Jett and Purification Rundown

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by meatpin, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. meatpin Member

    Jett and Purification Rundown

    Is there any evidence Jet was subjected to this?

    How do you get an autistic kid to do 5 hours of sauna a day and drink vegetable oil?

    I find it hard to believe it's something Jett would do voluntarily.
  2. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Jett and Purification Rundown

    Kelly Preston: A Mother's Crusade - March 12, 2003
    (from 2003)

    Kelly Preston with Narconon guy (who's son committed suicide after doing purif) on Montel says Jett did purif and then she tells everyone where they can buy the book "clear body clear mind". Helpful clam aint she?
  3. meatpin Member

    Re: Jett and Purification Rundown

    I takes a bit of willpower to sauna for 5 hours.

    No way in hell a kid, autistic at that, is going to do that freely.

    I flat out do not believe it.
  4. xenubarb Member

    Re: Jett and Purification Rundown

    It ain't rocket science. The kid prolly had no choice in the matter. If Preston says he did it, he probably did.

    Of course, the stupid bitch had no idea this would come back to bite her in the ass years later.
  5. amaX Member

    Re: Jett and Purification Rundown

    I have two family members who are autistic. One is high functioning and the other is combative, has limited social skills, and struggles to communicate. Since these family members belong to a support group and our family is active in autistic charities. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that I have probably seen over a 1,000 autistic kids at different support group meetings and charitable events.

    I've met kids who range in age from a newly diagnosed 2 year old to a 30 year old low functioning adult who of course will always live at home.

    One thing all of these autistic children and adults have in common is that I know you'd not get ANY of them to do a purif rundown unless you sat them outside the purif rundown room and they wandered in themselves and liked it. It's extremely difficult to get an autistic person to do something they're not interested in. In Jett Travolta's case, there has been no therapy of any kind---it's highly unlikely that they could get Jett to do anything he didn't want to. I would say that the reason he had huge strong male "nannies" was that they were the only one's who could physically restrain him when he was doing something harmful to himself or others. It's just an added bonus if Jett's daddy had extra speshul feelings for the nanny...

    One more thing---if you did find an autistic kid who liked how it felt in a purif rundown---at the end of the five hours, you might find it difficult to remove the kid. Autistic kids can spend hours and days and weeks enthralled with one thing.

    There was one thing I've read in this whole mess with Jett Travolta that rang true to me. The neighbor in Ocala said that Jett spent his days in front of the television eating junk food. <--THIS rang true to me. When an autistic kid either has no therapy or is low functioning, they will spend their days like this. It's nearly impossible to drag them away.

    tl;dr: Would all of you--even the agnostics and atheists--please whisper a little wish that there really is a hell and that if Jett Travolta's parents and "nannies" physically restrained that child and made him go through purif rundowns that they spend eternity there.
  6. Consensus Member

    Re: Jett and Purification Rundown


    But they also won't eat their peas either.

    So that doesn't necessarily mean it was physically abusive.

    Well, aside from the fact that the purification rundown actually /is/ dangerous.

    But as I've said many times on this forum, I don't doubt that the Travoltas loved their son, and did what they thought was best for their son. I also don't doubt that Travolta was a true believer, and thought that following Hubbard Tech was what was best for his son. And I've no doubts that Hubbard Tech is a dangerous set of lies that perform at no better than placebo, and is very likely to cause harm by either discouraging the person from seeking proper medical treatment or by overdosing on vitamins (or both). Whether Jett's death was a direct consequence of these facts, I cannot prove either way.

    And the mere fact that it's /plausible/ that it could have been is a serious indictment against the cult.
  7. xenubarb Member

    Re: Jett and Purification Rundown

    It ain't rocket science. The kid prolly had no choice in the matter. If Preston says he did it, he probably did.

    Of course, the stupid bitch had no idea this would come back to bite her in the ass years later.
  8. meatpin Member

    Re: Jett and Purification Rundown

    So how is Jett given Purif without abuse?
  9. TheBitch Member

    Re: Jett and Purification Rundown

    Umm sounds to me liek the ShoopBrigade needs to start on those cell phone pictures of Jett manacled to a sauna bench lying dead on a floor.
  10. CLOCKSHIT Member

    Re: Jett and Purification Rundown

  11. pooks Member

    Re: Jett and Purification Rundown

    As per the post above, Kelly Preston admitted to Jett doing the Purif when he was much younger.

    I would guess that Jett was forced to re do the Purif after he took the anti seizure drug. That's pretty much standard practice in Scn.

    Let's say a Scio had to have major dental work or even emergency surgery and was put on a lot of medical drugs for the procedure. This information would be told to the Case Supervisor and in most cases the Scio would be ordered to redo their Purification Rundown in order to remove the drugs from their body.

    I doubt a time line exists on when Jett took the anti seizure meds, or when and where he re did his purif, but it would be interesting information to obtain.
  12. xenubarb Member

    Re: Jett and Purification Rundown

    I was under the impression that he was put on the Purif after being "exposed to toxic carpet cleaning chemicals." Since the media reports his first seizures appeared as a toddler, and then he was "diagnosed" with KS, it makes sense that the parents would instantly turn to the Purif to detoxify his ass.
  13. Anon752 Member

    Re: Jett and Purification Rundown

    Just FYI, this episode of montel has been aquired and fair use of a small amount will be posted shortly.
  14. pooks Member

    Re: Jett and Purification Rundown

    This is excellent! I remember watching that show and reporting on it.

