John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by not shure, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. TheBitch Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Ya think? Hmm mebbe. Way I read it was sort of like "lay off on this one gais, but you know those crazy critics of $cilons..."

    Ah well, takes all sorts of interpretations to blow mah body thetans eh? Wot's true for me etc etc roflmao...

    This moment of levity brought to you by Anonymous USO, entertaining the troops since 2008.
  2. RavenEyes Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    What article says he went in Thursday night? I must've missed that.
  3. Top Grunge Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett




    Interpret that shit! The purif obviously didnt work or jett would never have had this seisure journalists! jesus fuckin a christ.
  4. A.Non Hubbard Member

  5. RavenEyes Member

  6. anyjane Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    TheBitch- ya, I think so. It seemed more like an observation of the quickness (but open for interpretation).

    What- where?
  7. Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    "John Travolta says that if Anna Nicole Smith had followed the teachings of Scientology, she’d still be alive today." Ironic. Klonopine ( clonazapam) could have saved the kid.
  8. Top Grunge Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    read the cnn article.

    Interviews Kelly and she talks about purif rundown as a cure and doesn't question her answer.

    *I realize as a side that the good Dr. Gupta basically calls BS on the whole claim.
  9. anyjane Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Ahhh... thank you. Couldn't tell if you were talking about comment sections or something (there's a lot of articles now).
  10. blah Member

  11. WTF Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Thank you for your recognition.

    It is not an easy path, but it can be rewarding.

    Even while in Scn I did not rule out pharmacological solutions, I am a pragmatic sort...

    IMO those who have "issues" are sent to us who need a challenge, or to learn humility.

    Interesting thing is, I have noticed that in areas that are "not here", beings with these "symptoms" actually show enhanced capabilities. (oh now I've said too much...)

    I consider myself honored, as should JT/KP and Peter Ethier to be considered "up to the task".

    Namaste ;-)
  12. auchraw Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Sorry if this is posted somewhere later but I am now at post#160 and can't read fast enough; besides it is the middle of the night.

    This is one of JT's five or six jets. Details from FlightAware > Live Flight Tracker > N492JT. I assume he lives near Jacksonville, also in Florida? Huge concrete house near a landing-strip?

    Date Type Origin Destination Departure Arrival Duration
    02-Jan-2009 GLF2/U Clearwater Intl (KPIE) Grand Bahama Intl (MYGF) 05:16PM EST 10:52PM GMT 0:36
    02-Jan-2009 GLF2/Q Jacksonville Intl (KJAX) Clearwater Intl (KPIE) 03:20PM EST 03:59PM EST 0:39
    02-Jan-2009 GLF2/L (MYGW) Jacksonville Intl (KJAX) 06:33PM GMT 02:29PM EST 0:56
    02-Jan-2009 GLF2/L Jacksonville Intl (KJAX) (MYGW) 11:42AM EST 05:24PM GMT 0:42
    02-Jan-2009 GLF2/Q (MYGW) Jacksonville Intl (KJAX) 02:50PM GMT 10:39AM EST 0:49

    Edit: So now that I'm more awake I think they shuttled back and forward to Grand Bahama, no doubt with staff, then family and stuff, then went back to Jacksonville, on to Clearwater and back to GB where at time of writing plane has been for 11 hours. Purpose of trip to Clearwater presumably to pick up handlers.
  13. Buttons Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett


    I understand completely.
    Different challenge.
    Same conclusion.
  14. DamOTclese Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    John Travolta mayt not have been afforded the opportunity to allow his son to receive medication for his seizures since Travolta is a high level, highly visible, and monied customer who is treated quite a bit differently than the usually-broke low level customer.
  15. auchraw Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Dear Nerd: do you really imagine the CoS will release or allow the release of any autopsy results it doesn't agree with? That the authorities in the Bahamas where JT owns half the beach will DO ANYTHING?
  16. Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    I'm inclined to think it's the opposite. I remember reading somewhere on Enturb looong ago a topic on the whole "Katie Holmes/Silent Birth" thing. Someone made the excellent point that, the truth is, Tom Cruise is such a boon for the CoS, that if Katie wanted to take an epidural, they weren't going to argue. It's not so much about Scientology forcing the hand of the higher echelon, it just goes back to the belief structure as a whole. If anything, Travolta would be MORE likely to have received treatment for his child. Depends on his beliefs, IMO.
  17. Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    We'll see. A family is grieving, MSM is obviously on the story, and I'm not going to rock the boat right now. There's a time and a place for OMGTHEKIDDIEDFROMSCIENTOLOGYCNN!, and that time is later, IMO. I read it though, and saved it. :D Edit: I'd like to see what sort "story" comes out of the autopsy first.
  18. WTF Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Actually I was Flag public. I even winked and nodded to JT as we both walked across the Ft Homicide lobby long ago.

    I wrote up a request for "Case Supervision" while at Flag for my daughter (I could have bypassed them and asked for Snr CS Int[John Eastment] to help if I wished.)

    The C/S was not signed (but I assume it was Richard Reiss--the same C/S who supervised the death of Lias McPherson).

