Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Magoo, May 12, 2008.

  1. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Keep up the good fight everybody, we all know people are starting to see through the BS. There dropping like flies. Imagine all the talent agents that have celebrities that are Scilones as client's. They must be in panic mode to. They have be telling them about all this. How long can they really stay affiliated with the CO$.
  2. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Oh hushpuppy. She's damn good troll though. Got my goat, I'll admit.
  3. CherrieZ Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    So who paid us to picket the Vatican??!! I think my cheque got lost in the mail :(

    I'm sure we can come up with tons of EPIC LULZ signage for the next protest from this info!!
  4. WindandGhosts Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    It seems I was beaten with a hilarious YT video.

    This is just my opinion, but I'm voting for more lies personally. I want the CoS to lie so hard and ridiculously that NOTHING they say is believable. That they start seeking the truth for themselves, rather than accepting what is said. I want them to be lied to so much, that they are forced to seek answers outside of what they are told.

    And then they can finally learn, they've been lied to all along. Let the CoS discredit themselves. They don't need us to do that. I'm voting for a mass disinformation effort, of grand absurdity.

    If it's silly enough, eventually they will tell the "public" who we REALLY are, and they will slip up. A CoS spokesperson will say something completely unbelievable. The public will join our side/think they are more nuts than they already are.

    Any creative ideas on what information to feed them? Make it believable, but silly at first. Then keep upping the ante.

    Then again, I just like fucking with people's heads, so maybe this request is selfish.

    Can an ex-sci clarify, Ladybird mentioned something about a "bank memory"? Or something similar? What is that?
  5. cowdog Member

  6. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    what's the current rate of zork to euro?
  7. Daywatch Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    there is no "current" zorks exist outside of space/time and will occasionally manifest as caek on teeeegeeeeack
  8. Flynn Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Um guise. The first Marcabian rule of Flight Club is that we don't talk about Flight Club. :whistle:

    These aren't the droids you're looking for.
  9. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Umm wat is the video about? I cannot watch it where I am at.... bwaaaaa
  10. Spangly Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Pippi: For your benefit, I shall Cats And Puppies the handily-provided transcript, thusly:
    (it's another Robo-Voice video, the visuals are pretty but nonspecific)

    It has been noted that Scientology informs its members that the Anonymous movement is the personal army of pharmaceutical companies and are thus paid for their activities.

    Anonymous responds to these allegations.

    Hello, leaders of Scientology and its parishioners, we are Anonymous.

    It has come to our attention that new information regarding our origin has been detected and spread out amongst your ranks. To avoid further confusion, we will now share the open truth and confirm what has leaked out, unlike the denial you perform regarding your own methods.

    You claim that we are hired by certain companies instead of gathering together to do what is right. And this is correct, let me share our story.

    Under the rule of a pharmaceutical company that will remain anonymous, we have been hired to dismantle the Church of Scientology in its present form. However, as humans themselves were not up for this mission, the company had no choice but to resort to us, the Marcabians. Three hundred of our men and women were transported to planet Earth with upgraded Xenu Vesuvius ships , you know, those DC8-like spacecrafts, just a bit better as our technology continues to advance.

    Under a wage of 42000 Marcabian Zorks on a monthly basis, which converts to 67 dollars under the current inflation within the Galactic Confederation, we wage war.

    So far this battle has been one-sided and you have suffered greatly. Not all is lost however, as we Marcabians are notorious for our lack of loyalty.

    Our suggestion is this, if you wish for this war to stop.

    We demand that each 300 of us are paid 53000 Marcabian Zorks on a monthly basis, along with social benefits and a thirteenth month.

    Should you fail to comply with this offer, it will leave us with no choice than to stick with the current campaign and continue with our onslaught of information and demonstrations, whilst being paid to do so.

    On a last note, we apologise for the reintroduction of Rick Ashtley. It just so happens that on our homeplanet he recently aquired the popularity that was seen on Earth twenty years ago. It is our prediction that Cindie Lauper will rise high on the charts there within the next three weeks, but we will take precautions to ensure this will not reach the inhabitants of planet Earth.

    Thank you for your time.

    We are Anonymous.

    We are really Marcabians

    We do not fight for free

    We would prefer more money

    Expect us
  11. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

  12. elvanon Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    "Yeah, we're great at youtube videos, just not great at promoting them.

