Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by NotSoAnon, Mar 24, 2009.

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    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    27k miles would be ~ a trip to the inner Van Allen belts, and back.
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    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    I've participated in a number of volunteer activities. At best, we got t-shirts. At worst, a dried out cheese sammich and bottles of water.

    But, as a volunteer, I never expected to receive anything at all. I should choose my volunteer activities better. I never got no car!
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    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    Bill Luna's agenda UP now - assessor talking now.

    Stone going on and on about Sacremento government prior to this was ironic

    1:19 Taviliogne starts talking about cars.

    Buster brings up Sheriff's overtime (jeez,, how much of that is attributable to Gold Base)

    Ashley giving up car, Taviliogne giving up car..

    1:34 Stone on vehicles

    all his cars will be turned in
    fleet cars to utilize for county business
    talking about political expedience
    talks about his sister
    said if we paid her mileage it would have cost 4000 more versus giving her a car..he will be happy to hand over the report to the media

    Ashley giving back part of his salary..amount equal to 15 day furlough that others have to what about Stone????? No mention yet.
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    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    We all know what the situation is with Jeff Stone and his contradictions. The time for talk is over. The question now remains, what is going to be done about it? Are we just going to piss and moan about it or is something going to be done about it? He's not just going to get away with all this is he?
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    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    if his sister's hogging up so much mileage, then maybe the board ought to vote to cut off her mileage reimbursement. According to some Riverside report (which I cant find at the moment) all volunteer milegeage reimbursement programs are subject to the boards approval. Just cause she's a volunteer doesnt mean she automatically gets reimbursed.
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    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    It's not even necessarily about reimbursement - 27,000 miles is a lot, and will depreciate the value of the vehicle as a county asset.

    Does she record each trip and its mileage? If so, that should be accessible for investigation. I'd almost bet - if I had any money - that the records are either incomplete, missing, or not all "volunteer related business".
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    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    Well done from the dynamic Riverside duo women!

    "Ms. Bishop you have 10 seconds"

    "Ok. Everyone go google Jeff Stone's Changing Story"

    (and I love the old man that ends each rant with Thank You Ladies....every week)
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    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    paging anyone with contacts to AO..

    would be huge if she drove there in county vehicle.. Was the Stone fundraiser b4 the issue with his sister was brought up, if so there would be a good chance that she drove it there...

    any other political campaigning he did?.. what about the protest of that molester, was she there.. and drove the county car?
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    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    IMO, the best thing is for some Anons to become politically active in Rivercide. Work with whomever Stone will run against in his State Senate bid. VideoAnons could whip up political ads. After Stone is denied a Senate seat, focus on unseating him at the County level. This may require making sure he has a viable opponent for that Supervisor's seat in a few years. I also see the word "recall" here a lot -- can someone in Rivercide find out what it would take to force a recall election? If he faces a recall at the same time he's running for State Senate, just splitting his efforts alone could be lulzy.
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    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    Weird, how did I manage to fuck up my link and link back to this thread? Anyway, here's the thread with the pictures I was referring to where I can't see the car.

    Also, yes, the fundraiser was prior to the whole car issue coming out by a few weeks so there is a good possibility she drove there, I just can't see the car in any of the pictures AO posted on exscn, which is why I hope he has more.
  12. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    Lori Stone turned in her county vehicle but can still sign out and use county cars lol, there is a shocker!

    Article also says Jeff Stone, her brother, paid her about $65,000 a year. Wasn't it more like $100,000?

    ****This was news to me--"She also works on volunteer teams for the Sheriff's Department and district attorney's office." Which I found really interesting.

    Jeff Stone's son and sister work/volunteer at the DA's office. The DA that would not accept complaints for an attack on a protester at Gold Base.

    Jeff Stone's sister volunteers for the Sheriff's Dept. The Sheriff's Dept. that would not accept a complaint for an attack on a protester at Gold Base. The same Sheriff's Dept. who was given the last word on passing ordinance 884, after the lawyer involved in drafting it (no not you, Pamela Walls) Ablehoff(sp?) was shown to be one of scientologies lawyer puppets. Is this also the same Dept. that took the scientologist to harrass protesters while eating lunch in public?

    Jeff Stone's wife Regina is obviously on a very friendly basis with Katherine Frasier who is the PR person from Gold Base who likes to point out protesters for the police to arrest for no reason.

    REGION: Supervisors turn in some staff cars : North County Times - Californian 07-10-2009

    REGION: Supervisors turn in some staff cars
    Use of county car by Jeff Stone's sister had caused controversy

    By JEFF ROWE - | Friday, July 10, 2009 6:59 PM PDT ∞

    RIVERSIDE ---- Political campaigns sometimes turn on the unlikeliest of words, symbols and deeds. In the race for the state Senate's 66th District seat, the iconic element thus far has been an old car.

