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Discussion in 'Media' started by The Wrong Guy, May 7, 2015.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Wow. That is some serious propaganda.
  3. Incredulicide Member

    "prayers" is a funny name for soulless Private Investigators. Keep suckling on David Miscavige's nipple till it's dry.
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    Dumb troll is dumb. Having ones post down-voted into invisibility to the unregistered does not equal censorship.
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  5. Thank you for helping to keep it visible to the unregistered.
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    What are you suggesting, that I have the power to undo peoples downvotes? LOL :rolleyes:
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    By quoting the downvoted post in full you "keep it visible" since unregistered users can read it inside your post, defeating the purpose of downvoting in the first place.
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  8. Thank you for explaining that to White Tara.
  9. White Tara Global Moderator

    Ah yes ofc :) Silly me, I really must remember to stop treating Scientology trolls as bots, a less linear approach is warranted.

    As amends I have gone back throughout this thread and removed the offending portion from each post where it originated and from each post where it was quoted. delightfully I am able to do, that as repetition makes it spam, placement in this thread makes it off topic, and your insistence you a troll. See! no censorship here ;)
  10. ...except for one, White Tara - your own.:eek:
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  12. The Wrong Guy Member

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  13. Come on Tony. Why is it you are just printing what other people writes. I thought you were a real journalist and wrote your own pieces. Are you running out of stuff to write about the cult?

    Maybe you should talk to your friend Mike Rinder and make him write your articles for you, wait, even better ... get Marty Rathbun to do it. He really write shitty :)

    Yes, bro ... I am calling you out.
    TO CO
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  14. crazy idea but hear me out ....TO's book sales were shitty, so the cult gave him some cashola to "gradiently" go softer and softer on them.

    Just listen to his recent podcast for how much kudos he gives the cult AND DM!
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  15. my only real concern would be if TO's blog has become a source of income for Tony by giving the OSA IPs and IDs :/
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  16. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Verb tenses. So hard when you haven't had basic English classes. They screwed you on your education but all is not lost- when you blow you can take English at a local community college.
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  17. Maybe I am not American? Or do you think there are no other countries in the fucking world?
    Fuck you, discriminating piece of shit.
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  18. [IMG][IMG]
  19. Give the guy a break. I am sure if he had posted pro-Ortega you would not have corrected him/her.
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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

  21. RightOn Member

    I enjoyed listening to Jesse's interview.
    I am confused tho...
    He said that DM doesn't have the skills to declare someone Clear. (Lisa McPherson)
    And that he doesn't know anything about auditing and such.
    Am I mistaken, or doesn't the story go that DM was a top auditor when he was 12 yrs old?
    Or was that just another shore story?
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  22. thesneakster Member

    Warning: the following contains a possibly boring description of Scientology organizational policies regarding auditor certifications:

    David "Darth Midget" Miscavige completed his Class IV Auditor Course and was on the Internship at St. Hill Org (UK) when he was 12 years old, correct. However,
    according to multiple sources who were St. Hill staff at the time, he slugged a female preclear in session and was summarily booted from that Internship for it.

    Since a provisional auditor certification expires one (1) year after course completion, unless the student completes the Internship for that course, DM lost the right to call himself a "Class IV Auditor" when his provisional cert expired. As far as I can tell, it is David Miscavige who was referred to in this quotation from SO ED 2344 INT The Story of a Squirrel: David Mayo.

    Ron Hubbard had only recently settled at Creston Ranch when the above was issued (20 August 1983) apparently in response to Mayo having opened his first Advanced Ability Center. At that time, DM was in control of the sole line of communication between Hubbard and the Church of Scientology.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
  23. The Wrong Guy Member

  24. The Wrong Guy Member

  25. I found that "business executive" one kind of pointless. Scientology's core business issue is that it is selling vaporware that will never be delivered. Their current strategy makes sense if they realize that they are better off trying to avoid actually selling their "product" (and therefore creating more expectations they can't meet) and just trying to get people to give them money instead.
  26. The Wrong Guy Member

    How Scientology hooks public officials on its addictive anti-drug front | The Underground Bunker


    Recently, we wrote about a police chief in a small Minnesota town who found himself being flown to Washington DC to be feted by the Church of Scientology and one of its celebrities, actress Erika Christensen. Why did he deserve this treatment? He was being celebrated because he had purchased anti-drug pamphlets from a Scientology front group, the Foundation for a Drug-Free World. After we wrote a couple of stories about how the police chief was being used in Scientology public relations, he had a change of heart and is no longer teaching the Foundation’s classes in his town. Now, contributor Jeffrey Augustine looks a little more closely at how Scientology uses the Foundation to lure in unsuspecting public officials.

