Jive Aces on Britain's Got Talent tonight - 28th April 2012

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Anonymous, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Malory Member

    Krusty's shilling for them on Twitter.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Jive Aces wear yellow, the color of cowards, because scientology is for cowards.
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  3. Goomer.jpg
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  4. anonanchovie Member

    I sort of like the idea that Scientologies only remaining PR asset is going to lose out on their chances to win the semi final due a dog being a better performer.

    There is some rightness and justice in that.
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  5. pedrofcuk Member

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  6. anonanchovie Member

    Quote Ant n' Dec, "The Jive Aces, You are going home."

    Duh, no, they are going straight into a tailor made ethics program consisting of:

    Sec checking,

    PTS handling,

    MEST work

    and an extended period standing in bins while being encouraged to confess to being gay by David Miscavige's dog.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    I think they wear yellow because it is the color of pee.
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  8. Xenu Is Lord Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Anonymous Member

    Watch the poker faces when they're told they can't win.

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  11. Anonymous Member

    20:23 Next up is the Jive Aces. A swing band with a sideline in Scientology. We're not going to say anything bad because Tom Cruise will be all over us with his lawyers if we do.

    20:25 We love the 'Bear Necessities' as much as the next man, but a swing band dipped in Jif Lemon are hardly getting our pulses racing. There's only so many cheery sax solos we can handle on a Sunday night.

    20:28 Oh, the poor Jive Aces. Amanda doesn't like them. Simon doesn't like them. Walliams doesn't like them. I don't like them. Only Alesha Dixon - in cheerleading form for everyone tonight - gives them the time of the day. I think it's safe to say, the Jive Aces have bugger all chance of making the finals.


    21:51 The Jive Aces are... going home. No s**t, Sherlock.
  12. Anonymous Member

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  13. Dragononymous Member

    why can they grouphug each other but not us...
  14. Dragononymous Member

    dianetics just does it really...
  15. Anonymous Member

  16. whitesand Member

    Simon dissed them for wearing the same suits as the last time. Maybe it's tradition that Scns wear the same thing everyday, but it's usually white shirts and black trousers.
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Malory Member

    Not only were they shite, but it's a good measure of the toxicity of the Scientology brand in the UK.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    The Jive Aces have given all their money to scientology - they can't afford new suits.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    If they win, the group said: “We will definitely upgrade our vans and musical equipment and costumes so that we can give a much more professional show and enhance our performances.
    “We would love to have a proper rehearsal studio of our own.”

    “We think we deserve to win as we have been playing and touring up and down the country for over 15 years, we have put in the 'van hours' and I think it would be fantastic to have the chance reach a much wider audience and entertain them.”

    Jive Aces shouldn't have given all their money to scientology - look at how many gigs they've done in the last 15 years and the poor cult members can't even afford a van, equipment and costumes. It's so sad.

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  21. Zak McKracken Member

    and they aren't helping the brand much...
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Who would have thought a carefully crafted anon meme would plant such a thought into so many commenters when Jive Aces played Pedobear Necessities
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  23. Anonymous Member

    It was a good choice of song - bare necessities are all the Jive Aces are left with after working ridiculous schedules and giving all their money to the scientology cult.
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  24. pedrofcuk Member

    I wonder when does the moment hit that you realise you are a failure, your religion is a con, people don't want your bullshit, even your music sucks (and is ripped off), your yellow suit needs cleaning, your haircut is stupid, Simon Cowell doesn't like you, neither do the other judges, or the Great British Public, that your religion is a minority so minor it's not even a blip on the face of a blip's blip, that you have devoted (wasted) 15 years of your life to a lost cause, any talent you have was there before you heard the name, L. Ron Hubbard, it's all a waste of time, you will never Clear the planet because there's no such thing as Clear, or OT, statistically proven, David Miscavige is a liar and fraudster, Scientology is evil; its techniques evil; its practice a serious threat to the community, medically, morally and socially; and its adherents sadly deluded and often mentally ill.

    Just wondering, like...

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  25. RightOn Member

    if you never wake up.... well then never
    COS's success story.
    as you well know
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  26. Anonymous Member

    I loved their crushed expressions when their "tech" failed them on live TV.
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  27. Anonymous Member

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  28. Duncan Williams tweeted?

    Can somebody remind me when he started cult hating.
  29. RightOn Member

    watch the sax player in the back.
    He has an eye twitch blinky thing going on, too bad the tech, touch and nerve assists and auditing couldn't help cure that.
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  30. Herro Member

    All. Dat. Mad.

    Never change WWP.
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  31. Malory Member

    That would only work if they'd made it to the final. Not only did they fail, but there was national coverage of their Scientology links.
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  32. afternon Member

    Poor deluded Jive Aces.
    Escape the cult and rebuild your musical career, stop promoting $cientology for feck's sake- you're trying to flog something you don't understand but the public is starting to understand in ways you are not allowed to.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Looks like they got all their culty friends in on the promotional work just been forwarded this

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  34. Anonymous Member

  35. RightOn Member


    Yellow Fever over yet?

    BTW this is an actual pic of the Yello Fever Virus.
    Would be dandy to shoop each one of their heads in the yellow spaces. lol!
  36. Herro Member

    Again, you're making this very difficult.
  37. RightOn Member

    lol! I know
  38. Anonymous Member

    fever, headache, chills, back pain, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting,
    jaundice, hepatitis, hemorrhaging, vomiting blood, shock, multisystem organ failure

  39. Anonymous Member

    The six yellow Teletubbies of the Apocolypse.
  40. RightOn Member

    I was going for the Scientology spreads like a virus thing....

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