John Travolta Pillow Auction for Sparrow

Discussion in 'Anon Sparrow' started by RightOn, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous Member

  2. RightOn Member

    nobody took the challenge yet??? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  3. RightOn Member

    ok, this auction has the rest of today and then until Monday the 21st 6pm. to get in your bids for this sexy vintage 1970's
    Travolta pillow, plus a collectible Battlefield Earth "Terl" (Travolta) mini CD, AND! a copy of Madman or Messiah to boot! Thanks once again to Xenu Barb for stepping up to the plate!

    I am hoping this weekend rallies some people to bid?
    Cells, you up for a bid war? What cell will win the coveted Travolta pillow?

    ATTENTION other people who were outbid!
    First off, thank you for your bids! :) Very kind of you to help out Sparrow!
    With his next court date on April 28th, I am sure it will be put to use.

    Secondly, please consider sending in your HIGHEST non winning bid to Sparrow! It will be matched once received and confirmed by Sparrow.
    Please write your Anon name on the money order, so Sparrow can confrim it.


    His address is in the OP. You can send in your losing bid in any time. The sooner the better.
    Again, once confirmed it is confirmed, it will be matched by the mystery bid matcher! They have generously offered to match all non winning highest bids. (not every bid you made)

    CURRENT BID STATUS: Anonymous Bid- $257.00!

    Is someone going to knock this Anonymous bidder out? Can I hear a $260.00 anywhere?
    COME ON! Spring is here! The bird is on the wing! Meaning Sparrow that is! lol


    Terl says come on Rat brains!
  4. RightOn Member

  5. pepetacos Member

    include some tacos and ill participate >:)-
  6. RightOn Member

    you wouldn't want my tacos

    CURRENT BID STATUS: Anonymous Bid- $257.00!
  7. RightOn Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    I have 2 sea org t-shirts, 1 ideal org shirt and 1 forth harrison shirt that I would be willing to donate to an ebay seller for this cause.
  9. RightOn Member

    ok, so not to confuse people, you are not donating those items to this auction then, right?
    You want someone to sell them on ebay and have the funds go to Sparrow some how? if so, you may want to start your own thread for it.
    CURRENT BID STATUS: Anonymous Bid- $257.00!

  10. Anonymous Member

    HEY RO, can you give us a tally of where we are as of now (including matching bids) assuming all highest non-winning bids are sent in?

    Just curious. And lazy.
  11. RightOn Member

    yep will get on it
  12. RightOn Member

    the bids were as follows:
    agent156- $25.00
    lostatsea - highest bid was $150.00
    DarkspectorAnon - highest bid was $250.
    mnql1- highest bid was $255.00
    Thelastanon- highest bid $256.00

    So if all these bidders send in their bids and Sparrow confirms the bid received, they will all be doubled.
    EDITED!! woops forgot one!
    A potential of $1,872 for Sparrow. This total does not include the current top bid. Is this right?
    It's not about winning the pillow. right?

    CURRENT HIGH BID - Anonymous bidder $257.00
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  13. RightOn Member

  14. hushpuppy Member

    $2129 as of now. Way to go RO!!!!
  15. RightOn Member

    Is that including the latest bid?
    I ain't no good at no mathmatactics
    Let's hope all the bidders send in their bids!
  16. hushpuppy Member

    Your math is fine :)
    Yes, as you said yourself, your number of $1872 does not include the winning bid.
  17. RightOn Member


    CURRENT HIGH BID - Anonymous bidder $257.00
  18. RightOn Member

    tick tick tick, time running out
  19. RightOn Member

  20. RightOn Member

  21. RightOn Member

    a little over 2 hours left!!!!
  22. RightOn Member


    Top bid was $257.00! WOO HOO!!
    Thank you to the Anonymnous top bidder!!!

    I would like to thank everyone for bidding!!! Thank you for your generosity to help Sparrow.
    I am sure he can use the dough with his upcoming court date on April 28th.
    So please send in your bids!!!

    To All non winning bidders!!!
    PLEASE consider sending in your non winning highest bid to Sparrow! It will be matched by the mysterty bid matcher.
    Please write in your Anon name on the money order. You do not have to fill in your real name or address.
    When Sparrow confirms it received, it will then be doubled!

    Also to anyone who did not bid in the auction, and would like to help Sparrow...
    You may mail in a donation to Sparrow if you like. Or use Paypal. All info is in the OP!

    You guise rock! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<33333333333333
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  23. lostatsea Member

    *YOU* rock, RO. <3
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  24. RightOn Member

    nope! it's all who bid that rock
    but thank you anyways! :)
  25. Anonymous Member

    You *DO* rock RO!
    Winning bid sent.
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  26. RightOn Member

    YES!! This is what I am talking about!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!!!
    I hope others follow suit and send in their highest non winning bid.
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  27. xenubarb Member

    So, where do I send the book?
  28. anonsparrow Member

    Hi everyone. Thanks so much for doing this auction for me. I truly appreciate it.

    The latest in the criminal trial came yesterday with the judge denying our request to amend the restraining order so that I could protest on the weekends or during the monthly group protests (until the trial). The prosecutor earlier objected to this and yesterday the judge denied it.

    37 more days till Justiceville..
  29. RightOn Member

    Thanks to the Anonymous high bidder and mnql1 for sending in your bids!!!!
    They will be matched by the mystery bidder! THANK YOU!

    Other bidders, please follow suit!!!
  30. Anonymous Member

    uh.. I guess you are confused because I wanted to donate them to the cause, not setup my own thread. I just mention ebay as a passing thought, no more no less. So... Do you want the shirts, or should I let OSA find them while they dig through my trash?
  31. RightOn Member

    I certianly didn't mean to upset you, if I have, it was not intended.
    I was just trying to understand what your post was about.
    Sorry, The auction is now over and ended last night.
    I also never heard back.

    I hope you don't throw them in the trash! That would be a waste.
    You may want to hold on to them and put them up for auction yourself?
    I am pretty much done with auctions for now. But of course you are free to do one for Sparrow if you like.

    Thanks for the offer by the way. Sorry I didn't understand your post. Selling on ebay is not really a good way to go unless both seller and bidders are already name fagged.
  32. Anonymous Member

    When I outbid theLastAnon, I asked that the prizes be sent to him as the highest US bidder.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Hi Sparrow, sorry your request was denied, the judge probably felt that doing so would indicate a prejudgement in your favor.
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  34. Don't be surprised if it gets continued again......typical Scientology delay tactics...... Good Luck, Sparrow
  35. RightOn Member

    hey guys, I am going to ask the mods to lock this thread since the auction is over.
    So you should move any Sparrow case discussion over to the other thread.

    Also one last plea for anyone who bid!!
    Please consider sending in your top losing bid to Sparrow.
    Once confirmed received by Sparrow, it will be matched.
    That will be double the win for Sparrow! :)

    Be sure to write in your Anon name on the money order. No need to fill in your real name and address. If using Paypal, do NOT put the word "auction" anywhere in the payment.
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