Jett Memorial Foundation

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by Donovan Cook, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    I agree with Didier (#1) !

    I would like to donate in Jett's memory however as a potential donor I would like assurance from the fund manager that the funds will NOT be used for scientology related purposes
  2. pardmepard Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    I've come to the conclusion that it's way more then supposed dirt on John.

    He sadly needs to have his every move dictated by dictators or feels like he can't function.

    It's called co dependency. They all suffer from it imho.

    Hard to believe a man with such success, still needs his hand held to go to the bathroom or will have anxieity and feel lost.

    He needs to lrn 2 swim just like the rest of us without resorting to the rantings of a madman science fiction writer and his beast of a clone.
  3. azonymous Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Cos got one ball, Kelly's got the other <squeeze>
  4. pardmepard Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    LOL :D

    Thanks, I needed that : )

    almost subjectively knee jerked relapsed again, it was a fight, but I think I'll be good : )
  5. RightOn Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    what guy?? Is Joey Travolta dead? Or his neighbor?
  6. RightOn Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    I totally agree. I don't think he takes a dump without an audit or a phone all to his case supervisor!
  7. Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Who is that fat kid John hangs out with all the time?
  8. TheBitch Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Please. A QUESTION is not a statement. You're trying to mislead us with semantics again. Please stop.
  9. Jettlag Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    When hell freezes over, over my dead body, etc. etc. etc.

    There are PLENTY of effective advocacy organizations for kids with differences that are doing a fine job and deserve donations.

    Heck, I have boycotted all Travolta flicks since their child's untimely negligent demise. Can't see giving one penny to an organization set up in Jett's name.

    Other than that, I have no opinion.

    Actually, the fact that they set up this org makes me ill.
  10. Donovan Cook Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    My question was rhetorical. I too, boycott all scilon related stuff. DAMN YOU WILL SMITH!!!!!
  11. TheBitch Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    When the kid went tits up, we spent a bunch of hours crafting a statement that was NOT offensive, WAS totally defensible and spoke regarding FACTS ONLY, and offered condolences.

    Why not use the same strategy to praise Travolta while at the same time informing the world of how historically people associated with Scientology and or working for the "church" have either established or controlled the Boards of Directors of many "foundations?"

    I offer this as an example of how as a team a group wrote a script that may relate. The thought occurred to me as I was watching, that it should be redone to include a scrolling text or some other feature (perhaps informational frames), which describe what's been suppressed since the death by the MSM?

    tl/dr - there are ways to hide a steel fist in a glove made from a sow's ear.
  12. Shinythings Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

  13. Shinythings Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Also seconded
  14. subgenius Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    "A $cilon's "Foundation" might not funnel money to the cult so better not do anything. Nothing to see here."
    I actually don't recommend any action (but do as you will), other that a watchful eye, oh, and don't give them any money. Yeah, that too.

    "A $cilon's "Foundation" might not funnel money to the cult so better not do anything. Nothing to see here." ???? Not very likely.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Go check out the TC thread and for once in your life learn how the fuck it is done.

  16. subgenius Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Translation: more!
  17. Shinythings Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Those words^^^
  18. FUCK Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Hmmm... another ridiculous foundation/cult front that is used to promote purif and touch assist. too soon to poon this shit?
  19. nonnonanon Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Making statements about this needs at the very least enough solid information to be able to comment on obvious links - maybe there is/will be a way to look up who's registered as administrating or working at said charity, for example? Registration, or once things are set up, calling the foundation and claiming to be a journalist looking for a press contact for a potential story? If you waited six months and then did a freedom of information request (or whatever they are called in the US) you'd be able to find out what they were doing with the money, maybe? But until that info is in there's not much to be said about the Foundation - because it would be wholly speculative.

    I can see the idea of a post-Jett What Are They Hiding infodump has some attraction but would not want to centre it around John Travolta, who has a lot of public sympathy at the moment. You could provide a general discussion of cult front groups, charities, and how the one can lead to the other, maybe, but it would have to be handled carefully to avoid accusations of premature speculation?
  20. TheBitch Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    My opinion ONLY. I believe the arrogance of Scilebrity is what caused this tragedy, and I disagree with the above statement by another poster. If we connect the FACES of Scilebrities to the abuses both in their own homes and in our communities, we will have won a huge victory.

