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    Ron Miscavige Sr., father of Scientology leader David Miscavige – Part 1 | SurvivingScientology

    Ron Miscavige, father of Scientology leader David Miscavige, discusses his New York Times #1 bestselling book Ruthless, his escape from Scientology, Disconnection, and Fair Game.

    Be sure to watch Ron Miscavige's appearance on the A&E show "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath." Episode 4, "A Leader Emerges."

    Ron Miscavige's book "Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me" is available on Amazon.
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    Valeska Paris: Scientology Freewinds Ship - Prisoner for 12 Years


    Valeska Paris joined the Scientology Cadet Org at six years of age. She then joined the Sea Org when she was 14 years old. As a teenager she was sent to Scientology's ship the Freewinds. In this gripping podcast Valeska discusses the surprise raid on the Freewinds by the French police in 1999 when it was anchored at St. Barts. Valeska then describes the suicide of her stepfather Scientologist Albert Jaquier; the suicide of a member of a Sea Org member on the Freewinds; and the punishments she suffered on the ship. Valeska talks about her relationship to Shelly Miscavige who has not been seen in public for over a decade. Other people discussed include Mike Napier, the Captain of the Freewinds, Guillaume Leserve, Heber Jentzsch, and Tom Cruise and his $400,000 birthday party on the Freewinds.

    Albert Jacquier kept a diary as he was dying. After his death his wife, Valeska's mother, published it online. "The Diary of a Dying Scientologist" is posted here:

    More videos:
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    Scientology Six Year Old "Cadet" Valeska Paris Reveals Hell of Cadet Org


    Valeska Paris "joined" the Cadet Org of Scientology at six years of age. Her younger sister and brother were also dumped at the Cadet Org when their father joined Scientology's Sea Org. The Cadet Org was at Stonesland, a hellish old building in England where the children of Sea Org were warehoused. Malnourished in filthy conditions, the children had to steal food, had no toilet paper or soap, and lived in abject poverty. This deprivation was created purposely by the wealthy Church of Scientology and its leader L. Ron Hubbard who at T-Bone steak on his private ship while children starved, had no medical or dental care, and wore rags.

    Valeska survived starvation, sexual molestation, and mental and physical cruelty inside of Scientology. She left the Sea Org, left Scientology, and is now a wife and a mother of beautiful children. Valeska's courage and perseverance are an inspiration and show the strength and resilience of the human spirit.
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    Church of Scientology Disconnection, actions taken at death and selling/leasing services


    Jeffrey Augustine interviews wife Karen de la Carriere on parts of what she learned and experienced during her 40 year journey in Scientology.
  5. Karen#1 looks like she's made up the "Night of the Living Dead" horror movie.
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    A visit from a private investigator has us wondering if Scientology is behind it | The Underground Bunker

    By Tony Ortega, September 11, 2018


    Jeffrey Augustine had an odd visitor last week, and we asked him to tell us about it.

    On Wednesday, a woman dropped by our house in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Los Feliz and asked to speak to my wife, Karen de la Carriere. Karen was busy, so I talked to her.

    She handed me her card, which identified herself as a private investigator named Rebecca Dobkin.

    I asked her who she was working for, and she told me she was working for an attorney named Amanda Touchton. I asked her to spell it.

    She said that Touchton represented Heber Jentzsch.

    Heber is Karen’s ex-husband. He has also been, since the 1980s, the nominal president of the Church of Scientology International. I say “nominal,” because it was always little more than an honorary title — the real power to run Scientology was invested in founder L. Ron Hubbard and then, after his death in 1986, current leader David Miscavige.

    Heber was well liked by Scientologists and also got along with reporters — for a while, at least, he was the person Scientology sent out to handle questions about the church, and he was pretty good at it. He was also frequently on stage at Scientology’s major events. But then, in the 1990s, his role seemed to get smaller and smaller, until he vanished pretty much altogether.

    When Miscavige’s bizarre jail for upper level management was created at Scientology’s secretive management compound Int Base in 2004 — it eventually became known as “The Hole” — Heber was one of its prisoners, which we know from multiple witnesses. Heber has been out of sight almost entirely since then.

