Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Magoo, May 12, 2008.

  1. Magoo Member

    Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    I just got off the phone with Jason, and this is to Anonymous:

    Ok, Jason has a reliable Sea Org person who is still "in" who just told him this about Anonymous:

    The STAFF were briefed about Anonymous telling them that:
    - "There is just a small number of Anonymous and they are ONLY picketing because they are getting paid".(This is their utterly FALSE lie Scientology spreads about critics/SPs
    once they consider them a threat-that they're doing it because they're "getting paid", which is a **total** lie). So the "why" For why you all are picketing is "you are getting paid".
    ((From me:
    (Scientology ALWAYS has to find what they call a "Why", or reason something exists. Supposedly a 'why' will handle the situation, however most of the time it doesn't. IF it did, Scientology wouldn't be in the horrific state they are in, eh?))

    As Jason said, Here's why this is SO important: They are
    LYING about Anonymous now,
    Jason said this SO member told him they're telling people the ONLY reason you're picketing is because you are getting paid. "If someone paid Anonymous to picket _____ you'd be there", Scientology said in this private "Briefing".

    ((And from me re this:This is the same thing OSA has done many critics and SPs, just a few who are myself (It's on my SP declare and a TOTAL lie) and Arnie, to just mention a few of the many they've lied about re this.
    When "in"----I used to say it about Bob Minton, when I was working
    for OSA: I'd say, "I'm sure he's getting paid by the psychs". That
    was a FLAT OUT LIE____but I honestly believed it to be true)).

    Today, totally separate from Jason, a lady called me who has family
    "in". She told me they'd told her daughter, "Oh, Anonymous is just a
    small group of dumb college students"

    So Jason suggested (and I think it's an excellent idea, too) that
    "You all figure out a bright idea to dead agent (or make null, as they
    are trying to do with you all) this :bs: PR Campaign they are running
    on both staff, and public about Anonymous".

    "You need to get out WHO YOU ALL ~REALLY~ ARE. That you are a real life, grass roots, organic movement 10,000 person's strong, internationally speaking out".

    This can be done via media, brochures, letters to public, signs at pickets, youtube videos which you all are GREAT at, flash pickets (as that catches the public off guard) and
    ALL Over the Net. I'd suggest all critics and "SPs" speaking out also
    mention this. The more it is mentioned, the more it will be heard, and

    Oh! Also, just FYI: You all have literally done this NOT getting paid,
    and on your own dimes (and dollars). The organization known as the "church" of scientology .........for their last event.......paid $400,000
    to have an attendance of 10,000 world wide!

    There's more.......but he wanted me to post this right now, so there ya go.

    Thanks for ALL that you are doing.

  2. Kambridge Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Yes I am getting paid.
    my salary is the number of people that have blown, are blowing, or is thinking about blowing. SO yes dear fucktarded crooks of Scientology I am being paid...a mighty fine wage.
  3. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Is he saying don't wear masks? I'm confused. How do I tell them who I am without revealing my identity? If I'm too vague it's a lie, if I'm too accurate, they namefag me... I guess I misunderstand.
  4. OSA|Jenny Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Oh lord, the abuse of bold, colors and smilies offends my eyes. Good information though.
  5. Drums of War Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    I don't think we need to do anything more than we're already doing. We will NOT convince Scientologists that we're in fact not being paid, they would believe their superiors even if it was claimed that we're descendants from fricking Xenu.

    Anyone outside of Scientology with their brains functioning know that we don't get paid, simple as that.

    We are the internet, they pissed us off, we pissed back. That's all there is to it.
  6. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    hopefully they don't find out we are secretly flying 300 people along the horizon during sunrise on the protest days. The Pyschs we very nice to let us use that secret upgraded xenu Concorde to let us hit the planet along the timezones.

    Why do you think we strike at 11am local time instead of GMT? I mean seriously, haven't they caught on that it's all the same guys? I mean the masks are always the same.
  7. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Well, then we only got 1/10 of the support here... what happened? You had to hit all of texas at once?
  8. zosozodiac Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    I wouldn't call being paid considering how many Marcabian Zorks it takes to get one US dollar.
  9. censor Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    dear nazi-pharma-psych-german-ministry-of-the-interior-secret-service,
    please make the check payable to "Anonymous", k? kthx!
  10. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    I got Paid for my TIME.

    and well paid at that, i now live in a Future where Scientology is only found in the history books.
  11. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Maybe the next person on the radio with Pat Harney can casually mention the fact that everything we do comes out of pocket. Our own pockets.
  12. anon1957 Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    While it is great fun to hear this, we already know what the Cult is telling people in the inside.

    And afaik, Anonymous is doing everything Jason suggested.

    So I am confused. Is he saying to keep doing it? Or is there something that is not being done that he thinks would be effective.

