Hubbard, as well as any Sea Ogres who manage to die suspiciously. You think they release the body to the wog family members and trust that they'll do it instead? I'm not sure about Alexander Jentzsch, but the family members with custody of the body were well under their thumb.

    It doesn't always avoid an autopsy (Lisa McPherson) or medical examination (L. Ron Hubbard).

    EDIT: Actually, they DIDN'T pay for Lisa McPherson's cremation, but convinced her family to do it. Considering they later attacked the autopsy results based on lack of preservation of samples and because the body was released for cremation too soon, a pretty sleazy stunt.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Jonathan Lewis's body was probably not released to or his cremation paid by Scientology.
  9. muldrake Member

    Agreed with regard to Johnny Lewis. His father is a trusted Scientologist who would "do the right thing."
  10. RightOn Member

    the correct question is...
    Do Scientology members pay for members who die suspiciously?
    Answer : yes
  11. Now I understand why Scientologist "yell at ashtrays". They are trying to connect with and abuse dead relatives. Ashtray abuse at 2:22

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  13. The toxicology report is back in and it was found he had Scientology in his system!

    But seriously, how long does it usually take and can we actually expect the results will be made public, or is this something the family can decide not to release? I know in the case of Tony Scott (director) his autopsy results were just made public a day or two ago and he an heroed (sp?) Aug 19th of this year.
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  14. Well, Johnny was kind of cute! :)
  15. That is a bad thing when you are growing up in a Hollywood cult. "FEEL MY FINGER". :eek:
  16. Yes he was, the psychs killed him! I am his father, I'm working at the Valley Life Improvement Center to make sure they won't be able to repeat that crime.

    Our ribbon-cutting, January 17, 2007. Please excuse the "rocking" video as you hear our "anthem" on the banjo, plus messages from the Honorary Mayor of Granada Hills and TV stars Persia White and Nancy Cartwright:
    Michael Lewis VLIC
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  17. God I hope this is a troll.

    If that is really you Mr. Lewis, I have not seen you since I was very young. I would ask you why your son,and so many others raised in Scientology, was in need of mental health treatment in the first place. And why is it that everyone I know that had the best that Scientology had to offer are so fucked up as adults. I never saw a psych, nether did my brother. Neither did the dozens of other kids I knew in your "church" that were acting out as a result of ABUSE.

    Get real man. And are you sueing the County for wrongful death? Are you selling your sons screenplays and manuscripts? Did you pay the Davis family any money? And when did Johnny slash his wrists. Did not hear anything about that in the media. Seems very relevant.
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  18. [IMG]
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    Michael Lewis VLIC
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    Either bad troll or scumbag father.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Or very lulzy spambot.
  21. This boy just killed his family in New Mexico and planned to kill more at Walmart:
    Psychiatrists must have been behind it, I could have helped him.
    Michael Lewis VLIC
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    took = take. sorry
  24. Halp me jebus. Helllaluja. amen. (falls on floor convulsing)
  25. 395

    Johnny Lewis making news again
    A January feature story about Johnny Lewis in Los Angeles magazine is finally online in its entirety. It was penned by our old Village Voice colleague Bill Jensen, and it’s a cracking good read — so give it a look. Also, TMZ reported yesterday that Diane Marshall-Green filed a lawsuit, claiming that Lewis was the father of her child and asking that Johnny’s father, Scientologist Michael Lewis, be removed as the executor of his son’s estate.
  26. [IMG]
    Lewis as a clown for Halloween.Photograph courtesy Michael Lewis

    As a native Angeleno, Lewis was unique among the usual transplants who lived at the villa. The middle child of Michael and Divona Lewis, Johnny grew up in a Jewish-oriented household in North Hollywood and Sherman Oaks. His family also practiced Scientology. His parents attained what is known within the religion as the highest available level, “Operating Thetan,” or OT VIII. An OT VIII, according to the writings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, refers to someone in a spiritual state who offers “knowing and willing cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space, and time.” Michael Lewis was friends with Hubbard and cowrote a script with him about his discovery of Dianetics (Hubbard’s “science of the mind” that was later incorporated into Scientology).
  27. 337

