Jett Travolta Foundation raises $40K in two years

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by Optimisticate, Mar 31, 2011.

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  2. subgenius Member

    tell it like it is bitch
  3. RightOn Member

    where did the other 10 grand go?
    Grants for what? do they say?
  4. Anonymous Member

    Kelly Preston really has that botoxed smile on her face really plastered on while she continues to shill for CCHR.
    Just so misguided, it is really sad. Your kid didn't just "drop his body", he passed away as a result of neglect, ffs.
  5. Optimisticate Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    I wouldn't worry about that too much. A lot of "charities" give out less than 10% of what they take in. If these figures are correct, this charity is actually giving out a decent amount (but to whom is the issue).

    But the larger picture is clear...this foundation doesn't seem to have taken in that much money.
  7. Nice!!! I knew that foundation was bullshit. Say whatever you want Tommy Davis... but your cult Doesn't recognize Autism as something they should take to the Psychiatrists. Prove me wrong with a nice donation to the Jett Travolta Foundation.

    Glad to know everything Scilons try they fail at.
  8. xenubarb Member

    Follow the money!
  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Anonymous Member

    I'd sure like to know how much of the $29k they handed out to these guys:

    No psyches.
    Really nothing objectionable, other than that their director has a hair up his butt about Scientology scamming and mistreating disabled kids.

    If the "Jett Travolta Foundation" turned out to be nothing more than a payoff to Joey, it wouldn't surprise me that much.
    But I'm not sure I altogether disapprove. :|

    OTOH, if the $29k was just fed back into CCHR or some crap, it would surprise me even less. (Or if Joey had enough backbone to refuse the carrot.)
  11. Sponge Member

    Yes, the augument is not the proportion but the absolute amount. Compared to what he spends on aviation fuel for useless things like his big old B-707, plus scientology, it is pretty pathetic. You could imagine an ordinary working couple doing more than that in their spare time, and in half the time, but you'd expect much better from two movie stars, especially when it is in the name of their dead son.
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  12. Case and point... he spends more on his Jet than he does on Jett
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  13. xenubarb Member

    Dead kids don't require that much upkeep.
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  14. No but foundations in their memory do
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  15. Anonymous Member

    For those who didn't catch the reference,
    Inclusion Films - is a not-for-profit film-school/production company that works with developmentally disabled kids
    (many of them Autistic) teaching and training them in the nuts and bolts of film development and production.

    Its run by Joey Travolta, a former b-listed actor who switched gears sometime ago, from making crappy films nobody wanted to watch
    to helping autistic and other mentally impaired children and young adults make crappy films by themselves, that nobody probably wants to watch.
    Its good stuff, and good karma anyway.

    Allegedly, Joey tried to talk his dumbass (but not retarded) /B/ro into getting help for his nephew, but /B/ro knows best.
    Rumors suggest they've been somewhat estranged.

    The "Jett Travolta Foundation" could have been a peace offering of some kind, between them.
    Or it might have everything to do with John & asshattery, and nothing to do with Joey.

    dunno. :/
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  16. Ahh. I did not get that reference. As it is... I betcha John had no intention of giving to his estranged brother who helps mental paitients without LRH. In any case.. the whole Jett thing was just PR.... THat s the sort of thing that Celebrities do when a tragedy happens, they try to raise money to prevent this happening to anyone. Of course, given how much they have raised.... It's not exactly at the fore front of John's thoughts
  17. RolandRB Member

    Dunno what others think but a film of mentally impaired kids trying to eat an icecream might turn out funny.
  18. Anonymous Member

  19. RightOn Member

    I found this article that I didn't see before dated 2011, bolded by me and the WTF?

    Why did the Marian County Sheriff's foundation get 2,500? They got more than the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Foundation. What does the Sheriffs foundation have to do with anything? hmm John?
    And his son dies, they set up a charity and then give 10% to Scientology? WOW that is freaking bold!

    John Travolta's foundation donates cash to Scientology

    "A foundation set up by John Travolta donated 10 per cent of its revenue to Scientology last year.
    The Jett Travolta Foundation was created when the actor's 16-year-old son Jett died after hitting his head during a seizure while in the Bahamas, and the non-profit organization has given away approximately $56,000 since it was set up, according to website Showbiz411.

    Tax filings for the year 2010-11 show a total of 14 donations were made totaling $27,850; $2,500 went to a Scientology detox charity in Ocala, Florida, while others to benefit included the Starlight Children's Foundation and the No Limits Limbs Loss Foundation, which both received $5,000 each.

    A further $2,500 was given to the Marion County Sheriff's Foundation. WTF?

    Those not benefiting from the cash include any charities supporting autism, despite it being confirmed by John his son suffered with the disease - which is not officially recognized by Scientology - in a Bahamian courtroom hearing.
    John, 57, and his wife Kelly Preston previously claimed the youngster had Kawasaki disease, a rare condition which causes inflammation of blood vessels, but no money went to any charities supporting that affliction.
    Other donations included $250 to the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Foundation - an affliction causing loose joints and hyperelastic skin - and $2,500 to the Central Florida Community College for a scholarship in Jett's memory."
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Nice little tax-write-off. Does it do laundry?
  21. RightOn Member

    wonder how fans who donated feel about some of their money going to COS and the Marion Sherriff dept when they thought it was going towards helping kids
  22. incog712 Member

    Presumably this was that "completely secular", "safe and approved" project that JT originated for the local firefighters which they along with the central Florida press spent so much time fawning over while at the same time squelching any dissenting information because clearly their beloved neighbor JT could have had nothing but their best intentions in mind.

    No doubt they'll be just as disinterested in learning that the cheap bastard wasn't even paying for that himself but instead drawing funds from a BS "charity" established under the guise of benefiting autistic children.

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  23. Budd Member

    "...and $2,500 to the Central Florida Community College for a scholarship in Jett's memory."

    From the school website, a public non-Co$ institution:

    "Central Florida Junior College was established in 1957 when community leaders and citizens envisioned an educational resource that would help Marion, Citrus and Levy counties to grow and prosper. With foresight and determination those community leaders planted the seed that has become the educational hub of the tricounty area.

    "In 1958, Hampton Junior College opened as one of the first black, two-year colleges in the state, and in 1966 the colleges merged. The name was changed to Central Florida Community College in 1971 to reflect more accurately the character and purpose of the college serving a larger community. In 2010, the college changed its name to College of Central Florida."

    Wow, I am impressed. Multi-millionaire Hollywood star gives $2,500 for a one-time college scholarship, one time.
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