    Too bad, really.

    It would be the #1 way to reach the public. Make a provocative video that educates the public about what we are, and what scientology is, and then HAMMER it with views and favorites and 5 star ratings."

    How about a video with the list of press release stuff they have made...

    First we are internet terrorists who read Mein Kampf and The Comunist Manifesto who sent fake anthrax and bomb threats..

    Then we are a religious hate group.
    Now they are saying drug companies paid us to read Mein Kampf and protest and make bomb threats? ORLY?
    Or they are saying we are a small group of protestors paid by the hour?

    What the hell are they trying to say? Show the complete nonsense and their changing story that never jives with anything else they say.

    Edit: The Marcab stuff would add something totally non comprehensible for the general public. Scilons would understand maybe if they were told about that, one post on ARS mentioned it that was all.
  13. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    K thank You!!!! Now how do I sign up to be a Marcabian?? oh wait, I just rememberd...its been inprinted on my brain by lots of images (where they TV or what?)
  14. eksef Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    After 12+ protests, let's see how far their lies can go before it falls apart. Really, you can only lie for so long about something that keeps happening. It's a sleeping footbullet waiting to happen.
  15. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Great video! Where do I pick up my check? Are they taking out taxes?
  16. gf1570 Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Well, I almost feel bad tossing my two cents in so late in the thread, but I have some observations and opinions I would like to share about this inside information.

    First though, I would like to commend whoever is on the inside leaking information. Being there is, by itself, a risk to one’s sanity, but to try to play the role of “double agent” as well…. In that environment, I very much feel for the mental gymnastics that must require. Even if they never encounter any physical danger, the psychological danger alone, make me shudder a bit. So, all credit to them for being willing to help in this fashion, and all credit to Tory and Jason and all the other ex members who put themselves out there to deal with an issue that must be very tempting to just let go and try to forget about. My respect.

    On to this tidbit of info. PR-wise, the manufactured bomb threats were a better bet. Obviously, this pay-for-protest ploy is only useful as an internal PR item. The average person on the street is going to hear that one and, at best, say hunh? At worst, they will likely laugh. Lord, if the average person on the street hears this and tries to look it up, they will get as far as, “the psychs started WW2 and the holocaust”, and they will never take Sci Inc. seriously again. There are a few issues where scilons come off as conspiracy theorist nut jobs, and this is one of them.

    Far from being concerned about Sci Inc. trying to make any PR about the idea, I would encourage it. This is far from alarming. I would PAY MONEY to see Davis get back on Nightline and confidently tell the world that Anons are paid by the same maniacs who engineered the holocaust. OMFG, the footbullet would be utterly inoperable. You want to make a point to passerby’s at a protest? Lead a scilon handler down that conversational path. Anyone listening nearby will either shake their heads or will need a paper bag as they hyperventilate with laughter. Best of all, get it on tape and youtube it.

    Here’s a protest sign…. “Your local school psychologist is paying us to protest Scientology Inc. as part of a greater global conspiracy against them. To apply to become a well paid professional protester, apply here in person or at

    I know, ridiculously wordy, but a great way to get people to check out what’s going on! Mention money! LOL!

    As far as internal effects, as many have already pointed out, those on the inside are not going to hear anything other then the party line until they are ready. The short term bonus though, is that it is so ridiculous and unprovable (obviously) on the face of it, that in the real world they will look silly as hell trying to put it out there.

    Thus, I say, don’t just ignore it, draw them out on it whenever practical. It will only make them look a bit off their collective rockers to the folks on the street.
  17. Flynn Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    thought everyone was notified of the new payment method.
  18. Anon23517 Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    It's the 'thank you for your time' that really makes it special. :rofl:
  19. supafreak Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    That means a percentage of my cake goes to the tax man...OMG nnnnnoooooooo!!! :lol:
  20. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous


    I say have signs that say

    Scientology tell the Truth

    Anonymous are Financed by the
    Pharmaceutical Industry

    The German Government


    The Marcabs

    • Scientology don't understand Satire.

    • The Public will say "wtf that's insane"

    • -- to which the reply is "yes. let me tell you about X. It's Crazy!"
  21. Magoo Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Drums of war..............

    ROTFLOL!! :alien: That is a w e s o m e!!!'s what I say:





    AND WE DO GET PAID!!!!!!!!!!