    Montel Williams Show with Kelly Preston Dec 3 2002 - alt.religion.scientology | Google Groups

    Date: 4 Dec 2002 02:44:29 -0000
    Message-ID: <2R9TBFYL37593.864224537@anonymous.poster>
    From: Anonymous-Remai...@See.Comment.Header (Cerridwen)
    Subject: Montel Williams Show with Kelly Preston Dec 3 2002
    Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

    I watched the Montel Williams Show today.

    Below is the PR statement on Montel's website. My report follows.

    CBS Television Distribution - Shows - Best of Montel


    If something in your home was causing you child's illness, would you
    know it? This was the stark reality Kelly Preston and her husband John
    Travolta had to deal with when their son Jett became extremely sick and
    was hospitalized. Doctors discovered chemicals in their newly shampooed
    carpet had corrupted the 2 year-old's system with toxins. Now that Jett
    has recovered, Kelly has entered on a crusade to help parents safeguard
    their children from environmental toxins. Kelly has advice on how to
    keep your children safe and how to rid your own home of health hazards.
    She'll also talk about her life as an actress and her marriage to John

    Michael Wisner is known as the "toxicologist to the stars" in
    Hollywood. He worked with Kelly and John and will talk about
    preventative measures he'd recommend you take to protect your children
    and your home.


    Kelly Preston: Actress and wife of John Travolta
    Michael Wisner: "Toxicologist to the Stars"
    Claudia: Became ill after dry-cleaning a blanket

    The show starts out with Kelly telling her story about her 2-year-old son Jett getting Kawasaki Disease.

    CHEC Articles: Carpet Cleaners and Kawasaki Disease

    Kelly has embellished the story over the years. As per the article
    above, about 15 out of 100,000 children under the age of five get the disease
    in the United States every year. Kelly reported that when she went to the hospital with Jett she found that there was an entire ward filled with children with this disease.

    Kelly also got very choked up and on the verge of tears at one point and I konestly felt that this was nothing more than a performance. Someone else may see it differently.

    Kelly reported that the only long-term side effect of this was that
    Jett now has Asthma. I don't know if any of you has seen any pictures of Jett Travolta, but the child appears to be somewhat mentally handicapped or brain damaged.

    Anyway, per Kelly what made a huge difference in Jett was the Purification Program.

    At that point her friend, an environmental scientist and toxicologist, Michael Wisner was introduced.

    Michael looks like he needs to redo his Purif as he is obviously stuck in the 70's with that nerdy hairdo.

    The next portion of the show was to highlight what an expert Wisner was by sending him to the home of one of Montel's staff so he can tell her not to use any cleaning supplies with chemicals in them. I'm not kidding.

    The book Clear Body, Clear Mind by L. Ron Hubbard is introduced and Kelly claims that it is just "Brilliant" Every one in the audience gets a free copy. I would say there was a luke warm round of applause for that.

    Michael Wisner tells us that about 20 years ago he and a "research Foundation" started looking into the area of toxins being stored in the fatty tissue of the body. He told us that his expertise is in "human internal chemical exposure" and that "per the US EPA there are 250 known chemical toxins stored in the body" and that this contributes to disease.

    He said that the Purif was not really for sick people but for people who are well and want to clean these toxins out.

    "We studied, as scientists, 300 people on this program. We looked clinically and medically at 300 healthy people doing this program and we found an increase in
    IQ, reaction time, and immune system function. It's hard to describe this as a scientist but these people were happier and they thought more clearly."

    Montel then gives another plug to LRH and Clear Body, Clear Mind to even weaker applause.

    Kelly Preston said she is on the Board of Directors of something called Children's Health Environmental Coalition, whatever that is.

    And then Kelly was surprised with an Award presented by the Executive Editor of Health Magazine. Lisa Delaney. She was given this silver thingie, the first of its kind called " The Power of One Award" for all her outstanding work.

    As the show wrapped up Montel talked about his Multiple Sclerosis. Kelly then told him that the Clear Body Clear Mind program would be just "brilliant" for him. Montel said that he was going to "figure out a way to do this (the Purif) and get back to us.

    "Informing people doesn't involve trying to silence those who
    disagree with you." --Prignillius
    Scientology's Stats Are Down
  15. vananon Member

    Re: Jett and Purification Rundown

    My mother watched this episode and actually bought 'Clear body clear mind' because I have lots of allergies, and thought this would help. She knew nothing about $cientology. Thankfully she didn't even attempt any of it because she thought all of the vitamins would be way too expensive, and that the vitamin dosages were completely unacceptable.
  16. Morrisanon Member

    Re: Jett and Purification Rundown

    thats not very nice
  17. pardmepard Member

    Re: Jett and Purification Rundown

    Lithium Orotate, get some
  18. FUCK Member

    Re: Jett and Purification Rundown

    prolly wasn't. it isn't above the clams to tie down autistic kids and lock them in a sauna.
  19. azonymous Member

    Re: Jett and Purification Rundown

    proof of that would be sad but helpful
  20. meatpin Member

    Re: Jett and Purification Rundown

    Where did the Travoltas stay?

    Are there in-suite saunas?
  21. FreakE420 Member

    Re: Jett and Purification Rundown


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