Jesse Prince's "finale" about the Lisa McPherson Trust

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by mnql1, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. mnql1 Member

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Holy shit cupcakes!
  3. vaLLarrr Member

    Wow. This is why.
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  4. Very long; did read

    I'd always wondered what happened with Stacy Brooks and now I know. Too bad....she seemed like a hard ass against the cult so it is disappointing to know she was bought off.

    I am going to point everyone to Jesse's blog (this page in particular) as to why Rinder and Rathbun should be heavily criticized and held in derision until they come clean publicly.
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  5. another123 Member

    WOW is right...and I thought I had some clue as to what the OG backstory was. Nope.
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  6. Diablo Member

    From Jesse's previous posts about having to sec check the Slappy and now apparently Crappy MIDGET:

    So I was ordered to sec check DM to determine his real motives for passing along legal advice that he back off from his own church. When I walked into Dave"s office he was crying like a child who had taken a crap in his pants and now stank to high heaven. Dave swore up and down to me that he was only following LRH"s own orders to get an "All Clear" -- meaning to get LRH dismissed from all the outstanding litigation -- so that LRH could travel freely again, without fear of subpoenas or worse.
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  7. annoncangirl Member

    Holy Jeez...what a total shit storm to have to life through. So much information I think I'm going to have to read that again!! I guess it's true good things are worth waiting for!!

    EDIT: I'm dying to see how Rathburn and Rinder are going to explain this!!
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  8. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    I worked a the LMT for 1 1/2 years. It was craziness all the time. There were court cases going on distracting us. We had PIs following us all the time. Co$ was pressuring us every way they could. I had issues with how the company was run.

    Finally, at least from what I was told and saw, it was just getting too crazy, so the LMT would be dissolved, we'd all split up and go our own way. I went back to Arizona. Not much longer Bob and Stacy switched sides. When that happened I recalled in a meeting we had about midway through my time there. Stacy said something like "the most important thing now is to protect Bob." That one sentence bothers me tremendously to this day. I did not move to Clearwater to protect Bob from anything. I went there to fight Scientology. So from that sentence I understood that something was going on that was veering us way off what I thought our actual goal was.

    Jesse's story is extremely important for this history. He was close to Bob and Stacy the whole way through. I was the guy upstairs working in the library so many things I didn't understand well because I was somewhat isolated (in fact, sometimes the gang would leave for the day, turn on the alarm, and lock the doors, not remembering I was still upstairs). It's wonderful to know what was really going on. Thanks Jesse.
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  9. Diablo Member

    This stuff is fascinating to me...moar moar.
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  10. annoncangirl Member

    I second that!!
  11. Anonymous Member

    Robert Vaughn Young. Yeah! As a femanon, I could never ever figure out how Stacey could trade in RVY for Bob Minton. I guess she was addicted to crazy, and the money must've been nice.

    But I think RVY was the bomb. This post written to ARS exemplifies what I mean, and is one of the reasons, as a non-scilon, I wanted to get involved in the fight.
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  12. LocalSP Member

    Jesse Prince doinitrite.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Jesse Prince is flat out wrong.

    He ain't no butter knife.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    It was all about the money and years of living on the edge of poverty turned Stacy into a gold-digger after she met Bob and had a relationship with him while she was still married to, but drifting away from, Vaughn. Stacy & Vaughn had lived in San Diego where Vaughn worked as a taxi driver. They had long wanted to leave California & move to the Pacific Northwest & chose the Seattle area where Vaughn found work driving taxi cabs there. Later, after meeting Bob, he purchased her a new home that would also act as a cat sanctuary.

    Years of neglect left Stacy with alot of dental problems. Bob paid to have all her teeth fixed and capped to look Pepsodent white. There were rumors Bob paid for plastic surgeries, but not confirmed. Perhaps, Jeff or Jesse would know more.

    Bob provided Stacy many opportunities that a man of great wealth could provide her and she went for it.. and walked out on her husband.. and turned her back on him when he was dying of cancer. Bob Minton made no effort to pay for any of Vaughn's medical care (not that he was obligated to).

    Jesse & Jeff makes a very good point with Stacy's comment that they had to protect Bob. By protecting Bob, they were also protecting Stacy, and keeping her in a very comfortable life that she had become accustomed to.
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  15. LocalSP Member

    No he isn't, he is the sharpest knife in the drawer.
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  16. Puppetmama Member

    No matter how deeply I believe this rabbit hole goes it always is revealed to be deeper. And nastier, and more slimy and more heartbreaking...Thanks Jesse and everyone else who dares to speak truth to power.
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  17. Diablo Member

    ^^NO SHIT^^

    seems to me that Rinder and Rathbun could put this all to rest and come forward and do the right thing but why start now...
  18. Anonymous Member

    Let's get this man a publisher.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    And a ghostwriter. I mean that in the best sense of the word. This shit is gold and deserves to be organized into something other than runonparagraphs.
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  20. Puppetmama Member

    This paragraph haunts me: Scientologists as vampires.
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  21. That was one of the best things I ever read on the subject.
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  22. TinyDancer Member

    Hmmm. I wonder if that happens to be the SAME Nigerian high commissioner in London who appeared in Scientology's promotional video for its then brand new video website...

