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Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by Ayn Onemooz, Feb 8, 2020.

  1. Ayn Onemooz Member

    Anyone supporting human rights, freedom and justice for the Tibetan people against the tyranny of Chinese rule is invited to connect with #Op_Tibet across Twitter.
    Your help is required to spread-the-word of this digital action across social media, to express solidarity, opposition and concern at what is happening inside Tibet.

    This year the focus of operations is upon the dystopian terrorism which has been constructed by the Chinese authorities to record, view, monitor and examine every move made by Tibetans. It is a system of oppression and state intrusion beyond the nightmare envisioned by George Orwell’s 1984.
    Watch the video for more information.

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  2. Ayn Onemooz Member

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  6. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Thanks! Do you have example of the CCTV hack?
  7. Ayn Onemooz Member

  8. Ayn Onemooz Member

  9. Ayn Onemooz Member

  10. Ayn Onemooz Member

  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  12. Ayn Onemooz Member

    Thanks for the clarification on that. #peaceout
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  13. Gnome Chomsky Member

    Have you considered actually reading the title of the thread you posted in? This one is OP Tibet and hardly a suitable location for your query.
    Read before you post.
  14. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    May be “pre edit for spam link”

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