John McCain Addresses Killed Iranian 'Neda' on Senate Floor

Discussion in 'Videos' started by DanX, Jun 23, 2009.

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    McCain is a decent man - it's a shame he was up against Obama during the elections. If it was Hilary he would have won hands down. People have placed a LOT of faith in Obama. Time will tell if the American people chose wisely. I guess we will never know how a McCain presidency would have faired - but I know he would have supported Iran's youth in seeking change for their country. Obama's platform was for change with a 'yes we can' slogan. To date Obama has been rather mute in his support for Iran's unhappy citizens.
  3. McCain and forced Ideology.

    I could not, with good conscious, lend support to McCain. McCain clearly established his desire to insert religious ideology into the secular U.S. government with his decision of running mates. There is no, and will never be a, religious ideology led government that is not discriminatory or biased towards it's constitutes. We cannot help countries similar to Iran by basing our politics on similar structure. Einstein once quoted, "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

    While my heart goes out to the Iranian people, freedom for the Iranian people cannot be achieved through violence but through education and subsequent loss of forced ideology.
  4. It simply amazes me how sincere McCain can act when it suits his agenda.

    [ame=]YouTube - Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran[/ame]
  5. Cattypuss Member

    I can agree with you that Sarah Palin was a poor choice as a running mate. I would have much preferred that Mitt Romney was chosen. But as I am not American it doesn't affect me on a personal level who the American President is. It's Americans that have to hope like hell that Obama works for you...and even though I consider myself a conservative, I wish Obama well. A lot of people have placed great faith in this man....let's hope for your sake he can deliver on his promises.
  6. As an American, and I voted for Obama, I can say that there is no promise that a candidate will be who you believe once they are in office. I will also say, sarcasticly, that sometimes the person who is voted for is "the lesser of two evils".
  7. savona korff

    Obama hasn't really showed direct support to the citizens, but rather he has shown his dissatisfaction of the action the government has taken towards the protests.. Which kinda serves the same purpose but isn't as direct.
  8. Roger Smith Member

    McCain's problem in the election was three fold:
    1. A population tired of Bush and the general pendulum shift towards the left.

    2. Not living up to his "Maverick" reputation, he became a puppet of the GOP, Ron Paul was more maverick than him and the party cannibalized him.

    3. Adding Sarah Palin, who was screwed by being a cartoon character, people didn't take her seriously.
  9. ariksan Member

    I'm not suggesting that the US should do this - but what exactly would be wrong with a cruise missile hiting Ahmadi Nejad and Khommeni in their sleep? It doesn't mean war on the Iranian people - on the opposite.
  10. Tony C Member

    You got that right!

    In this day and age in America, each election brings only more questions and more uncertainty. Im sorry, but in my opinion we went from a country that had leaders you could believe in and be proud of, to the last few decades that brought us elections that you cringed at during election years.

    And im not comparing this to Iran in anyway whatsoever, please understand this. Ive just noticed, as an American (in my own opinion anway), that as the US moved through its growth as a country over the years, it came to understand and overcome most technical issues, medical issues, built a military and government etc, and they came to a point where all the typical or easier development was complete. And as the US has moved into the modern age of civilization and technology, leaders have lost touch with whats really needed for people as individuals, families, as well as the country as a whole. In short, people changed, and the social issues changed greatly. The issues are more intricate, more complex for so much more diverse a nation, and the politicians are way out of touch with the people they supposedly govern. So they cling to what they know, which is out of date, or part of the "old boy clique" and we are left stagnant, and uncertain.

    Now every four years we basically are looking a the candidates and trying to sift through just that...the lesser of two evils.

    The world and its people are changing rapidly...but governments worldwide are not.
  11. McCain has a humorous side.

    There is no left or right. The Dems and the Reps are on the same side. Its the idiot sheeple who speak of all this party BS. McCain would have been just like Obama. They all go to the same sex, and drinking parties. They all refer each other to good male escort services. They all get kickbacks. And none of them give a shit about any of you.
  12. You do not have to vote for the choices the media gives you. There were at least 7-8 teams for president.
  13. It means leaving a great big hole in Iran. It would mean dividing the people even more by the election of an emergency leader, who is either going to be a propaganda-filled politician or a politician who would bear suspicion or ill-will towards the international community for being as equally violent as the dictators.

    It could lead to other nations declaring war on the US as well. Ahmadinejad sympathisers in the world such as Syria or quite possibly Russia would retaliate.... that's called sparking WWIII.

    And it does nothing to change anything. People will not change their laws, policies or constitutions for the better when they've been attacked - they'd do it for the worse. Take a look at the Bush Administration. Al Qaeda executes 9-11 and viola! War on Terror policies that resembled McCarthyism of the 1960s.

    That's why, with the options open to the US now, military action isn't an option - especially when it is an act of undeclared war.

    Going back to the topic, McCain's urgings to go further has been extremely risky. Unless you had the actions to back up your rhetoric, you'll be looking at giving Iran actual propaganda material that's the real deal.

    I haven't watched the video though (no sound on this computer and don't know where to find transcripts), but from what I read he's spoken of Neda with respect, which is good, but then goes on again to attack Obama's stance. Unless he knows this as an opposition leader dealing in the usual point-scoring, he should realise that the US walking a tightrope. Obama can't be too fierce, but nor can he be too indifferent: it's quite difficult to strike the right note like a singer does for their audience.
  14. people had no problem with Sarah palin, only the democrats, and they are hardly humans, they are human waste if anything, full of hatred towards anyone that questions their man god, obama.
  15. ConciousGood Member

    How do you post video in this forum?
  16. Tony C Member

    Im talking about the country as a whole. I know we have other choices, but it never comes down to that. We end up with two candidates in the final election. One rebublican, and one democrat. Take it or leave it.

    Oh yeah, there are independents, but it will be a long time before one ever even gets close to election.
  17. Post the video to a service such as youtube, then use the direct link in a post and this board will automatically embed it.

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