    A Ford Explorer with 100,000-plus miles on the odometer that was used by Lori Stone in her work as a volunteer has generated radio debates, editorials and proposed legislation in Sacramento.

    Lori Stone works on homelessness, women's issues, charity fundraising and other concerns for her brother, 3rd District supervisor and state Senate candidate Jeff Stone. She also works on volunteer teams for the Sheriff's Department and district attorney's office. In her work for the county, Lori Stone is a volunteer, but her big brother also counts on her as a political consultant and pays her from campaign contributions ---- about $65,000 a year, he said. No benefits. But the car attracted attention and became a campaign issue.

    County regulations allow volunteers to use county cars, and the state Fair Political Practices Commission says that's legal, but the policy nonetheless raised questions about the cost, wisdom and appearance of the practice.

    Assemblyman Joel Anderson, R-El Cajon, recently introduced legislation in Sacramento that would close what he says is a loophole in state law that allowed Stone's sister to use a county vehicle while working as a volunteer for her brother. Anderson hasn't formally declared himself to be a candidate for the state Senate seat, but he was billed that way in a speech earlier this month in Murrieta.

    Stone was furious at the legislation, saying it was clearly politically motivated. The bill ---- AB 1399 ---- originally focused on a voting concern, but was rewritten in May to focus on creating what he called a "bright line" regarding the use of county assets.

    Stone said three cars, including the one assigned to his sister, were turned in about two months ago. County officials confirmed that he and some other supervisors turned in county-operated vehicles assigned to particular staff members.

    Stone retains his county-issued Dodge Charger and figures he racks up about 33,000 miles a year on county business. His district stretches from Murrieta to the San Diego County line and eastward to Anza.

    For county business, his staff members and his sister still can sign out one of three cars assigned to his office from the county fleet. Use of the cars is charged against the supervisor's budget.

    Doug Baracz, assistant director of fleet services, says it usually is more economical for staffers and volunteers to use county cars rather than collect the 55-cents-per-mile reimbursement for using privately owned cars. Generally, he said, it costs the county about 31 cents per mile for county cars. That's partly because the county buys fuel in bulk and saves about 25 cents a gallon over the retail rate.

    While Stone says he's convinced his staff members' and sister's use of take-home county cars was cheaper for the county, it just became "way too political" to keep them, he said.

    Call staff writer Jeff Rowe at 951-676-4315, ext. 2621.

    Related links:

    REGION: Supervisor Stone seeking Sacramento seat

    RIVERSIDE: Stone says sister will remain on campaign

    REGION: Bill aimed at use of county car.
  13. Smurf Member

    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    The writing is on the wall. I hope the residents of Riverside County wise up & realize this is a precursor to how Jeff Stone will bilk the system if elected to the State Senate and taxpayers will be on the hook funding his sense of elitism.
  14. whosit Member

    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

  15. Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    Roses are red, violets are blue, Jeff Stone is a douchebag.
  16. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    {never mind; didn't see the older posts until too late}
  17. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    Impose sacrifice on all county unions | Local Views | | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California

    a few nuggets:

    "Supervisor Jeff Stone is willing to risk county-funded services except for those provided by the sheriff and the district attorney."

    " ....they [{Stone and Cronies}] have no business allowing pay raises and benefit increases in the Riverside County Sheriff's Department ("Plan digs deep to fund DA, sheriff's budgets," June 10)."

    "...remember that Stone made sure the Riverside County sheriff's staff got pay raises -- and that 1,000 workers from other departments may have been let go to pay for them."

    "Way to go Riverside County Board of Supervisors. Show the sheriff and district attorney who is in charge!"
    ^^all from article
  18. anonhuff Member

    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    Mr. Anderson should be forwarded relevant information.
  19. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    Is there any way to find out if Lori Stone had any other vehicle registered in her name during that time?

    Allowing her to use a county car for her volunteer work is one thing, but if that was her only mode of transportation, then mileage for personal activities is out of line.

    With her OWN car, the mileage for the volunteer work would have to recorded. No way that she could claim that her volunteer work was 24/7.
  20. AmNotaMouse Member

  21. AmNotaMouse Member

    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    Stone Fundraiser July 30th

    Jeff Stone July 30

    there may be other sooner dates as well
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    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister



  24. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    Jeffyboy obviously has issues with his appearance.

    Note that all campaign shots show him with a 'tache and beard - despite the fact that he's been clean shaven for ages!
  25. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    Any anons out there who want to show up at the supes meeting and ask Jeff Stone? I'm on the East Coast so that is my excuse lol. I wonder if 'anonymous' could get avid sent in and played some how?