    I know what my next batch of postcards are going to say. (cost of postcard .10. Cost of postage .37. All out of this anons own bank account. You should know by now not to believe everything you are told without checking it out yourself. Come up to the present time.)

    PS: Speaking of getting the message out, NYC is the media capital of the world, and so far the only ex who has shown up at a protest (other than ex anons, who are well, anon) has been a Freezoner who believes that Anonymous are reincarnated "real" scientologists! It would be awesome if Jason could pay a visit to his motherfucking home town say around June 14th! And maybe be available for some big media coverage....
  13. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    this and letting it be known to scilons who approach or that anon's come in contact with
  14. IJANON Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    IF we are to convince the public of exactly how strong anon. is in numbers. It requires news coverage on the numbers turning up to global raids and protests.

    This will happen in time, and many people are actively influencing the press to print stories concerning anon. .

    The problem we have, is with people that take the word of the $cifags, over their own common sense (or googles). Those people are the $cifags, and the future $cifags.
  15. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    But as a kind of Psy-ops, why would it be bad for them to believe the whole Marcab=>Psychiatrists=>Bundesnachtrichrendienst=>Anonymous scenario? Then when they talk about this (minus Marcab) it quickly becomes apparent that they are delusional. I think it may be good for them not to know our true nature. No?
  16. D... Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Not really new; there's been confirmation about this before. Dutch spokeswoman said it to a paper, London guy said Scilon told him, and in a recent radiobroadcast in Boston- revealed that they believe the same thing. I think Canada had a similar experience 5/10

    All I got to say to that is, if that's true I want fucking in. It actually does cost me money every time I go down to protest.

    I don't want to make this campaign about us. The more effort we try to make us look pretty, the more effort we make into something useless. It will be near impossible to change Scientologists' mind anyway, not without a long heart to heart in person. And I don't think the public will believe it anyway, they aren't crazy. The only reason they haven't hit the papers with that conspiracy theory is because they know it will make them sound nuts.
  17. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    If they said this to any one in the real world they'd laugh.

    So thanks Jason, I'm not exactly sure how we prove a negative though.
  18. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    I was thinking about a situation where someone claims to me that I'm there just for money because I'm a broke college student.

    Trying to break their logic is hard but you could try by saying "Ok, I'm playing along, let's say I'm here just because I'm being paid. If you are ready for truth, you should play along too, right? Right, so... Offer me money. Seriously, offer me money to go away."

    Then ofcourse you will not go away because of money since you are not there to earn anything. Simple.
  19. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Do we have any concrete ideas on how to discredit this?

    either way, the more pressure we put on them, the more lies they will have to come up with, and the more contradictions will arise, and the more likely they will be to begin to doubt. It's all good...
  20. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Flash raid more. That's when you get to talk to (at) staff, that's when you can plant seeds of doubt.

    Mention how draining it is to make 2000 copies of fliers twice a week when you're a student, for example. You can't afford to take a fancy vacation, so you're doing this for shits and giggles all summer instead. You'd stay all night, but the 2 hour bus that gets you back home stops running at 7. Etc.

    How can this be true if you're rolling in German coin?

    Don't beat them over the head about it, because then it starts to sound like a cover story in reaction to their nonsense, but just let it slip.

    Hell, try some of that reverse psychology from the Plymouth thread; tell them it's essential for Phase 2/Invasion Countdown/Xenu's resurrection/whatever that they believe you're being paid by the pharmaceutical companies.
  21. nnemus Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Thanks so much for the information Tory :smile:
    This just shows how insular and totalitarian scientology really is. I do wish I got paid to protest scientology, but sadly no. Still, it's fun and I do believe that in the long run it will help some people.

    Hold on, Tory if you could possibly request more information who do they say is paying us?
    I know the obvious answer is a super-secret cabal of powerful and evil psychiatrists but I'd still like to know :grin:
  22. anonEmouser Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Just ask "where did they get their information?"

    Also, how much are we getting paid to risk getting stalked and harrassed by the dangerous cult? Doesn't seem like you could pay me enough if I was just in it for the profit motive. I mean, these guys are sinister, creepy, and are some nasty Mafia organization.
  23. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    That won't work. Might as well ask the pope where he gets his information from. The best way to get people to doubt the source of information is to get them to doubt the information.
  24. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Well shit, if Anonymous is supposed to be getting paid (old news) why hasn't anyone sent me my reimbursement check for my itemized expenses?!!?!?! :rant:

    Hmm.. This gives me an idea for a sign: "Anonymous Protests Freely" or some shit. That and the sign "Maybe it's not your fault the Tech doesn't work." An SF anon had that killer sign. LOL

    I will move this thread to general discussion soon.
  25. Robert S Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    I am a 54 year old salesman from Chicago who has a grand daughter and blew Scientology 33 years ago and I am NOT a college kid.

    Um.... like that?
  26. Anon Char Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    We are paid in CAEK! :cake:

    Yeah, I'm just waiting for the check to clear in the mail.

