John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by not shure, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. WTF Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    You have taken a long stretch of assumption here.

    You do not know that Jett was taking medication(or not) for his conditions (if any).

    You do not know if said medications (or lack therof) would have prevented the young man's death.

    You are pretty much just an arm chair know it all (have a seizure and go diaf) /rofl

    From first hand experience (I have a 21 y/o daughter with seizure issues and autism):
    drugs do not solve all problems. Seizures can still occur with correct dosages of anti seizure meds.
  2. none given Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Thanks, I needed that.
  3. TheBitch Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    This message brought to you by your local "Church" of $cientology and their Apologist Choir.
  4. WTF Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Apparently you have missed the point in numerous posts that I left the "church" last millenium, Ms. Haetspeek.
  5. DamOTclese Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Bet you they denied him medication and/or subjected him to their "Purification Rundown" scam.

    Still, I can't imagine the hoprror of a child dieing. It's beyond any parent's capacity to understand unless it happens to them.

    Good fucking grief.
  6. reznik Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Magoo killed Jett.
  7. nonnonanon Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    according to this it sounds a lot like they did the latter, if not the former:
  8. Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    True but why was a special needs child who couldn't even get into a van and buckle a seat belt left alone in the bath til the next morning?
  9. CantPickaName Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    they sure are quick saying he had a seizure....hmmm....maybe that because he has multiple traumas about the head.
  10. TheBitch Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Some sort of phrase I recall about taking cultie out of the cult, but not the cult out of the cultie? Yeah, I seem to remember that's how the saying goes, nao that you mention it you fucking FreeZone (kindler, gentler, still "tech" and "purif rundown" happy) sack of shite.

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the press and other Gentle Newfolk, please meet "WTF," our resident "ex"-Scientologist who conveniently labels any anti-$cientology speech as "haetful" while at the same time defending the actions of the cult. Strange for one who styles themselves an "ex" $cilontologist, but in fact that is the case.

    As is clear to see, the effects of $cilontololligy on critical thinking sets is long lasting, and the phobia regarding appropriate medical / mental healthcare is not limited solely to the belief in the delusional cultic aspects of the criminal organization. Feel free to watch and learn, but we recommend against feeding $cientologists without appropriate training and/or supervision.

    What you are doubtless about to witness is an attempt by "WTF" to once again derail productive discussion regarding the death of Jett Travolta and the circumstances surrounding his demise, and instead an attempt to create what's called "a flame war" in an effort to bury all relevant discourse on the topic "WTF" is desperately trying to draw attention away from.
  11. anonnews Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Yes, you always have something "productive" to add, WTF. Or should I say, provacative. Go back to your org & become yet another bathtub casualty.
  12. Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    We can add Jett's name to this list of children who died for their parent's "religious" not view unless you have a very strong stomach.

    What's the harm in being a child?

    I hope this wakes the Travoltas up...but the steel grip of the cult must have them firmly...having viewed videos of that poor child one need not be a doctor to see he has many signs of autism, anyone familiar with the disorder will immediately recognize the hand gestures, the way he moves his head, the social disconnection....I imagine that other people such as the Kenny's who have been in close proximity with Jett and also have an autistic child would have seen even more. How sad. He should have been given a chance at the best possible life.
  13. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    I think you're overreacting to WTF's relatively innocuous comment.
  14. TheBitch Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    You didn't spend 28 pages watching him support the gai who thought the illuminati and the NWO were behind $cientology and in league with the Evil Psychs.
  15. celtg Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    It angers me that any religion would teach that a child with a disability is less than perfect. That young man was a human being, he had likes, dislikes and loved just like the rest of us. He may not have been able to show it the way most people do, but it doesn't diminish the impact he had on his family and friends.
  16. none given Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Watch your mouth.

    This aint the dome.
  17. Optimisticate Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    It does not matter in this thread.

    I agree with the original statement you're so upset about. Anything is pure speculation until after an autopsy. Calling it speculation isn't trolling, that's what it is.

    And yes, there are some conditions in which seizures simply cannot be controlled by drugs. I know this personally, and it's not something that can be denied or called trolling.

    Take the fight to PMs if you want. Quit messing up threads.
  18. anongurl7 Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Hi, Billy Mays here with the power of oxyclean.

    Watch how the power of oxyclean B&'s and dome's every annoying posters messages with the power of oxygen.

    Only 3 payments of 19.95

    But wait, you also get the butthurt toolkit that teaches you everything you need to say before you delete-fook ing- everything.
  19. skidmark Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    We absolutely should not point out that John Travolta's gay lover was also Jett's care-taker mentioned in the articles - you know, the one that found him dead in the bathtub.

    I shall be highly amused if the same tox results that Anna Nicole and her son had in their systems came back for Jett. You know - the mix of psych meds, pain meds, sleeping pills and the oh so innocuous Benadryl.
  20. WTF Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett


    This is not the WTF you think it is /handwave.

    Less crack might be a good idea...
  21. reznik Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Applied Behavior Analysis can be helpful. But the religion denies the existence of any mental/neurological disorders, so it seems that nothing could be done for this boy.