    Or someone could hire a PI.... Except I am poor so, that is my other excuse. lol
  26. fitch2000 Member

  27. Lori Stone is weary...

    Prepare to shed a tear.

    HUNNEMAN: No rest for the weary

    HUNNEMAN: No rest for the weary : North County Times - Californian 07-12-2009

    Tissues available at the "Please Vote for Jeff Stone Even Though He's A Total Jerk" concession stand located next to the men's room on the bottom floor.
  28. xenubarb Member

    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    SDfags jurisdiction. We will make it so. But yanno, we're not territorial so help is welcomed to get Jeff Douche Stone out of the running.
  29. Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    From the comments section of this article:

    "Just say 'no' to JEFF STONE for State Senate. Jeff Stone is at the top of the pile of unethical, corrupt politicians in Riverside county. He has given his sister HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS from his campaign funds and has claimed he did it to honor his dying mother, and for his sisters "retirement" what a crock, and what a crook!"

    What a crock and what a crook.

    I like it.

  30. xenubarb Member

    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    Was this pic taken from his "I'm a biker, I ride a Harley, I ran the fuck up the tailpipe of a stopped car in the HOV lane" era?

    Or did he have a bit role in Wild Hogs?
  31. Smurf Member

    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    $1000 per person "Senatorial Supporter". Is this a sick joke???
  32. basil Member

    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    It's all about the money.

    No wonder he's so pally with Scientology.
  33. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    Why is that surprising? Here in Oregon, state House seat campaigns can run well into the hundreds of thousands of "dollars". A CA state Senate seat? $1000/ea fundraiser? Not surprising to me at all.

    Hate it or hate it, money rules politics. The only thing (maybe) more powerful than money is votes -- and money generally gets you votes (and, to some extent, vice versa).

    Now, let me bury y'all in blab.

    The tl;dr of what follows is: Stone and Anderson probably both think Anderson is the front-runner here; Stone wants as much time as possible to try to change that. Hard to read too far beyond that, but see below for my strainings at gnats, FWTW.

    Disclaimer #1: I'm not from CA so this race really isn't my business and I certainly don't know jack about the district or the issues or people there.

    Disclaimer #2: I'm not a campaign expert.

    Bearing those in mind, if you can find someone better than I, take their advice instead of mine. In the meantime, I think I may have some helpful perspective to add to this race, since I have been politically active in the GOP for over a decade and have worked in several campaigns, including primaries. So, here are a few things I drew from the article about the 3 contenders for the state Senate seat. I'm hoping to give everyone here a feel for how this race looks to a Republican.

    Republicans LOVE Ramos and Compean. Big points to Anderson for this.

    So, basically this primary is the election. The primary winner will have a huge edge going into the general and would have to fall flat on his face to lose. I'd expect more money and more press attention on this primary compared with other primaries in more competitive districts. That means the contenders will have bigger budgets and tighter ani about wanting to pass every possible smell test. No kookiness, no Mickey Mouse stuff. Come dressed to play; play to win. Money and power and backroom deals win; standing on sidewalks with homemade signs loses (not to say it shouldn't be done, just that it won't be part of any winning strategy per se).

    So he's got broad support from established politicians. (This is probably the main reason he feels comfortable being such an ass in the meetings, IMO. Who are you "unfortunate people" compared to those movers and shakers?) He will tap them for lots of things, not just endorsements. Phone lists, emails to their supporters, etc.. This is probably his real power base: his connections. Not broad grassroots support.

    So he really wants to run against Anderson, and doesn't want to mention Dickson. Chafing to get it started between Stone vs. Anderson. Can't wait. Basically bullbaiting Anderson (LOL).

    Now, if we assume that this race is not competitive, none of this really matters. I'm going to assume that it is competitive, or at least that Stone views it as competitive; my comments are based on that assumption.

    So, Stone is worried about Anderson beating him. He wants the race to be perceived as Stone vs. Anderson, freezing out Dickson. He also wants the 2-man race to start yesterday. That probably means he think's he's behind and needs to have some time to work on catching up.

    Now for Dickson:
    OK, this guy smells like a wildcard to me. First off, the Republican Assembly tends to be more traditionally and seriously conservative (Reagan/Goldwater, not Bush/Dole, for example). They know what they want and believe, and why, and they love debating about it. Issues voters, not worshippers of power. Political Tea Party types. My people, in essence -- or, as close as we usually get within the broad strokes of the halls of power. :) Dickson touts his family when talking about his campaign; Stone's family is a potential campaign liability due to the flap over his sister. Republicans love families.