    ALL WELCOME: JUST THINK, *YOU* could get PAID, TOO! :cheers:

  22. anonspitfire Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    its funny, instead of informing themselves on what their up against, they underestimate us and keep lying... wheres the logic on that?
  23. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    yeah!!!!! Direct deposit please.:colbert:
  24. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Videos: I am Anonymous. I work in an office. I rally for free speech. I do this a for freedom. I do it for free

    Iam Anonymous: I like puppies and kitties and calling my mom on the weekend. Sea Org, when was the last time your talked to you mom? I dont get paid to protest. I do it because I think---"

    etc etc.

    Signs: We are Anonymous. We work for FREE. For Freedom.

    etc etc
  25. Wrathlon Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Haha I wish I was getting paid, I've spent hundreds of my own dollars protesting.
  26. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Seriously. I need moneys. Pay me, Xenu!
  27. Thetan Ass Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Don't worry, I put all the money collected @ Saturdays raid that was supposed to go to Gregg in your account...whores and blow. Go git u sum.:roll:
  28. nnemus Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Xenu's can't pay you right now he's investing very heavily in Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and Eli Lilly. Plus he's kind of, like, trapped in a volcano or something, surrounded by an eternal force field :wink:

    Free Xenu, we must get paid!
  29. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Get t-shirts made up with your age and a general description fo where you work... mine would be... 40 and I'm a DJ


    Get t-shirts made up that says, "I joined a scientology protest and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!"
  30. tokanon Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Haven't read this whole thread - Just a suggestion - maybe it's too much trouble or it wouldn't work - but I had an idea about the individual orgs not telling the staff that the protests are global/that it's just afew college kids: ie - Extend the postcard campaign.

    1) get the best pic you can of your local protest including the scientology building in the background.
    2) print it onto cards
    3) mail it to several orgs the other side of the world with a message on the back saying "Look what happened here in LA/Sydney/London/Amsterdam -HUGE CROWDS of protesters are here every month"

    Also Australia Anons could send postcards to scientology staff in other countries saying, 'did you know James Packer just blew? you can too' with the web address for: Ex Scientologist Message Board - Powered by vBulletin'
  31. avatar2008 Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Dear Scientologists,

    You sir are an idiot.
    If Pharmaceutical companies really were running the show? They would not be paying protestors. No. That would be downright stupid and cost inefficient.

    We are talking full page ads in TV, Radio and Internet, congressional inquiries and police investigations into every aspect of your lives. Every ad of Prozac and insulin will instead be an ad to investigate Scientology and its past and deeds. Lobby groups lobbying on behalf of pharmaceutical companies will be lobbying for the investigation of Scientology and your connections not for greater access to prescribing drugs to the American public.

    Anonymous would not have the difficulty getting defence funding for Gregg, Ath and Roscharch.

    The entire judicary of the state of Florida will be investigated for their connections to Scientology and their activities.

    Have any of these things happened? No.
    Therefore, think up better conspiracies please.
  32. avatar2008 Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    I vote for printing out this theory in signages for all (Joe Public) to lol.
    And join us for the monies (For Joe Clueless)
  33. Magoo Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    GREAT IDEA! Thanks :alien:

  34. CherrieZ Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous



    ****Naaaaaa, no not REALLY!!!!!!! I'm just pullin' ur leg :guyfawkes: This is WAY to entertaining to give up for 'money'!!!!!!!

  35. Anondelivers Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Recruit more, the more people we have protesting the harder it is for the people in to believe that we're all getting paid by psychs.

    Also make sure you know how to answer to scilon queries in protests and mini-raids! If you know what you are talking about you're going to be a lot more convincing.
  36. FL_ANON Member

  37. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Guys, I just got my check for Saturday's protest. I immediately used it to lure a couple of people off the street to my laboratory where I forced them to undergo electroshock therapy, without their consent. I then performed lobotomies on all of them.

    I just have to give a huge shout out to the pharmaceutical companies who paid me money! More forced electroshock therapies and lobotomies to come. Xenu will rise again, courtesy of this Marcabian!
  38. Ironhead Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    My accountant, Gorlock, has told me that the exchange rate from Marcabian Zorks, to Canadian Dollars is great this week! I wonder if it will show up in dollars or in zorks on my T4 tax form this year?
  39. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Hey Im not on payroll, someones slacking!

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