    Yes, well sourced and factual, however for one tbh I tire of playing games without appropriately wielding our collective sword against the economic and publicity base of the sheer ARROGANCE involved in what it means to be both a $cilebrity and an OT. In Phoenix, Arizona they are attempting to have the home where Hubbard rented for six months declared a combination of a religious shrine, a home potentially on the National Historic Register, a "museum," and "none of the above; it was never intended for any of the above; it's just a house now leave us alone BAWWW!! religious haters!!! civil right to fuck up a neighborhood."

    $cilebrities endorse the cult, it's actions, their outcomes, and it's PRODUCTS - and they do so publicly in an attempt to leverage an intangible asset which they have been given the privilege of possessing largely by chance and little more.

    tl/dr - FIST IN SOW'S EAR
  21. nonnonanon Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    I understand your point, and add that I am by no means stopping you from doing this. For one thing I couldn't if I wanted to and for another I don't want to; it's the sort of thing that gossip magazines do get away with all the time, and it has occurred to me in the past that I don't understand that audience very well.

    Keep in mind that what I personally believe and what I think I could get an audience to believe are not the same thing. My opinion of Travolta and his brood is no kinder than yours. I'm just worrying about how to communicate that to an audience predisposed towards sympathy, without coming across as paranoid or vindictive. Maybe you should just start a script or some notes showing roughly what you have in mind.
  22. TheBitch Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Top of my head, including likely "radically controversial" ideas perhaps... below. List is just ideas of concepts that might might be ones we need to cover.

    1. always begin with carrot - "In response to the recent announcement regarding the establishment by John Travolta of the ________, Anonymous wishes to applaud his effort, perhaps too belatedly, to honor the memory of his son (in a more permanent way than a box)."

    2. "When Jett Travolta died, Anonymous released a video in order to better inform the public of circumstances and information which were, while mentioned in the mainstream media, woefully explained if they were expanded upon at all. At this time in honor of the new Jett Travolta Foundation, Anonymous would like to offer the public a similar expansion and further explanation of the context which was not included in the Foundation's press release."

    3. What an OT believes - MEST and homo novis as relates to mere mortals

    4. How all of this has been known to translate into communities, families, AND BUSINESSES!

    5. The fact that Scientologists control so very many front groups, and that their CCHR-esque ops are virtually all $cilon at the top of the pyramid.

    6. More in sorrow than in anger, ask for public statements regarding management, HR, hiring, staffing / TRAINING i.e. is this another $cilon front ala Calbassas?

    7. Thank the public AND Mr. Travolta graciously for his time and "graciously await your response."

    7. ?????

    8. Profit

    EXTREMELY ROUGH conceptually, but at least it's a beginning.

    You won't get a response is my bet, but the pink elephant in the room will be far better recognized and contextualized into the role being an OT plays in life, and its outward expression in our communities.
  23. kissyfur Member

  24. RightOn Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    holy crap! I didn't know he committed suicide last May. This sounds awful mysterious.Another COS related death?????
    I wonder what the wife knows

    Did anyone bring attention to this story last May of there after?
    And the inital story one written in May 2007?????

    Seems like the perfect time to bring these TWO stories back to back again???

    They said Jett never spoke.
    The Kennys also claim that Kelly and John "let Jett sit in front of video games all day eating junk food, while they eat the best organic food money can buy. They exclude Jett from all social events because they are embarrassed.""Once," reports Kenny, "when Kelly took him to the movies, Jett started to have a meltdown and Kelly pointed at the nanny and ordered, 'Take care of it.'""Jett does not speak at all," confirms Kenny. "He has not even been taught how to communicate. We struggle every week to pay for our daughter's therapy. How dare he [Travolta] ruin his own son's chances of recovering! We want to get the word out on this."

    The neighbor killed himself only a year later??? The SAME month the articl came out in 2007?
  25. RightOn Member

  26. Anonymous Member

  27. xenubarb Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Are you serious? The one thing Scientology does well is LIE. I'm talkin, look you straight in the eye confabulation. You don't really think you'd get a straight (heh) answer out of JT, do you? Even if the money did go straight to COS, he'd lie about it. It's all KSW, baby!
  28. Jettlag Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Ain't that one of the all time kickers... One family has plenty of $ for autistic kid's therapy and doesn't do a thing for him. The other family doesn't have enough $ for their child's therapy but has the common sense and knowledge that the child needs it.