    One exception was when Alexander Jentzsch, the only child that Karen and Heber had together, died in 2012 at the age of 27. Karen by then had left the church and wasn’t allowed to see her son’s body (he had died of pneumonia, exacerbated by a pain medication he was taking, according to the LA Coroner), and at first she was told that Scientology planned to have no memorial at all. But after the media made a stink about it — including Tony at the Village Voice — the church did hold a ceremony (Karen wasn’t invited) and Heber showed up for it, the first time we’d seen a photo of him in years.

    Tony has reported in the past how Heber, who is from a huge Mormon family, has been missed by his relatives, who want to hear how he’s doing.

    Dobkin told me that Amanda Touchton was representing Heber “in a matter related to Leah Remini’s reality TV show.”

    She mispronounced Leah’s last name as “Reh-MEENIE.”

    She said that she was investigating an incident that had happened at Int Base, which is near San Jacinto, California, about 85 miles east of Los Angeles. Apparently, someone had asked law enforcement to make a welfare check on Heber at the base.

    I knew nothing about it, I told her.

    She claimed that Heber had been thrown into the back of a police car during the welfare check, which I found hard to believe. Law enforcement officers checking on an 82-year-old’s welfare aren’t likely to treat them like a dangerous criminal.

    She also handed me a printed out copy of a story that appeared here at the Bunker, which cited Karen saying she had been told that Heber had suffered a stroke.

    She asked me how Karen knew that. I said I didn’t recall but that Heber had a lot of relatives. I couldn’t remember.

    I told Dobkin that Heber Jentzsch doesn’t make enough money as a Sea Org worker to pay for a lawyer, so I assumed the real client was Scientology.

    She wouldn’t confirm it.

    But we think it’s a pretty good bet that it was.

    — Jeffrey Augustine

    Source, with photos and open comments:
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    Bill Franks, 1946-2018, appointed by Hubbard to ‘reform’ Scientology after Snow White scandal

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, December 21, 2018


    We spoke with Bill Franks a few weeks ago on the phone after we heard he had entered hospice care. We wanted him to know how much we appreciated the help we got from him on our book about Paulette Cooper. He was characteristically humble about it, saying that he hadn’t done much.

    In fact, Bill Franks was one of the longest tenured whistleblowers of Scientology, a top former executive who tried time and again to help get the word out about what he’d seen during his meteoric rise in the organization.

    He joined Scientology in 1968 and met L. Ron Hubbard aboard the yacht Apollo two years later. Hubbard vanished early in 1980 in the turmoil after the disastrous “Snow White Program” that had church operatives infiltrating US and foreign government agencies, resulting in eleven top Scientologists being prosecuted and eventually going to prison. As Jon Atack explained in his book A Piece of Blue Sky, major reorganizing after the Snow White debacle was needed, and a young Bill Franks suddenly found himself elevated to the organization’s highest spot.


    We’re grateful to Janis Gillham Grady, who has written up this more complete account of Bill’s life in Scientology.


    Bill’s last request to me was for me in coordination with his wife and daughters, to host an Ex- Sea Org/Scientologist reunion on his behalf. He had planned to write the invitation himself but was not able to do so in the end. He was very excited when I told him my plan to host it in the Los Angeles area, since that is the area where he made his close friends and his original comradery and strong connections with those good folks, who to this day remained his good friends.

    Please stay tuned as the Memorial Ex Sea Org/Scientology Reunion evolves in the honor of Bill Franks in Southern California. The exact time and place will be announced as the event is organized.

    And Jeffrey Augustine sent over this final podcast he did with Bill which has not previously been released.

    More at
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  8. The only reason I watch Jeffrey's videos is to see the photo of his young, gorgeous old lady looking down on everything!!!!! He's such a lucky man!!!!!
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    What’s creepier than a Scientology street fair? Apparently, not much.

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, March 5, 2019


    We were thrilled to learn that our man in Los Angeles, Jeffrey Augustine, took his camera down this weekend to Scientology’s attempt to relate to the people who live in its neighborhood.

    “It was an emergency preparedness, community food market, and blood drive at Big Blue on Sunset Boulevard, and there were tents all over the place. I guess they thought if they threw enough things at the wall, something would stick,” Jeffrey tells us. “But it was clear to me that PAC Base was lost and just couldn’t relate to the residents of East Hollywood. Scientology has nothing to offer them.”

    Jeffrey took lots of snapshots, and generously provided them to the Bunker along with his captions. We think you’ll find them fascinating.

    Continued at
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