John Axel Wood's Monty Python Dating site lures young girl into Scientology

Discussion in 'Media' started by Brave Sir Robin, Sep 9, 2015.

  1. What will John do? He'll start a Monty Python dating site on Facebook. Meet a nice young girl and convert her to Scientology.
  2. DeathHamster Member

    YouTube down-votes work and help people stay away.

    The video was posted by John Alex Wood, so he probably counts the views from here as being upstat.
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  3. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Did a little digging. Gemma Harris doesn't seem to have any Scientology past. Twitter users have repeatedly called
    out the dating site for being a Scientology front. Even Eric Idle has dissed the man.
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  4. Ersatz Global Moderator

    So John Wood has trapped some young girl into moving to East Grinstead. From what I can tell this girl was not a Scientologist before meeting Wood. He met her on the FB page, yet claims it is not a tool to recruit for Scientology. Someone needs to save this girl.He is a nasty disgusting human
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  5. John Wood has been dating Gemma for almost a year, she is a huge Monty Python fan, so I guess the two are well suited. She has moved in with him in East Grinstead and yes its sad to see anyone get caught up in the cult. I think a while ago she did the Purif and it was not a success. I don't know if she suffered before with gallstone problems but she certainly is now.

    Gemma Harris

    March 12 near East Grinstead ·

    I finished the Purif today and I feel AMAZING!!!


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  6. And after the purif

    Gemma Harris Kinda. I've got gallstones blocking my liver but I'm not in any pain - just very, very bored

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  7. gemmalou Member

    Thank you all for snooping on my Facebook. I've had gallstones for years and they recently became worse BEFORE I did the purif. And as for Scientology and I, that was a personal choice I made over a year after I met John. I was never pressured to do anything. I was even told by John that if it wasn't for me that it didn't matter. And as for the dating site... Getting repetitive now... It's just a Python dating site. Nothing more. You guys are getting hysterical over nothing.
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  8. Malory Member

    The large doses of niacin you were taking aren't good for your liver, especially if the function is already compromised by the gallstones.
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  9. You went in a non Scientologist, met JAW, started dating and are now a Scientologist. 1+1=2
    CoS is up one victim. You've proven our point.
  10. The Wrong Guy Member

    I think it's good that you stepped up to join us here, and I'd like to welcome you.

    I'd also suggest that you watch this:
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  11. DeathHamster Member

    If stuff on Facebook is set for public access, it isn't snooping.
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  12. Ah, Gemma!

    Of all the cults in all the world, you had to pick the slimiest, most criminal, ,most insanity-inducing, money-grubbing, soul-destroying, family-destroying, enslaving, most evil.

    You coulda just googled, you know.
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  13. Hi Gemma
    If your purif was medically supervised then you should have been told not to do it, as you were already suffering from a medical condition.

    Check out this on twitter
    Eric IdleVerified account@EricIdle

    The so-called Monty Python dating site is run by a Scientologist. Naturally the Pythons do not support this. You should beware.l
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  14. anon8109 Member

    Thanks for dropping by and expressing your opinion here, something that you will soon be told by scientology is not allowed for homo novii, with the exception of the handful that work for OSA. Unlike official Scientology corporate websites which are heavily censored, you'll find that anyone is free to express their views here, no matter how unpopular.

    I hope that you will have the courage to look at what thousands of ex-members have publicly said about Scientology and how they were abused. These include people who knew Hubbard, people who were in for decades, people who were born into it, people who were public members, staff members, and sea org members, and people who were top executives, including members of Miscavige's own family and people who worked shoulder to shoulder with him for decades.
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  15. anon8109 Member

    Also Gemma, Scientologists cannot trust each other because they will snitch on each other in "knowledge reports", they will "disconnect" from their closest loved ones on the orders of Miscavige. It's a totalitarian all-or-nothing group where no kind of dissent is allowed on threats of increasingly severe punishments for anyone who disobeys, starting with being forced to donate extra money up to being disconnected and then "fair gamed" until, as Hubbard puts it, "utterly destroyed".
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  16. Malory Member

    Mind you these things cut both ways and maybe Gemma could be a sensible influence on John.

    Gemma, you don't have to heed anyone on here but before you get in too deep will you at least read up on some of what the critics and exes have to say? And I'm serious about the niacin, you can check it with your doctor.
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  17. Over at the Bunker I-Betty has been posting pics of John and Gemma turning up in the foyer of Louis Theroux screening and being introduced to Tony.

    Here is John, Gemma and a guy called Andrew Moody at the new Narconon facility
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  18. [IMG]

  19. DeathHamster Member

    I bet he doesn't watch and slips in afterwards during the questions.
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  20. I've spoken with this girl. She's in deep....I worry for her
  21. "This girl," Gemma Harris, is one of Scientology's biggest, most prolific and most relentless defenders on Twitter:

    The shame is that, while I have no idea how educated she is, she is clearly intelligent -- albeit it is the kind of intelligence that can be used to fool oneself, justify anything, make specious but superficially persuasive arguments, and manipulate others. The type of intelligence that, for example, allowed and helped Sartre excuse and justify every Soviet and Communist Chinese atrocity for years on the grounds of historical necessity, the ends justifying the means, and the greatest good of the greatest number. The type of intelligence that allowed Heidegger to support Hitler for the same reasons.

    Sound familiar?

    You are right, she is in deep, very deep.
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  22. The Wrong Guy Member

    John Wood‏ @uptone Nov 22
    How Eric Idle Dropped Me as His Biggest Fan Because I’m a Scientologist
    StandLeague Blog [cult link removed]
    #EricIdle #MontyPython #Discrimination #Prejudice


    Yashar Ali @yashar 25 minutes ago
    Yashar Ali Retweeted John Wood
    . @EricIdle is aware of the abuse Scientology inflicts on members. You're one of the most visible Scientologists and he's smart to separate himself. Now you know what it feels like to deal with disconnection, a policy your church forces on that rips families apart.
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