Johannesburg Security Check

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  1. The "Johannesburg Security Check" or "Joburg Confessional" is well-known among the critics of Scientology. Here it is as official HCO PL:

    Joburg-Sec-Check-1.jpg Joburg-Sec-Check-2.jpg Joburg-Sec-Check-3.jpg Joburg-Sec-Check-4.jpg
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  2. The Wrong Guy Member

    Inside L. Ron Hubbard's Johannesburg mansion, where Scientology's toughest test was born

    By Erin Conway-Smith, GlobalPost


    The “Johannesburg Security Check,” or the “Joburg,” as it is known, asks a range of intimate and sometimes bizarre questions focused on crime, espionage and sex. One of the questions asks: “Have you ever slept with a member of a race of another color?" Also: "Do you know any Communist personally?" and "Have you ever been a newspaper reporter?"

    The test was later officially abolished, but various reports indicate it is still sometimes used.

    Hubbard in South Africa

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker

    Here’s what happens when the Church of Scientology tries to get a little happy publicity but runs into a real reporter. Erin Conway-Smith’s article in the Global Post today about L. Ron Hubbard’s six month stay in South Africa in 1960-61 is a classic piece of journalism. Dutifully noting that Scientology has restored Hubbard’s home and opened it as a museum, the reporter initially goes along with Scientology’s nonsense that Hubbard went to South Africa to promote democracy and challenge the apartheid regime. But then Hubbard’s actual writings of the time are cited, showing that the old race baiter was the last person qualified to help the country with its problems. More importantly, it was in this period that Hubbard devised the notorious “Joburg Sec Check,” a brutal interrogation that Scientologists to this day have to endure during “Grade II” of their trip up the “Bridge to Total Freedom.” Give this story some of your affection, Bunkerites.
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