    The C/S was an "R-factor": your daughter is an illegal PC.

    Which I took as "you are on your own", and handled it accordingly.

    The crutch of scientology is there to take money form those who are "able" and instill "disabilities" therein.

    I attested "keyed out Operating Thetan" and left. TA has been floating since (got wider when I disconnected from DM and teh squirrels) /muffledrofl
  19. JFawkeson Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Haven't read the whole thread yet, but...

    Shit. Just... shit. Too fucking young.
  20. Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    KNOWN SIEZURE DISORDER + WITHHOLDING MEDICATIONS = CHILD NEGLECT/ABUSE. Can't wait to find out the name of his "scientology doctor".
  21. anongurl7 Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    You remind me of the truthfulness/bitterness of 1800's bankers. This is much needed.

    But Travolta is not a killer, and neither is his wife. They're brainwashed, not evil.

  22. Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    The point of post was that a lot of people here are wishing the family their condolences. I think that the family's actions are criminal and might have a directly contributed to the death..., but it will be released; it is a matter of public record. Will the coroner be bought off? Now, that is a different question, but I think not... we'll see.
  23. RavenEyes Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Total conjecture.
  24. WTF Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett


  25. TheBitch Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    OK OK, all is forgiven. Do we have sex here or at the next protest?
  26. Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Eager you are... come will more evidence.... wait you must
  27. TheBitch Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett


    To those "lurking" as we say on the web... please don't mind us. We've a culture of our own that responds to darkness with humor that sometimes plays out in strange ways. Scientology would likely have been moar accurate telling Fox News that we were largely a group of science fiction fans in revolt against badly written pulp fiction twisted into a "belief set," than in calling us "hackers on steroids" among the more flattering of their allegations.

    "Lurk moar," you might liek it! Trust me, some of us are even over 40 and don't live in our parent's basements... we moved to the attic.
  28. mrfyde Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Uhmmm and that fox news quote was a local channel not the network.

    But This site is made up of everyone from PhD's to your average nutcase. So please don't mind us.
  29. RavenEyes Member

  30. Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Oh yes, and some of us type in an English accent..but our roving eye is always searching across the land for ..... the "leader" of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard who lead the biggest scam of this century. Sorry, to tired to find the quote of Hubbard that stated Scientology is not a religion.
  31. TheBitch Member

    Gloves Off? UK Daily Record drops "degraded being" Co$ doctine in Jett Story


    Saturday Night Fever star Travolta has long denied rumours his son is autistic.

    He has said Jett suffered from Kawasaki syndrome, an illness that can often lead to heart disease.

    The Travoltas have also taken legal action against gossip columns that have claimed their Scientology beliefs have left them in denial over his son's autism.

    The Church of Scientology believe people with mental illnesses are "degraded" and must cure themselves by working harder on the church's teachings.

    (snip - moar at article)


    Note, as of this posting the above article was literally buried (at 0200 GMT+7 trust me this is "buried") by an additional 20 google listings in 30 minutes to knock this article deep into the 2nd page of listings on Google News search for a Saturday AM is a LOT)
  32. The Shadow Member

    Re: Gloves Off? UK Daily Record drops "degraded being" Co$ doctine in Jett Story

    Sadly, neither WWP nor the Guild of Leetness respond to legal threats
  33. Anon808 Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Travoltas = killers by neglect

    end of story
  34. auchraw Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    This is why we fight. Scientology has it all stitched up. You cannot question the wisdom of Elron in any detail without becoming a PTS and so needing yet another Purif and risking all sorts of stuff. Of course Scientology is dangerous to the point of being crazy but converts can put this against their certain rebirth over a billion future years AND the chance - the ONLY chance - of saving the planet.

    There is not the slightest possibility that Jett's parents can change their minds on this unless they leave Scientology and Jett's death is a clear sign that they have not the slightest intention of doing so.

    I would like to see a case brought against them for child neglect or murder. Convictions have been obtained in very similar cases where the child of a cultist has died due to the withholding of appropriate medical treatment because of some belief of the cult.
  35. norma_scock Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    I call bullshit on Kawasaki Disease.

    I know wikipedia isn't always the most reliable source for info, but I found this to be relevant:

    Full article here: Kawasaki disease - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I'm not a doctor, so I'm not going to speculate on whether Jett had autism, but it was clear to all he had some sort of mental affliction or disability.

    Whatever he had, Kawasaki Disease/Syndrome was definitely not the cause of it.
  36. WTF Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    You do know that there has not been a nanosecond gone by that I did not love you?
  37. Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    David Miscaviage is missing from New Years Celebration. The only other time he's been missing is when Lisa McPherson died (a major PR flap).

    Only days after DM goes missing, Jett Travolta dies.

    Has anyone else made this connection yet?
  38. The Shadow Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    ^^This plus the fact that TravoltaJet made a stop-off in Clearwater before heading out to the Bawwawwmas.....
  39. auchraw Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Heribert PFAFF, aged 31, apparently died of a seizure in his room at the Fort Harrison Hotel, Clearwater, in August 1988, having, it is thought, stopped taking his medication to conform with the rules of the cult.

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