    Reality seems to be a difficult concept for Johnny Lewis's father:

    Of course no one would ever suggest that Lewis was anything like a made-up television character. But for those close to him, differentiating fantasy from reality is a continuous struggle. “My wife and I do not believe the allegations. He was a peaceful person,” his father says. “I keep expecting a phone call from him asking me to pick him up from the airport, that he’s sorry for what he put us through, and that it was all just an acting exercise to get him ready for some thriller movie where everyone thinks he’s dead but he really isn’t.”

    Bill Jensen is a freelance writer based in Phoenix, Arizona, whose articles have appeared in the Village Voice, Miami New Times, and the Long Island Press. This is his first story forLos Angeles magazine.

  28. 300

    You missed this other quote at the end of the article:
  29. 400

  30. I can only guess what is meant by the bolded part- seriously- wtf?:
    Lewis claimed he was acting in self-defense. Police charged him with trespassing, burglary, and assault with a deadly weapon, and he was sent to the Twin Towers jail. Three days later his behavior landed him in the psychiatric ward as a “5150”—code for involuntary confinement. He remained there for 72 hours. When Lewis’ father bailed him out, his discharge summary read: “Chief Complaint: Blunt Head Trauma and Suicidal.”

    After a total of eight days behind bars, Lewis returned to his parents’ house in Northridge. He was a physical and mental wreck. His face was puffy, and he sported two black eyes. “He looked like a wounded, broken animal,” recalls his older sister, Anna. He acted like one, too. He wouldn’t let anyone touch him or even get near him. He was acutely sensitive to light and began turning off all the lights in the house, eventually disabling the fuse box.
    The following weeks were a blur of self-destructive activity, including slashing his wrists in a suicide attempt. Michael and a network of family and friends kept a close eye on him.
  31. Ooooh. Scientologist, manic, and method actor. Not good.

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  33. From Mike Rinder:
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  34. Picture of alleged killer Johnny Lewis appears on Narconon website.

    The following is an update on an old New York Daily News story. Hence, the references to "Wednesday" as if the killings happened yesterday.

    New York Daily News: ‘Sons of Anarchy’ actor Johnny Lewis was 'out of control' before rampage

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Nancy Dillon
    Nancy Dillon Twitter
    Victoria Cavaliere
    Updated: Thursday, November 10, 2016, 1:52 PM

    Actor Johnny Lewis helped promote Scientology's controversial drug rehab program before a downward spiral led him to jail, court-ordered rehab elsewhere, the murder of his landlady and possible suicide, documents show.

    Lewis publicly promoted the Church of Scientology's drug program, Narconon, in 2004, saying his mom used Narconon materials to teach him to avoid drugs.

    A photo of Lewis at a Narconon event was posted on the program's website until late Thursday. Lewis' parents are active members of the controversial church, and his father co-wrote a movie with founder L. Ron Hubbard, according to IMDB.


    The dad also appears in a 2011 YouTube video lecturing about ways to deal with crisis using Hubbard's teachings.


    On Wednesday morning, the troubled actor allegedly went berserk in Davis' living quarters, ransacking furniture and bludgeoning the elderly woman to death, police said.

    She was also strangled and her cat dismembered, sources said.

    Lewis then hopped an external privacy wall and attacked a house painter next door, reportedly using a 2-by-4 board and a paint roller, police said.

    The house's owner, Daniel Blackburn, rushed to the painter's aid and was badly beaten.

    He had deep red bruising around his eyes Thursday when he told The News he also sustained a chipped tooth in the melee.

    Lewis climbed back over the wall as multiple neighbors called for help, traveled across Davis' property again and either fell or jumped to his death in her driveway.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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