Jonathan Lewis (AKA Johnny Lewis) Death and suspected murder

Discussion in 'Media' started by blownforgood, Sep 27, 2012.

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    How many more criminally insane scientologists have to go on killing sprees before the IRS and the FBI get the fucking message?
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  3. Like I said before.
    You are not the only ones.
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    In the photo on the left, he seems to part his hair on the left, and the photo on the right, he seems to part it on the right.
    BTW, I saw an episode of Criminal Minds three years ago where he played a psychopathic serial killer. I found his acting very realistic. In retrospect, he may not have been acting out of character.
    This is part of a phenomena I have seen before where scientology makes some people into very destructive criminals. Think Charles Manson, Reed Slatkin, Donald Anthony Strawn, Gabriel Williams, Rex Fowler, Artur Solomonyan, Willem van Rompay, Jean Shumway, Alexis Shumway, Giorgio Carta, Jesse Remmers, etc. Scientology does transform some of its victims into monsters.

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  7. Quentinanon Member

    Typical OSA misinformation operation: Deflect attention away from scientology and onto something else e.g. psychiatry, drugs, the German government, and so forth.
    "sources close to the Lewis family" = OSAbots
  8. Sekee Member

    True, though I wonder why he was sent to Narconon and another non drug rehab centre when he obviously needed professional help.

    This is beginning to sound like another death because of Scientologys pathological fear of psychiatry. Sadly this kind of incident happening is inevitable.
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  9. Missfit Member

    Oh, I hope you know I wasn't saying you were saying that, just wanted to clear it up :)
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Jeremy Perkins
  11. Missfit Member

    Here's a problem: If he never went anywhere that medically treated psych disorders, there may be no formal diagnosis, therefore they cannot say they didn't help him because they sent him to REHAB for drugs. Just Like Jett, he wasn't "autistic" so they did everything they could to help him and the blame is off...well, except to all of us who know better.
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  12. Sekee Member

    No, I agree that the title was a bit misleading. It makes it sound like the Kyle Brennan case where medication was taken away. I suspect that this is more like the Jeremy Perkins and Linda Walicki cases where medication was avoided because of scientology beliefs. I posted the link before reading, my bad.:(
  13. Missfit Member

    Silly goose, no sad faces! It's all gravy...mmm...biscuits....:D
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  16. Anonymous Member

    This video mentions that Johnny Lewis was placed in a psychiatric unit at the prison where he was held after one of his arrests in February. He saw a psychiatrist at that time and was started on medication.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    And they it is again in all it's ugly and bloody glory.

    <insert History quote about not learning from the past>
    <insert final paragraph from Chapter 23 "Dangers to Mental Health" The Anderson Report-1965>
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  18. Is it just me, or do Scientologists seem to be killing more people outside the cult.

    They are really running amok these days.
  19. The Wrong Guy Member

    Johnny Lewis' Dad Thought Scientology-Approved Treatment Center Was Helping His Son |

    In the weeks and months leading up to his unthinkable murder/suicide, Johnny Lewis' father tried everything he could think of to help his son.

    We told you Michael Lewis was a high-level Scientologist and friend to L. Ron Hubbard. It seems he used those connections within the religion to try and help his son through Scientology-approved rehab and treatment centers.

    The Sons of Anarchy actor's Dad thought Johnny responded well to the rehab program at Ridgeview, an Altadena, CA drug and alcohol treatment facility.

    Ridgeview advises against psychiatric medication for patients — as per the rules of Scientology — and endorses alternative methods toward reaching wellness.

    Clearly, the treatment was not successful.

    Johnny dropped out of the rehab facility opting instead to finish a jail sentence.

    Several days after his release from prison, Johnny murdered his 81-year-old landlady Catherine Davis and her cat.


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  20. Anonymous Member

    Fixed it for him
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  21. DeathHamster Member

    They can't re-shoot it--it hasn't even been leaked yet!
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  22. DeathHamster Member

    That's his dad in the video. How elronic.
    Johnny Lewis' Dad Thought Scientology-Approved Treatment Center Was Helping His Son

    Yeah, he seems like a guy who really knows how to give your son or daughter more focus and direction.
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  23. RightOn Member

    too bad his father (who appears gay to me, which really doesn't matter, just something I observed)
    couldn't help his own son as a "licensed practitioner" of Scientology *insert sarcasm*
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  24. DeathHamster Member

    Is Ridgeview a Scientologist organization? Did some court in California actually lighten his conviction in return for attending a Narconon/Criminon rehab?
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  25. From what I have gathered it is sort of new-agey, not scientology: they won't interfere with prescribed meds, and will give you referrals, but their focus is sans-drugs. And IIRC, all group therapy, no specialized one-on-one counseling. Good thread on it it at ESMB.

    One of the exes called it, joked that it was guaranteed not to take you off the bridge.

    Turns out the guy kinda needed those drugs after all...
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    ^ 16 and 19 sounds like they are useful. Going to look into these.
  31. DodoTheLaser Member

    I don't think Johnny's OT parents will be approved for OT 9 or Super Power because of this flap.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    19 is very useful. Injected into the fat ass of L Ron Hubbard at a lethal dose, as Miscavige is alleged to have done after faking his will.
  33. Anonymous Member


    Fuck 'em.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    I think they both deserve extremely expensive and repeated sec checks.

    Their dead son should cost these culties at least 100k for failing to apply Narconon tech properly.

    Silly Scientologists, Narconon could have saved their son, but did they send him to Narconon - approved by ABLE and Scientology? Nooo, they had to try the wog route.

    FAIL at KSW.

    Fucking dipshit scilons. Enjoy your guilt. Fuck off.
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    ^ P.S. this is why i never applied to be a mod here.
  36. grebe Member

    Lol, SockTech fail.
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    wait, you can see my socks?

    Do me favor, count them for me, I lost track
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