Japfags, HALP!

Discussion in 'Translation and Text Composition Projects' started by Anorumi, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Anorumi Member

    Japfags, HALP!

    I'm going to begin translating into Japanese. Can anyone help me here? We can assign sections to be done at a certain deadline. I'll be going over my work with native speakers, but the site, while simple, has a lot of difficult concepts to translate into Japanese. Any professionals willing to donate time?
  2. If you're asking about 'thetans' or 'marcabs', you might just use the English word (and the Japanese equivalent in parentheses or whatever).

    Have you considered reading Aum Shinrikyo's material? That's got to have some creepy resonance for the Japanese.
  3. Anorumi Member

    Stuff like Thetans and Marcabs are easy enough to translate. It's the abbreviations that I'm going to have a problem with. For instance, how best to translate RPF? I could write it out in katakana, but it's a meaningless bunch of syllables to them.

    I know about the Shinrikyo cult. That's how I've managed to get the Japanese concerned about it. Tell them that it's the same thing but more subtle and dangerous and you can practically see the warning bells go off. I'll probably add an additional section giving the comparison.
  4. I take it Scientolology doesn't have a Japanese website defending these practices?

    I think I'd write it out in English and give a Japanese equivalent (japanese for 'rehabilitation', 'project' and 'force'). It seems the most honest way and also plays up the fact that this is an American cult and really has no business advising companies in Japan.
  5. whitecoat Member

    Not a native speaker here, but here's my two cents on the abbreviation issue.

    Are you translating things like "Rehabilitation Project Force" into kanji compounds (which I would recommend)? If so, using the first kanji from each word for the abbreviation should work. I've seen this technique used in other contexts, in any case.
  6. I've noticed that in other countries the scifags are into 'religious freedom' issues. For example in the documents Deep Clam leaked, the scifags were complaining to the media about South Africa's treatment of traditional healers.

    I wonder if there exist any scilon press releases about 'the oppression of Shoko Asahara'. Is there any way you can check for this? Unfortunately, 1995 was a time before widespread intertubes use.
  7. anon382 Member

    For abbreviations, I'd use the abreviation, then explain it in brackets or square brackets. Then from then on use the abbreviation without the explaination.


    RPF(リハビリテーション プロジェクト フォース)なになにRPFなになになに。

    I think you should go towards using katakanta words, since it's a 'foriegn' concept, and Japanese people are mostly familiar with these loan words. Using kanji compounds seems a bit...well something I'd leave for the gov or media to decide kanji.
  8. Anorumi Member

    Technically I'm a civil servant, so... :)

    But essentially I plan to use RPF once I define it for the first time. It's just really, really annoying is all.
  9. Might your Japanese colleagues find this interesting?

  10. ThatNateGuy Member

    Re: Japfags, HALP!

    I'm not for a second saying we shouldn't work on this project (Hey, I love the language!) but how much success is the CoS really having in the Land of the Rising Sun?

    I was under the impression like 12% of people in Japan say 'religion' is important in their lives.
  11. xit Member

    Re: Japfags, HALP!

    Our goal is moreso to stop it before it is able to grow any larger.
  12. a_d_13 Member

    Re: Japfags, HALP!

    Hey, check out the site at and see what they use - that seems to be the "main site" for Scientology in Japan. Or at least, what shows up as the first result for "scientology Japan".
  13. Anorumi Member

    Re: Japfags, HALP!

    It's also not really being marketed as a religion but as a business. I'd say that work ethics features a lot more prominently in the Japanese psyche than religion. Also, don't forget that cults like this thrived in Japan during the 80's, and with the science fiction coworkers who I've discussed this with were ashamed to say that scientology would be very appealing to many Japanese people.
  14. a_d_13 Member

    Re: Japfags, HALP!

    Agreed - if you read the site above, there's a larger mention of "ethics" than on any of the English sites (from what I've seen).
    I think if, when you translate it, you explain that this cult is substantially more dangerous than the Aum Shinrikyo cult (ie. more subtle, subversive, government infiltration ordered by the Cult), and focus more on the breaking up of families, to try and appeal to the Japanese mindset a little more. Sadly, I can't really translate it, mainly because I don't have too much time and my Japanese writing sucks...
    Just my ¥2...
  15. xit Member

    Re: Japfags, HALP!

    Agree. When the Japanese PR blog originally went up, it was made to look exactly like the original English PR blog. However, a lot of Japanese visitors were intimidated by the sites colours alone, commenting that it looked like a 'bad/evil site' more than a site concerned about helping other people. Something to keep in mind. Don't make it look creepy-- make it look like it's about helping others and the good of society.

    PS: When I finish the Top Crimes by Scientology JP video and the follow up speech, I'll join this project. Just not quite yet. Sorry.
  16. LanTien Member

    Re: Japfags, HALP!

    How far have we gotten on this, and does anyone know the names of any of the scientology front groups in Japan?

    I'm willing to help as much as I can, or sucker in a few friends to help (muahaha)
  17. Re: Japfags, HALP!

    The only front group that I know of that isn't just written in katakana is the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) which is called the 市民の人権擁護の会 (Shinmin no jinkenyougo no kai) in Japanese.

    Everything else that I've seen just uses the English abbreviation with a Japanese translation in brackets.
  18. SamuelAdams Member

    Re: Japfags, HALP!

    Try hitting up this guy/girl or some of the repliers on the thread.
  19. Re: Japfags, HALP!

    I knew the Jap translators on the old Co$ Relent site since I was the one who came up with the concept for the first address to the Japanese (the idea for Anon as L)...but...Co$ Relent is now gone and I don't know where to find them!!! >.<;
  20. SamuelAdams Member

    Re: Japfags, HALP!

    What was his handle?
  21. Re: Japfags, HALP!

    Someone who called herself "TITS".

    The voice for the video was done by some white kid in America.

    I haven't the contact with this person anymore since the Co$ Relent site was shut down.

    Try posting this in General Discussion if you want a greater response to this thread.
  22. xcornmuffinx Member

    Re: Japfags, HALP!

    I am a translator, I work translating J to E not E to J though. I can roughly translate everything and get a native speaker to fix it up if there isn't something already done. I'll be making the fliers for the upcoming protest in Tokyo as well. If anyone needs sign ideas or sign translations PM me.
  23. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: Japfags, HALP!

    My friend can halp :)

    YFTC and are excellent starting points for translation. She has a significant shift of work to do tonight, but would love to start translating E to J for either project soon.

    Her J is good. It (mostly) makes sense, although doesn't "feel" Japanese occasionally. As long as it gets the readthrough by a native speaker it'll be fine.
  24. charlatan Member

    Re: Japfags, HALP!

    I know this thread has been inactive for a while, but in a similar vein, some of Hubbard's more telling comments on the Japanese are likely to raise eyebrows:

    Hubbard on the Japanese | RACISM | Scientology Racism

    I'm based in Kyushu, and only make occasional trips northward, but it seems to me that it will come down to native Japanese citizens armed with the appropriate knowledge pushing us to the next level. This thing has always been viral, and by its very nature a bit uncontrollable -- especially by us, foreigners. I suspect there's some guy sipping coffee in Akihabara somewhere just waiting to spread the word.
  25. Re: Japfags, HALP!

    Lots of Loli-tentacle porn.

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