    I thought it was a bizarre coincidence when I first heard it. He sounded so logical and then commits suicide. Acc to something his wife said, he was troubled over not having enough $ to provide for his family, including special needs daughter.

    Now, anything & everything he could have continued to say about the Travolta's negligence of Jett will be tainted by the source was an unstable person who committed suicide. How convenient, problem goes away, just like Jett did.
  29. Mooki Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation


  30. TheBitch Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    I absolutely agree with what you're saying, but if we actually managed to force public statements then later (if this does not end before they hire their staff), we could use it to expose reality. IMHO was sort of suggesting we should try to bait them to do a Tommy Davis with a different issue and the usual suspects.

    Just IMHO is all.
  31. RightOn Member

  32. RightOn Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    In the comment section of the Jett Foundation,,,,,, Terryeo said

    "As a member of the Church of Scientology I would like to thank John and Kelly for starting this foundation. With the monies raised the Church of Scientology will print pamphlets touting the dangers of psychiatry and will promote the use of alternative medicines. It worked so well for Jett when he was alive. Thanks again to the Travoltas. "

    So it's official.. money will be used to promote the CCHR. What a surprise!
    And they have the nerve to say "it worked so well for Jett when he was alive?"
  33. nonnonanon Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    [STRIKE]I think we have to consider the vanishingly unlikely possibility that the Terryeo user who posted that is actually trolling, since Terryeo would be unlikely to voluntarily make the association between an 'unrelated' front group and the CoS? You might want to overhaul your sarcasm detection sensor?[/STRIKE] What am I talking about? Disregard, I cook socks.
  34. Jettlag Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Completely despicable. Didn't an ex-$ci posting here suggest something to the effect of $ci would use Jett's death as a means to exploit and make money? Could this be it?

    And "It worked so well for Jett when he was alive." is beyond stupidity. A dead child who was a non-communicative, non-socialized autistic kid that was regularly seizing out when alive is the definition of "working well"?
  35. RightOn Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    hmmmmm.. didn't think of it that way...
    I saw the name Terryeo and my blood boiled
    and the line
    "it worked so well for him when he was alive"
    does have a very sarcastic ring to it... I think you may be right Watson!
    At any rate... whomever posted that comment, did a good thang.
  36. Herro Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Obviously a critic taking on the identity of terryeo. Funny though.
  37. RightOn Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    Found this:
    ""Acceptance or solicitation of donations in certain states is not permitted if they exceed certain limits set by state law. The Jett Travolta Foundation is in the process of registering in all states that require registrations and expects that such registrations will be effective shortly. If you have any questions about a particular state, please contact us. Any donations which we are not permitted to be received will be promptly returned".
    Wonder what the limits are in different states? Are they saying they will RETURN a donation if it is too big? SCIENTOLOGY WILL GIVE MONEY BACK? HUH?????
  38. Herro Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    uh yeah, that sounds like what they're saying. although you don't know if the money will go to scientology.
  39. RightOn Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    On the contrary.... this is the reason for the foundation:

    ""the foundation will work to assist and provide relief to children with vision, hearing, mobility, communication, behavioral learning impairments or other special medical, environmental, health or education needs."

    Uh,,,, and how will they do go about this exactly??? And in a NON Scientology way??"
    What kind of "relief" are they going to offer and where?

    ESPECIALLY THIS ONE??? "behavioral learning impairments"
    They didn't help Jett ONE iota... but yet they are going to help OTHER children?

    Offer Purification Rundowns???

    Its all a big SCAM
    Go to Travoltas official website. All his links are criminon,Narconon, Way to Happiness... although I don't remember seeing the CCHR , maybe I missed it.
    IMO the money will go STRAIGHT to Scientology.
    I just can't imagine Scientology sending any money BACK if the donation is too large. Who monitors this crap anyways?
  40. Herro Member

    Re: Jett Memorial Foundation

    You seem to be high strung. Some vitamins and a few hours in the sauna might help with that.

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