  22. none given Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    99% John did not let Jett get all possible treatment. (based on his and Mom's statments on the subject)

    80% John otherwise sucked as a dad because he is a selfish bitch. ( my gut feeling as a parent)

    20% Him or his boyfriend slammed the kids skull against the bathtub. (based on Hubbard's statments regarding disabled people. )
  23. Anonse7en Member

  24. Plups Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    My sincere condolences to JT, KP and little Ella Blue.

    Two significant things from the video above:

    1) Travolta talks about a 48 hour crisis with Jett when he was 2 and a half. This is news to me.

    2) Travolta speaks powerfully about how important grief is. I mention this because someone had earlier speculated that he wouldn't be able/allowed to grieve ( I don't recall which).
  25. TheBitch Member

    The Cover Up Begins

    John Travolta's son, 16, dies in bath - World news, News -


    "I was obsessive about his space being cleaned. We constantly had the carpets cleaned," Travolta said in a 2001 interview with CNN's Larry King, a portion of which was rebroadcast on the Larry King Live show Friday night. During that interview, when Jett was 9, Travolta spoke of how his son nearly died when he was 2.

    It is unclear whether Jett was taking any medications for his seizures.

    The Scientology Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles declined to comment.

    Obie Wilchcombe, a parliament member and former tourism minister in the Bahamas, said Travolta "spent a tremendous amount of time with Jett".

    "He always brought him along. There was a close affectionate relationship and lots of love," Mr Wilchcombe told Larry King Live in a live telephone interview. "People in the old Bahama community today are in shock."

    Mr Wilchcombe said a post-mortem was scheduled for Monday and that "we expect a quick resolution".

    "John spoke with the minister of health and the doctors and police are at the hospital. They're very, very quick to resolve things," he said.

    (moar at article)

    Edit: Story's GOT LEGSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

  26. mrfyde Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    My new year's resolution of not falling for Scientology Conspiracy Theories is being tested. Even If They seemed to have just come from Clearwater with Davide Miscavige for the Clearwater new years event. Where others with Jett's type of symptoms have mysteriously died within the last few months. And that the Bahamas are the nearest place out of the country that seemed to cover up the death of Anna Nichole's son at least from the press does not mean that John Travolta was following his religious beliefs when it comes to not believing that medical science knows better than a crazy Science fiction writer from the 50's.
  27. The Shadow Member

    Re: The Cover Up Begins

  28. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Google Trends ties it all back to Xenu:

  29. The Shadow Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    You sir win several internets
  30. imariscent Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    I want to know if he was autistic, and had seizures and kawasaki disease, where was the supervision. If he was that bad of a case; which I saw a video of poor Jett, where was the supervision.
    I also saw in this video, that Travolta was so scared of being in front of the camera, or was ashamed of people snapping pictures of him and his family.
  31. WTF Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Love and pain become one and the same in the eyes of a wounded child...

    [ame=]Hell is for children...[/ame]
  32. The Shadow Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    /r/ mods add the word autism into the thread title, so it shows up along with the 'Video proof' thread on Google etc
  33. none given Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Yes he was autistic, yes he has seazures because his scientologist parents would not allow meds to prevent it. Maybe he had Honda syndrome. His mom thought so.
    Parents are supposed to take care of their kids. He let the kid die to prove a dead conman right.

    of course he is ashamed.
  34. Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    While, the loss of any child is sad and tragic, I'll reserve my condolences for the family until after the release of the autopsy. If then, the tragic loss of this child was deemed to have been preventable, hopefully, the authorities will take the appropriate actions.
  35. Avery1 Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    On CNN Dr. Gupta basically points out that Jett's condition was not likely Kawasaki's disease. Video here:

  36. TheBitch Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    Just a note... 8 hours ago, Defamer called us out and said shit about Scientology critics will no doubt show up and start shit. In a Google News search just now, KW=Scientology... that link appears on page 20 of the results with duplicates..

    Less than 2 hours later begins the 175 references to Scientology in the context of Jett's Mummy declaring how purification rundowns saved his life.

    These parents are stone cold guilty of neglect for even a healthy child. The fact that this is going to be covered up I find sadly disgusting and typically repetitive. I'd love for the Fifth Estate to prove me wrong, but they'd have to turn the light on bright in the Bahamas and I doubt they've got the balls against the $cilons to do another Anna Nicole.

    Too bad really. They're near certain to find a story with legs and lots of drama, "but the gai lost his son!" Bwaah, I'm tearing up. No! The gai helped to KILL his son. Period. Done.
  37. Plups Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    3162339116_bbb2974625.jpg?v=0.jpg [SIZE="5"]
    RIP, Jett.[/SIZE]
  38. BoombaGoomba Member

    Re: What the FUCK?

    So how did they know he had a seizure at all? Who saw him have the seizure? If someone saw him go into the bathroom why did no one check on him after so long?
  39. anyjane Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett

    /quick seque

    That read like more of a nod than a callout.

    (Sorry, for that brief interruption).
  40. Buttons Member

    Re: John Travolta's Son Dies -Jett


    What seems to have been skimmed over, is that you have a 21yr old daughter with seizure disorders & autism.
    You have the experience of a parent that has had to watch a child suffer, while trying to making the best possible decisions with limited proof of what will "make her better".
    Who knows how many times that she experienced seizures where you thought you might lose her.
    Not an easy place to be.
    Not an easy road to have taken.

    For this, I wish the best for both of you.

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