    How does the chief of police of a small town in Minnesota find himself in Washington DC unwittingly promoting a Scientology “drug prevention” front group? It was the result of a well-designed Scientology program that is intended to lure unwary educators, law enforcement figures, and other overworked public officials tasked with drug education. This machine has ten parts:

    Continued here:
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  27. The Wrong Guy Member

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  28. anon8109 Member

    Finally, if the Church of Scientology drags its feet, send a complaint to the IRS using Form 13909. You do not need to let the Church know you are doing this. Include copies of all your e-mails and letters to show how the Church is ignoring or stalling.
  29. The Wrong Guy Member

    Augustine: One weird trick every Scientologist needs to learn for real ‘total freedom’ | The Underground Bunker

    Here are the last two paragraphs:

    The brutally honest answer as to why the Church of Scientology has gotten away with what it does to its members is simple: Scientologists consented to it. Even if that consent was coerced, not understood, given under compulsion or the threat of an SP Declare and disconnection, that consent allowed the Church to become the beast it is today. When Scientologists no longer consent to the Church’s brutality and abuse they leave by their positive acts of resignation or escape.

    The Church of Scientology is like a rigged casino: Thanks to its Constitutional protections, the odds are absolutely and irrevocably stacked in favor of the house. Like all rigged casinos, people will have some wins in Scientology; but over time the house takes everything. That is how the game is designed. The only way out is to resign from the Church and to withdraw one’s consent to be governed by the Church of Scientology’s rules.
  30. RightOn Member

  31. DeathHamster Member

    He's not really looking for a copy. An academic is looking for details about who made it and why.
  32. RightOn Member

    oh well, there is one on ebay:)
  33. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology rips apart families with its ‘disconnection’ policy — but why? | The Underground Bunker

    From Phil and Willie Jones to Brian Sheen to Lori Hodgson to the Headleys to so many others. We’re hearing from more and more people who have been affected by Scientology’s policy of “disconnection” that is ripping families apart. Our friend and frequent contributor Jeffrey Augustine has been looking into Scientology’s documents, as he does, and has been thinking about disconnection.

    Continued here:
  34. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Inc: L. Ron Hubbard Never Appointed David Miscavige as his Successor (Mark Fisher)

    Published by SurvivingScientology on June 28, 2016

    In this podcast Mark Fisher -- David Miscavige's former assistant for many years at the Corporate Liaison Office and later RTC -- discusses how L. Ron Hubbard never appointed David Miscavige as his Successor. Instead, Author Services Inc. was the privately-owned for-profit company David Miscavige used to stage a palace coup to take over RTC after the death of L. Ron Hubbard.
  35. The Wrong Guy Member

    Why does Scientology have no sense of humor? Because seriousness is a sacrament

    By Jeffrey Augustine, July 25, 2016

    L. Ron Hubbard had absolutely no sense of humor and hated what he called “Joking and Degrading.” Hubbard formalized this into a policy outlawing Joking and Degrading (J&D’ing) in the Church of Scientology.

    One of the first things Scientology does to a person is to outlaw and destroy their sense of humor.

    Continued here:
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  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    How Scientology plans to take over the world: By boring us to death, apparently

    By Jeffrey Augustine, October 2, 2016

    The Church of Scientology is challenged daily by the continuing negative exposure of its egregious and ongoing human rights abuses, unchecked greed, outright lies, and its Fair Game smear campaigns directed against its former members and critics. Rather than forthrightly addressing the very serious and abusive practices that are crippling and destroying the Church, Scientology has instead settled into a very predictable and rather boring PR strategy.

    Directed largely at its own members and disseminated through paid press releases and social media platforms, Scientology uses a highly repetitive and formulaic PR strategy with the help of its many front groups. We call it, “Smiling People Holding Scientology Booklets.”

    Continued here:
  38. GibbousWaxing Member

    Love that series of "photo op pose" pics. One thing I noticed in coverage of the Atlanta opening was that DM seemed to have acquired a permanent squint - too much Botox, or a botched surgical procedure? But when I looked at all those pictures at once, I started wondering:

    Is David Miscavige blind in his right eye?

    Now, I know I could be totally off, but when I look at all these pictures, he seems to be looking a little bit to one side or the other...with his left eye. While the right stays firmly fixed in the center.

    Could be a trick of the light, I don't know. Any photo experts want to weight in?
  39. The Wrong Guy Member

    Until the spaceships arrive, Scientologists measure cosmic success in framed glory

    By Jeffrey Augustine, October 25, 2016

    Previously, we discussed Scientology’s very predictable and rather boring PR strategy of taking photos of smiling people — often local police — holding Scientology booklets, such as The Way to Happiness. But there’s another standard Scientology public relations image we’re all very familiar with: Scientologists showing off their new certificates.

    Continued here:
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