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Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by basil, Jun 1, 2009.

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    Re: Jett Travolta Foundation

    They don't even mention autism.
    Jett Travolta was autistic, it's what (indirectly) killed him but the Jett Travolta Foundation does nothing for autistic children
    Might as well call it the Foundation to enable scientologist's denial.
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    Re: Jett Travolta Foundation

    Actually it is good that it doesn't mention Kawasaki as weird as that sounds.

    It is sad that the only pictures on the page are the few we have seen already and determined to have been shooped.
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    Re: Jett Travolta Foundation

    They don't mention it but do say:

    "...educate the public about the need for a clean environment..."

    which is part of the whole propaganda related to Jett Travolta's condition and their refusal to accept the diagnosis of autism and subsequent treatment for it.

    Causes of Kawasaki, which are still hotly debated among scientists:

  6. Anonymous Member

    Investigation: Jett Travolta Foundation

    Copyright at bottom of website


    leads to

    California Secretary of State entry for JETT TRAVOLTA FOUNDATION, INC.


    leads to find of Scientologist and New OTVIII Kevin Rush with an old Scientologists Online Website.

    leads to Florida Dept of State Division of Corporations filing:

    which leads to "Robert S. Bernstein, esq" as incorporator.

    Is this the same person as a scientologist named "Robert Bernstein" with a shady past?
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