John Sweeney's book 'Church of Fear: Inside the Weird World of Scientology'

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Nov 28, 2012.

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    You know, there are so many reports of armed men at these compounds, i just wonder why the atf has never investigated. Like i hear that gold base has sharpshooters there, yet California has some very strict gun laws. So why has the atf not been breathing down their throats?
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    buona fortuna!
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  7. "Documenta Inediti"

    Sounds like "unedited version" to me...
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    My translator gives me "unpublished" for "Inediti."
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    It's "unpublished".
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    John Sweeney: Reporting and Risk

    John Sweeney, investigative journalist, former Observer correspondent and current BBC Panorama reporter, traces the stories that have shaped his life, journalism and fiction, from wars and revolutions, mass graves in Zimbabwe, and cot deaths in Britain, to his notable, decade-long investigation of the Church of Scientology and his most recent journey to North Korea.

    March 11, 2014, 12:45 pm
    Price: £9

    Theatre By The Lake, Lakeside, Keswick, Cumbria CA12 5DJ
    Tel: Box Office: 017687 74411
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    BBC's John Sweeney visits Bournemouth's Skeptics in the Pub

    BBC reporter and writer John Sweeney has appeared as a guest speaker at Bournemouth’s Skeptics in the Pub on Wednesday evening, as part of a talk event focused on Scientology and Sweeney’s running with the church’s members.

    The event took place in the Brunswick Pub, Charminster, where more than a hundred people gathered.

    “What gets me out of bed and out of the pub, is powerful people telling not powerful people to shut up,” said Sweeney about what motivates him as journalist.

    Sweeney gave an engaging and humorous talk about the Church of Scientology, asking members of the audience to take on the roles of people involved with Scientology, including founder L. Ron Hubbard and actor Tom Cruise.
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    Sweeney= lulz machine
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    And eh doesn't afraid of anything.
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    I’m sad to hear about his redundancy JS was a brilliant member of the Panorama team. I hope we see him on TV again soon. The NUJ are protesting the redundancies.

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  18. What is the BBC doing? Very popular and great journalist. BBC really going downhill - I won't be watching BBC news anymore.
  19. DeathHamster Member

    Like the CBC in Canada, it's deeply resented by a controlling government that funds them but can't manipulate the content--so they keep "trimming the fat" until limbs fall off.
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  20. It really is a shame. Not sure how Canada works Deathhamster but the BBC is funded in a slightly odd way in that it is funded by licence payers in the UK (if you have a TV you need to buy a licence, no choice about this and you get fined if they catch you watching one without it). IMHO, in recent years BBC seems to have an increasing amount of trash, e.g talk shows with celebs plugging their latest films etc, BBC used to be good but recently it has become dumbed down loads, hopefully it will turn a corner and return to it's core values and decentish news and factual programs.

    I think John Sweeney is a good journalist, not just for his expose on Scientology and it is really disappointing they let him go when there are loads of irritating talk show hosts getting paid a fortune. I've made a complaint (dead easy to do for a UK viewer just google BBC complaints, took me less than five minutes). He will likely get decent redundancy package (paid for by us, the licence payers) as he has been there ages and is well known so he will walk into a job somewhere else. Still sad though.
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    He'll probably go from strength to strength. I imagine Channel 4's Dispatches would be glad to have him.
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    He must have done something to pull it in.
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    Is Scientology a 'nonsense, pay-as-you-go religion'? One man thinks so | Irish Examiner

    Journalist John Sweeney is best known for his explosive work on Scientology. He tells Jonathan de Burca Butler it’s a nonsense, pay-as-you-go religion.


    “I’m not afraid of them they are afraid of me,” he says. “In particular I have seven friends who were high up in the church but are ex-members and they know that if they sue me these friends will come to testify on my behalf and they’re frightened of what they’ll say.”
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    The following day, the same site published the cult's response, without comment.

    Scientology is a religion involved in many social betterment activities | Irish Examiner

    Contrary to what John Sweeney claims (‘Why Scientology is so alien to me’, February 3) the core teachings (not beliefs) of Scientology are contained in the 18 basic books and 15 audio lecture series that constitute the foundations of our religion.

    There are many other Scientology audio lecture series, publications, etc, but they amplify and clarify what is in the core teachings.

    These core teachings are available to everyone, Scientologist or not. Indeed our Church has donated hundreds of thousands of copies of these books and lectures to public libraries.

    Mr Sweeney’s false claims were put to the Supreme Court in the UK in 2013, and the panel of Supreme Court judges found, unanimously, that Scientology is a religion.

    Given that Mr Sweeney is aware of that ruling it is curious that he fails to mention it in his diatribe.

    As to why Mr Sweeney feels he must pursue a vendetta against our Church one might check out the YouTube video of Mr Sweeney with his social veneer peeled back.

    Based on that evidence one could hazard a guess that Mr Sweeney has anger management issues.

    However what is most damning of all is that Mr Sweeney claims to be a journalist, and yet any journalist worthy of the name at least makes a pretence of objectivity.

    Mr Sweeney simply ignores the many social betterment activities that Scientologists are involved in from drug rehabilitation, prison inmate rehabilitation, human rights education, disaster relief and much more.

    Gerard Ryan

    Church of Scientology Mission of Dublin

    Abbey Street Middle


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  25. John Sweeney on Ocean FM

    Published on Feb 4, 2015
    John Sweeney discusses the cult of Scientology's fraud and abuse with Niall Delaney
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    John Sweeney befriends ex-Scientologist spy Mike Rinder | Daily Express

    John Sweeney: Scientologist stalker drove me to public meltdown but now we're best friends

    The BBC journalist who had a dramatic on-camera confrontation with Scientologists has become such good friends with one that he went to his wedding.


    Mr Sweeney, who wrote a book about Scientology called The Church Of Fear, said his meltdown had made him famous and even helped when arrested in Pakistan.

    He said: “The secret police wouldn’t believe I was a BBC journalist so I just said, ‘Go on YouTube’. They watched it and released me. People stop me in the street and buy me pints.

    “Practically every time I get in a taxi, the driver will joke, ‘Where to, the Scientology centre?’
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    Church of Fear: When John Sweeney sat down with Anne Archer and Leah Remini | The Underground Bunker


    This week in our ‘Scientology Lit’ series, we have an excerpt from BBC reporter John Sweeney’s 2013 book, Church of Fear: Inside the Weird World of Scientology. Sweeney wrote about his experiences making two BBC documentaries about the church, 2007’s “Scientology and Me,” and 2010’s “The Secrets of Scientology.” In this chapter, he’s being handled by Scientology’s two spokesmen — Tommy Davis and Mike Rinder — as he conducts interviews for his 2007 Panorama episode at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre with his cameraman Bill and producer, ‘Mole.’ He gets forceful denials about Scientology leader David Miscavige striking his employees (which Rinder will be among those to confirm in a 2009 piece by the Tampa Bay Times.) We hope you enjoy this cracking good chapter that Sweeney was generous enough to share with us.

    Continued at
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