    Also, the fact that Stone, who we already saw has many powerful allies, was trying to establish a 2-man race freezing out Dickson really piques my interest. Dickson has announced he's running; Anderson hasn't, yet Stone talks up a Stone-Anderson race. Hmmm. Is Dickson just a spoiler here? Does he have a chance? The story says that a reporter suggested Dickson's candidacy would probably hurt Stone more than Anderson (note the lack of mention of the possibility of Dickson winning), which characterization does suggest to me that at least that reporter views Dickson only as a spoiler and, further, supports the idea that Stone may be trying to steer conservative support away from Dickson early in order to consolidate that support behind himself to take out his (anticipated) main rival Anderson.

    An issues-voter-type who is running "because he has the time now" is just the kind of "complication" a greasy pol hates. Stone evidently doesn't want this to be a 3-way race. If he's going to try for the populist/outsider aspect against the (presumably, due to his already being in the CA Assembly vs. Stone's county official seat) more-entrenched Anderson, Dickson the even-more-grassroots guy sounds like the kind of opponent who could undermine that ploy. So, keep an eye on Dickson. Support for him could be support taken away from Stone, according to this article. OTOH, see below for why that might be misdirection IMO.

    Yeah, Anderson is obviously viewed as the chief opponent to Stone here; he's (if he runs) the politically-connected opponent facing the also politically-connected Stone.

    Also, why would Anderson mention his Republican party involvement here unless he is indeed running? Stone is probably right about that, then.

    Kowell agrees:
    Kowell = a Republican Assembly (RA) leader, so Anderson will have some real support there. The fact that Kowell said those comments after the meeting is significant; it means Stone's speech did not win over Kowell (and presumably he wasn't alone) at all. Dickson evidently didn't either, reinforcing the notion that he's not viewed as a serious contender, but I would stop short of concluding that based only on what we see here. However, if that's the case, Stone may actually not be worried about him, per se, and may only be trying to get the 2-man race started because he wants as much time as possible. If that's the case, he must be feeling like an underdog; if you have the lead, the clock is your enemy (sports fans know this!). Anderson's stalling would tend to reinforce this idea, if Anderson also views Anderson as currently in the driver's seat.

    What's odd to me is that Kowell's RA support for Anderson, rather than for Dickson, isn't seen in this article as an indicator that Dickson's candidacy could actually pull more from Anderson than from Stone. Anderson and Dickson appear to be the ones more appealing to the RA; Stone, evidently less so. So I would think both Dickson and Anderson would garner support from RAers, making them the "primary primary opponents" with Stone looking to take on whichever of them can draw the broad conservative support. Seems like everyone expects that to be Anderson. I'm left confused, then, over why Dickson's campaign would be presumed to be such a stumbling block for Stone. I'd think Stone would welcome it and encourage a 3-way race if Dickson draws from the same base as Anderson. Reporter agendas getting inserted into the narrative, perhaps? Dunno. Probably there's just more to the situation than I can glean from 1 article.

    Once again, I'm just an armchair interloper playing political guru here, and going from a very small data set. Anyone in a better position to know the score with this race is invited to trump my take. Meantime, the above is hopefully slightly better analysis than you'll get from a magic 8-ball.
  34. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    Attempt to TL;DR the previous post for action:
    - Support both Dickson and Anderson (to avoid the 2 men race)
    - Provide Dikinson with ammo about Stone's involvement with special interest groups (incl. sientology)
    - Provide Anderson with ammo about Stone being a liability for the party.
  35. AmNotaMouse Member

    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    Jeff Stone's pathetic senate website here:

    Jeff Stone for State Senate

    the quote under his pathetic pic should read:

    "Hi!, my hands are in the cookie jar"
  36. xenubarb Member

    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    Stone only has clout in Riverside County, where a handful of people wield all the power. He has no cred in San Diego County and will have to win it over in order to win.

    We shall see that Mr. "Mystery Meat" Dickson is well informed about the stuff Stone is ignoring in his constituency. Someone ain't gonna like it.
  37. eddieVroom Member

    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    I'd expect that any truly effective "talking points" we can initiate in the primary will be picked up by whomever Stone runs against from the Democratic Party, if he should happen to win the primary. Which is to say, we get two shots at him, and the work done now won't have to be entirely redone if he isn't knocked out in the first round.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    Why don't we juice up Stone's campaign a notch?? Send out notices that Jeff Stone has hired a new campaign manager.

  39. Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    Why Lori makes the big bucks:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Lori Stone Homeless[/ame]
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Jeff Stone - Riverside Supervisor pays "volunteer" sister

    A. Nice catch RiF

    B. This is how I will choose to picture Lori from now on:


    C. I am going to go out on a limb and state that I think the "news" team messed up the original meaning of this statistic. 30% of families with children are homeless? :


    National Coalition for the Homeless <--- where the statistic came from.

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