    They Pay me in UEROS and British Pound Sterling, Dollar is too weak ATM.
  27. number 6 Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    We're really making them sweat. F*** yeah!
  28. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    I'm getting paid in lulz and great justice.

    I think the best way to prove we are not in this for money or some trivial reason is by talking to them. At flashraids, protests, on the internet wherever we can.We don't need to advertise to the outside world what we are (any more than we are already doing), because we are not the message. If there is a way to get the message to the Scilons I'd be behind it, but as we all know, their info is all tightly controlled.
  29. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous


    Its great and hilarious when stuff like this comes out. Makes me want to get people to do dress up at the next protests like sigmund freud, and hand out giant cardboard cheques to anons from psychindustries.

    Other than that, the SO is lying. My shock is absent. The so had been lying to the rest of scientology for freaking years, about almost everything. Of course they are lying.

    Sea org spy needs to keep these lulz coming.
  30. Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    You hit the nail on the head - we don't need to pretty ourselves up.
  31. Major Boyle Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    This proves the old adage: if you can't get laid, at least get paid.
  32. anonymoose Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Just what kind of fucked up world must they live in to believe that that's possible? i mean, it doesn't make any kind of sense.

    If pharmaceutical companies were paying us, why are we "only a few people"? They could afford to send an army.

    If pharmaceutical companies have a problem with CoS, why on earth would they choose to manifest this by paying people to picket? Surely that's the least effective way of dealing with the situation?

    It's a lame story. FAIL.

    What I don't understand is that OSA must trawl these boards and other places planning happens. They must be able to plainly see the truth. Surely. They know its bullshit.
    The disconnect between the shady pharmaco shills they are told we are and the bunch of talented, determined, juvenile idiots we plainly are (well I am, you can be pissy about that if you want) must be immense. So QUIT! You know you want to! You want the delicious caek and the lulz....quit now.....
  33. MrToad Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    I wonder how they reconcile the 'small number of Anonymous' with a hundred simultaneous protests worldwide? Math is not part of the tech?

    But then Tommy Davis already let that lie out of the bag on CNN when he talked of 'a lot of people erm I mean a small number of people'.
  34. theramin Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    Sounds like we need some stats on the demographics of anonymous collected in a way that doesn't allow for the profiling of individuals (no point in making namefagging easier).

    ADMIN/MODERATORS - How secure is the polling feature on Enturb? Is it anonymized? Does it log ip addresses?

    Suggested data to collect for bragging purposes

    Age (already being done)
    Current religion
    Past religions
    Education level
    Are you getting paid to protest

    All of the above as checkbox responses to keep things standard. The following as an open questions so people can be as detailed as they like.

    - why do you protest

    - what are the three most important changes Scientology needs to make before you'll stop protesting

    N.B. This stuff's off the top of my head. Hive can do better.

    Final question re payment - I know the current exchange rate is 6 Ningy' to 1 Pugh, but how many Pugh can I get for a Marcabian dollar? ;->
  35. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    New signage:

    I paid my own way to get here.
    You paid your own way to get...where?
    Over a bridge that has no end?
  36. supafreak Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    I get paid to cover my costs (transport, flyer/card printing, internet access)? Riiiight. Please send me a cheque care of the Fartwinds. :razz:

    And as for the "dumb college student" remark, that's "dumb professional" to you, Scienos. :razz:
  37. Snake Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    God dammit! I won't get paid this month if I don't meet my blown quota!!!! How am I suppose to feed my meth and porn addictions????
  38. nnemus Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    According the demographics at quantcast most people who visit this website are between the ages of 35-64 :p
    This probably isn't accurate though...
  39. subgenius Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    I am a 57 year old disabled and retired lawyer.

    Yeah, I think that's what he means.
    Boy, that would make a good video:
    "I'm a ______________, and I am anonymous."
  40. AnonLover Member

    Re: Jason Beghe's Inside TIP re Anonymous

    i can understand jason concerns, i've seen this "your getting paid" comment popping in videos and online comment wars more and more.but also agree - it's not easy to fight a negative unless you can make it look silly & foolish. so one thought that comes to mind is that whenever an anon gets media attention - make a big joke about getting paid, play it up that that's the funniest part of, part of lulz.

    if we can make it seem like we enjoy the hell out it, then maybe they'll got back to the more wackjob remarks about anons being terrorists that make then look alot more stupid.

    that said - the more important news here is that jason is getting information. he's not being totally shut out. somebody of decent rank is reaching out to him, so he still has an "in" and that could be imporant in more ways than one later on down the road.

    dont sweat the small stuff jason - the public awareness anonymous brings to the outside world is a much bigger problem to the Co$ as a whole than whatever cheap PR tricks they play on those still stuck inside. sooner or later either us or the media will squeeze them hard enough that the crap their telling to those stuck on the inside "doesnt add up" and it will work itself out.

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