    I would not suggest that His Excellency is corrupt. I believe he has a reputation for being anti-corruption. But Scientology obviously had a connection with him and perhaps they were the ones who made sure he "found out" about Minton.

    EDIT: Ah, yes, here it is.

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  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. Anonymous Member

    Holly Fuckstick Batman!

    Please make sure the FBI gets a copy of this and any lawyer suing the cult or protecting someone from them. Lots of info on how the operate.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Ah, Jesse. You're a kindred spirit, man. You need never feel alone again.
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  26. AnonLover Member

    ^^This. And not just the finale chapters but the whole damn blog is stellar - rough edges and all.

    Also - shout out to Jesse if he lurks this thread... i sees your plea for a copyeditor, and imma officially raising my hand here saying yes /b/rother, we can fix that.

    When your book #1 (Zero?) for explaining the backstory your heart needed to tell in order to move on to the business of writing the real book on last 4 yrs of LRH life first started on facebook, i'm the anon who got permission to reprint and started a mildly copyedited version here:

    Once facebook booted you and u took your story to its new home, i set the above mirrored version aside so as to not steal any traffic stats from your blogspot as the chapters unfolded. Now that i know you want a proper manuscript, i can finish what i started AND do it a helluva lot more justice copyediting-wise.

    Yer wish is my command /SALUTE

    however, i need to shuffle several ongoing projects out the way first. but i'll be intouch once my plate is clear.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Awesome blog, Jessie!

    I read this, then I look at Marty's blog. Marty is a selfish bullshitting robot. He passed the point of no-return a long time ago.
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  28. RightOn Member

    haven't had time to read this whoile thing yet
    imma gonna read it this weekend
  29. Anonymous Member

    April Showers sure have been pouring down.

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  30. Krautfag Member

    <crawls out of lurkdom>

    Interesting times.

    Just gotta be careful that the old Minton fustercluck isn't revived and creates loads of OG butthurt and drama.
    That said, what Jesse wrote is the probably the most detailed account of what actually happened I have ever seen and I have read a lot over the years. I am pretty gutted to read that Stacey obviously isn't half the woman I thought she was, but I trust Jesse most of the whole old lot, so I take his word for it.

    And brillant points raised in respect to the M&M show. Go Jesse!
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Well, nice for you that you " Jesse most of the whole old lot....." - I do not! ')
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Did you also happen to read the stuff at the Vaughn Young link posted by the femanon, by any chance?

    I was also thinking about Rathbun and Rinder, and was reminded of the vid where Rathbun offered what he called a 'briefing' to the (LOL) Independent scilons.

    Anons lolled.

    (re-)Reading RVY's ars post, I was reminded of why I thought this 'briefing' BS wasn't only worthy of derision - it was Marty, testing the waters, attempting to exert a little more control with his culties, like he does with his one-liners or deleting of any criticism, in a 'gradient', backing off when it doesn't wash, adding some 'safe' Martin Luther King (or whoever) quotes to retrieve his postion, but all the while just waiting to try again with the abusive stuff - just exactly as RVY describes it.

    Oh, and I'm pretty sure he abuses Mosey, too.
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  33. Krautfag Member

    Didn't ask you to, did I?
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  34. JohnnyRUClear Member

    This is dynamite. I'm kind of stunned right now after reading all this history.

    AnonLover, I'm glad you want to take on editing duties for this project. It's certainly a worthy cause. If you need some help with that, PM me.
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  35. AnonLover Member

    atta boy - will PM u an ETA on a final draft preview for nazi grammar polish once i get started.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Jesse! Yes! Take her up on this!

    And serious serious kudos to you for remaining true to your principles during the BM/SB madness--I can't imagine what it took for you to do what you did while losing what you lost. I've always been fascinated with you as a character in the Saga of the Old Guard. It is so noice to finally hear you speak about it all in your own voice, in your own time.
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  37. 1957 Member

    AnonLover - if you/Jesse want help with copy editing, I am all in. I have some experience. Please PM me.
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  38. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Can we rerail this? I'd rather not have to move all the Tory posts to the Drama thread. It would be annoying and make me very cranky. Lets talk about Jesse's blog, mmk?

    According to Rathbun I think, Minton's original testimony in the LM was a lie and his subsequent retraction the actual truth. Jesse Prince's account differs greatly. Any thoughts?
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Jesse's accounts are largely not self-serving.
    They're pretty well corroborated by most people outside the Martyzone and CoS proper.

    He tries to lay out the counter-arguments and multiple versions of the story-
    my sense is he wants the reader to judge for themselves which seems more credible.
    He makes his own opinions about the variations clear: and doesn't confuse them with "reality".

    I don't see Marty giving equal weight to opposing voices.
    Jesse's posts are full of sadness and regret. His tone is apologetic even when he's not apologizing.
    With Marty its the other way around. His "confessions" are full of bravado. He repeats the mistakes he made while in Scientology, but attributes the errors to DM.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Marty and Mike are a pair of tired fat old cunts. Same as Allender.

    Jesse has more balls than those two numbnuts will ever have.
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